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In EdTech Last updated: August 24, 2023
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Kajabi is an online software platform empowering over 50,000+ entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers to monetize their knowledge.

It provides creators with a solution to build, market, and sell products online.

From creating online products to launching new websites, Kajabi can help you with everything.

Kajabi has generated over $2.5 Billion in sales from nearly 60 million students.

These numbers showcase the trust that millions of entrepreneurs and influencers have in Kajabi’s services.

Do you want to monetize your knowledge with Kajabi?

Here’s how you can do it:

Everything You Can Do On Kajabi

Create Courses, Podcasts, Memberships, & More

Digital products like courses, podcasts, and memberships are the ones that drive great sales online. The best part is that you just need to create them once and sell them repeatedly.

Kajabi assists you with tons of pre-designed themes for your digital products.

kajabi courses

With Kajabi, you can create, market, and sell online courses from a single dashboard.

Whether you feel like creating a mini-course or a full-blown signature program, Kajabi customizable blueprints make it quick and easy.

The platform also has a mobile app for all enrolled students.

This app gives them one-click access without remembering passwords or relying on clunky mobile browsers.

A rich user experience for your customers means stronger testimonials and referrals for you.

But this is not it!

Kajabi intuitive tools help you turn your podcast listeners into paying customers. Yes, you read it right!

It enables you to create a members-only podcast to give them a convenient new way to consume your premium content or use your free podcast to upsell your paid products and services.

Build Websites & Landing Pages with Kajabi

Kajabi lets you build a powerful website and add landing pages without any tech-ache.

kajabi website builder

The platform lets you build websites and landing pages fast and seamlessly integrates them into your business.

Let’s dive into the features Kajabi provides with each of these solutions.

Kajabi’s Website Builder

  • Centralization: Acts as one hub to showcase your products, publish your content, and include all those tedious but necessary T&C to build a one-stop online presence
  • No Designers Required: Has customizable ready-made theme via which you can design your perfect website without outsourcing, quickly, and, no extra cost
  • Custom Domain: Customize your domain name to create a memorable brand

Kajabi’s Landing Page Builder

Build an effective landing page with no tech expertise.

kajabi landing page builder

Kajabi helps you with:

  • Read to Launch Pages: Save time and stress by using simplified landing page templates to create an epic landing page
  • Hassle-Free Designs: Intuitive landing page creator lets you incorporate advanced elements without any hassle
  • Seamless Integration: Kajabi makes it easy to connect your pages with your automated marketing campaigns, emails, offers, and products

Kajabi’s Payments Gateway

Kajabi easy-to-setup payment gateways are integrated with Stripe and PayPal to make your payments quick and seamless.

kajabi payments

It provides the most trusted payment gateways with 0% commission. Everything you earn is completely yours!

Email Campaign Creation & Pipelines

Kajabi provides you with world-class email marketing software with proven higher click rates.

kajabi email and pipeline builder

Let’s see what you get with it:

  • Ready-Made Templates: Has captivating email templates to choose from and assists with automatic subject line validation
  • Flexibility: Diversified email templates flexible for every occasion, be it a one-time email blast or automated multi-touch sequences as per your target audience
  • Intuitive Visual Editor: Make your emails stand out; customize your emails with Kajabi’s powerful visual editor

Kajabi’s ready-to-use funnels are a great deal with its powerful email marketing campaigns!

These proven funnels automate and scale your business by:

  • Proven Blueprints: Customize and launch our pre-built frameworks for lead generation, product launches, and webinar funnels in just a few minutes or create multi-channel funnels by combining multiple sales and marketing channels
  • Pre-Written Copy: Each Pipeline includes a pre-written copy created from the highest-converting sales funnels to save you time
  • Timeless Execution: With the framework and copy already in place, you’re all set to launch your funnel to generate more sales and gather leads in no time

Get Reports On Whatever You Do

To upscale, businesses need easy-to-understand analytics.

kajabi reports

Kajabi just has the right analytical dashboard for you, which can help you to:

  • Get Faster Insights: Get all the web analytics under one roof; track your revenue, offers, subscriptions, and more without switching between tabs
  • Product Optimization: Kajabi’s in-depth analytics on students’ progress reports, subscription crunch rate, and more can help you with better decision making and immensely contribute towards your product’s improvement
  • Boost Website Performance: With Kajabi’s end-to-end web analytics, you can quickly identify which website pages are performing well and which ones need improvement

