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In Computer Hardware Last updated: September 6, 2023
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Improve your click-per-second (CPS) and enhance gaming performance tirelessly with a perfect drag-clicking mouse.

Drag-clicking mouse lets you do multiple clicks without the additional effort or energy that you otherwise need for clicking fast. With this mouse, you just need to put one motion of your finger, and there will be a multitude of clicks.

The movement of your finger over the mouse will let you register many clicks. There is no need to purchase a highly expensive mouse for drag-clicking. This is because a cheap and low-budget mouse can help you with this.

How Do Drag Click?

Firstly clean the surface of your mouse and dry your hands completely. This is because dust and sweat can disturb friction as you move your fingers.

Hold the mouse the way you usually do. Your thumb should support its left side, and your little ring finger should support the right side. Place your index finger and middle finger on the top of the mouse on the left and right buttons, respectively.

For drag-clicking, slightly flick your wrist at an angle while pressing the mouse button gently in the downward direction. It should not be pressed too hard. Let your fingers glide across the buttons. If you are doing it accurately, you will hear a grinding noise. You will also be able to feel slight vibrations.

How Does Drag-Clicking Help?


Drag-clicking can offer you a competitive advantage in gaming. It can amazingly increase your CPS. The average number of gamers has a CPS rate of 6.51. With the help of drag-clicking, you can take this to an extremely high level, like 32+ CPS.

Thus drag clicking can help you enhance your performance and be more productive at gaming.

How Can Drag-Clicking Damage Your Mouse?

Not all mouse are meant for drag clicking. And especially if you are doing it too often on a mouse incapable of tolerating it. Normal mouse do not come with high-quality switches. As a result, your mouse can wear out quickly if you’re trying to drag and click on it.

Moreover, if you do not have a good grip on your mouse, you can damage it by drag-clicking without any result. The normal mouse can stop working in a few months if you continuously try drag-clicking over it.

So, for your mouse’s longevity and good drag-clicking results, you should buy a mouse meant for it.

There are a wide variety of mouse available that are ideal for drag clicking. Let’s explore some amazing options that you can consider.

Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Mouse

Razer Viper Mini Ultralight is one of the lightest and zero compromise miniature mouse weighing only 61g. It features an 8500 DPI optical sensor that works wonderfully for gamers. It carries six programmable buttons and a drag-free cord that makes it work conveniently without the hassle of wires.

It is quite faster than traditional mechanical mice as it utilizes actuation based on the light beam. The buttons it carries work at a lightning-fast speed to offer you absolute control. It comes with a Chroma RGB Color Profile that is customizable and consists of around 16.8 million combinations of colors.

D19 Wired Ultralight Mouse

This is a wired and ultra-light drag-clicking mouse by MAGIC-REFINER. It has an in-built weight adjustment feature that enables PC gamers to enjoy personalized weights and balance.

For ultimate gaming control, it features an anti-skid scroll. The mouse pack comes with an extra interchangeable back plate.

It comes with 13 amazing RGB color modes and breathing and lighting effects. You can create your personalized lighting effect. It features an ergonomic shape that offers ultra-smooth and more comfortable control than ever.

It lets you have six different DPI levels that go up to 12000. This helps you meet your varying gaming and working needs.

Model O Glorious Mouse

This Model O mouse from Glorious PC Gaming Race features an Ambidextrous lightweight design suitable for medium to large hands. It comes with an ultra-flexible ascended cable which is very light in weight and offers a drag-free experience.

Even being a wired mouse gives a feeling of being wireless. It features 100% pure Virgin PTFE skates that glide amazingly without any surface grip.

It comes with a 6-Step DPI, polling rate, RGB lighting effects, lift-off distance, and six buttons with macro support. Its honeycomb design delivers an ultimate lightweight mouse experience.

Redragon M801 Mouse

Redragon M801 is a wired mouse designed especially for gamers. It offers a maximum of 16000 DPI, which is user adjustable with an acceleration of 35G.

It features high-precision sensors that are capable of delivering great accuracy. It’s Omron Micro switches also make sure extreme responsiveness and longevity.

It is a programmable mouse with RGB LED Backlit and eight light-up effects. It comes with nine user-programmable buttons, rapid-fire buttons, two side buttons, and five memory profiles.