Kajabi’s CRM

Kajabi’s CRM helps you connect with your customers and affiliates seamlessly and effortlessly.

kajabi crm

It helps you:

  • Save Time: Kajabi’s CRM gives you the freedom to trigger coupons, emails, and more that saves time and hassle to do it repeatedly
  • Stay Organized: Stay updated with your customers by segmenting your list with tags, filters, and any other criteria you want
  • Gain Deeper Insights: Improve your marketing, automation, and products by using what you learn from customer metrics, behavior-tagging, product engagement, and assessments

Mobile App

The COVID-19 pandemic surged the global mobile apps downloads to $230 billion in 2020, making the average consumer spend $5.31 on mobile apps in Q2 of 2021.

The above data unveil the immense potential mobile apps bring along to your business.

Kajabi provides you with a read-made mobile app tailored perfectly for your customers.

kajabi mobile app

It gives you:

  • Ultimate Convenience: The Kajabi mobile app puts your product in the customer’s pocket, allowing them to get the most out of their purchase no matter where they are
  • No Development Cost: No one likes studying courses through a mobile browser; therefore, mobile apps are the best alternative to solve this problem
  • Flawless Customer Experience: The mobile app removes every barrier that stands between your customer and completing your online course

If a customer forgets the password, they can use the app’s “magic link” to gain access without resetting the password.

The app also saves progress and resumes courses from where a student last left it.

Kajabi Alternatives You Must Try

#1. Learnworlds

Learnworlds help creators craft, market, and sell amazing online courses.


It has your back from creating courses from scratch, marketing and promoting them, and monetizing your knowledge.

Features of Learnworlds

  • Launch Courses: Beautify your course with tons of customizable themes and retain your customers with intuitive marketing funnels
  • Build School Website: Create a powerful school website with absolutely no coding or design skills; choose from a wide range of customizable readymade templates and leverage the drag and drop builder to save time
  • Quality Analytics: Empower your website with data-driven decisions and identify the pattern of content consumption with quality reports

#2. Podia

With more than 10,000 customers, Podia is the most trusted and potent tool to sell courses, conduct webinars, offer downloads, and build community.


Podia expertise in offering two significant services:

Sell What You Want

  • Online Courses: Host unlimited files and videos, offer payment plans, upsells, quizzes, drip content, and student comments
  • Digital Downloads: Podia supports every file type, hosts all forms of content, and never limits the volume of content you upload and sell to your students
  • Earn By Hosting Webinars: Connect your YouTube live or Zoom account with Podia, and your viewers can register and pay for these sessions through Podia

Market What You Want

  • Custom Website: Build your website from scratch without coding or design expertise
  • Email Marketing: Send broadcast emails, create automated email funnels, and obtain detailed email analytics down to the exact ROI of each email campaign
  • Affiliate Marketing: Launch your affiliate program to turn leads into buyers and set your own commission terms

#3. Thinkific

Thinkific helps creators create professional digital learning products for any kind of audience with a user-friendly course builder. No coding or technical expertise is required.


You can get started for free with Thinkific.

Features of Thinkific

  • Course Creation: Create courses that your students will enjoy; create a business that your former colleagues envy
  • Sales & Marketing: Sell your knowledge in the form of individual courses, bundles, or memberships; set your pricing with coupons, monthly payments, or subscriptions
  • Design Customization: Beautiful and simple-to-use website themes provide a professional appearance at no extra cost

#4. Teachable

Like all the other course builders, Teachable helps creators create online courses and coaching services.


But, in addition, it helps them transform their experience and know-how into a thriving knowledge business.

Features of Teachable

  • Customization: With its easy-to-use features and fewer tech headaches, Teachable makes your customization journey painless
  • Learning Tools: Run one-on-one sessions, schedule & host events, create quizzes, and more
  • Monetization: Coupons and advanced pricing options such as subscriptions, memberships, one-time payments, bundles, and more are well integrated with templates


Kajabi empowers individual creators as well as businesses to monetize their expertise.

The easy-to-use yet extremely powerful tools help create a flawless business model and spread the word across communities.

However, the pricing model of Kajabi is more than average, which might not be suitable for everyone.

But nothing to worry about!

Creators can always choose among the alternatives mentioned above.

Next, you may look at some of the best eCommerce platforms.

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