Its Ergonomic design gives a comfortable and precise experience. It also carries a corrosion-free USB connector and a high-speed braided fiber cord.

Pauroty Gaming Mouse

Pauroty offers gaming mouse with an Ergonomic design and frosted texture. It has been designed keeping in mind the complete shape of the hand. This gaming mouse is an ideal option for right-hand gamers. It comes in a matte texture, making it dust-proof, sweat-proof, and delicate.

Its bottom light button lets you switch between its seven different lighting modes. It offers five levels of DPI up to 8000DPI.

Its four-step polling rate of up to 1000Hz offers a gaming rate of up to 1 millisecond. You can program its eight buttons for performing smart functions like creating macros, adjusting DPI, quickfire, etc.

Redragon M711 Cobra Mouse

Redragon M711 Cobra offers you five DPI options up to 10000 DPI, which makes it ideal for routine work and gaming. The software has a setting for mouse point speed that lets you change the movement speed. It offers seven programmable buttons that enhance gaming efficiency and productivity.

16-Million Color backlight breathing RGB LED lets you create a personalized lighting effect and atmosphere. This gaming mouse adopts the latest chip AVAGO which ensures fast and accurate movement and perfect control.

Logitech G203 Wired Mouse

This Logitech G203 is a wired mouse with 8,000 DPI sensors, ideal for gaming. It lets you customize the sensitivity settings as per your requirements using Logitech G HUB gaming software.

Its Lightsync RGB color effects let you set the most brilliant color effects and create the desired atmosphere. You can choose from 16.8 million colors. It comes with a six-button layout that offers the utmost comfort and control.

Redragon M602 RGB Wired Mouse

This M602 is a wired mouse for gaming from Redragon that offers five levels of DPI up to 7200 DPI. It exhibits an acceleration of 10G. Its high-precision sensors ensure accuracy, while gaming and micro switches ensure durability, longevity, and responsiveness.

It comes with seven MMO programmable buttons that offer you a great way to personalize its functions. Its five memory profiles offer different LED color options. Its ergonomic design offers ultimate comfort and perfectly fits your hand’s shape. It can work amazingly with the Redragon mouse pad and keyboard.

DeLUX Ergonomic Mouse

DeLUX offers this unique and ergonomic mouse featuring a special volute bionic design. This unique mouse design helps eliminate hand stiffness and discomfort. It’s RGB lighting delivers a great working or gaming experience.

This mouse has a removable wrist rest to ensure extra comfort to your arm while working. It features five adjustable DPI options up to 4000DPI. It comes with a 12-month warranty and lifetime technical support for free.

VEGCOO C8 Silent Click Mouse

Looking for a mouse that works silently? Go for VEGCOO’s C8 wireless mouse with a silent click feature. It features a streamlined and symmetrical design that fits your hands perfectly. It is a rechargeable mouse that comes with a charging cable and a USB port in the mouse.

It offers seven breathing LED colors that enable you to create a wonderful atmosphere. Its 400mAh Lithium battery delivers a working life of around 30 days after fully charging. Its rubber scroll wheel offers comfortable and smooth use.

Redragon M801 Mouse

M801 is a professional-grade gaming mouse by Redragon that can offer you ultra-fast wireless or wired connection. The USB type-C cable offers a wired connection. It is a rechargeable mouse that can run for 35 hours after a full charge.

It features up to 16000 adjustable DPI with 40G acceleration. Its high-precision sensors offer great responsiveness and accuracy.

It has eight lighting effects, nine programmable buttons, ten brightness levels, five memory profiles, and two side buttons. Besides this, it has rapid-fire buttons and macro recording features.

Honeycomb Wired Mouse

Honeycomb wired mouse has a high-performance optical sensor that ensures great accuracy and responsiveness. It offers four different DPI options, which are adjustable up to 7200DPI.

Its RGB lighting modes let you choose from 16 million color options and set the desired atmosphere for gaming. Its side keys and comfortable wheel helps improve working or gaming efficiency.

Final Words

If you are looking for an ultimate gaming experience, try any of these mouse. These can deliver highly responsive and comfortable control at affordable prices.

You may also want to learn how to right-click without a mouse.

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