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  • Worried about how stressful it is to edit a PDF document?

    For a very long time, we all have been using Adobe Acrobat PDF for converting important documents into a standard file format for transferring it to companies and businesses.

    As we move forward and get more technologically advanced, many companies are heading to the needs of people about shortcomings of Adobe PDF.

    Movavi PDF Editor is a product of a similar requirement and has given a tough fight to Adobe PDF.

    Movavi PDF Editor comes with exclusive features, is affordable, and very convenient. It is easy to download and install and also has a free version that you can try before purchasing the full version.

    It is an all in one revolutionary product and is entirely user-friendly.

    How to set up Movavi PDF Editor?

    You need to download your Movavi PDF Editor for Mac at first. If you’ve purchased it, you will

    get a license key, which gives you access to the software’s premium features. Once the download is over, start the installation.

    The very first question you’ll be asked is about your language preference, followed by terms and conditions, storage location, and then the installation begins.

    The best part about Movavi PDF Editor is it downloads in just two minutes, and you are ready to run the software.

    Downloading and installation process is hassle-free, and you won’t need professional help for that.


    Cost is one place where Movavi gets the upper hand. You won’t believe when you read that Movavi PDF Editor charges you $14.95 for a personal license for single PC lifetime use and $34.95 for a business license for single PC lifetime use.

    On the other hand, Adobe Acrobat PC charges you $12.99 a month if you do annual billing and $22.99 a month if you do monthly billing. Another good thing about Movavi PDF Editor is that the charges are same for Mac and Windows version.

    Key features

    Let’s take a look at some of the unique features of Movavi PDF Editor.

    Edit Documents

    Using Movavi, you can create or edit PDF documents, rearrange pictures, extra pages, add stamps and signatures, and also add and delete PNG and JPG documents.

    View PDF and images

    Using the Movavi software, you can open PNG and JPG images, standard PDF documents, and open several PDF documents on different windows at the same time as well.

    Combine PDF files

    You can save Photoshop, MS Excel, MS Word, and AutoCAD files in PDF format and can also merge them. You can also store monthly receipts in a single PDF.

    Export files

    Whichever page you want from the PDF file, you can extract as an image file and then convert it into a PDF document.

    Why should you buy this software?

    • Movavi PDF Editor is user-friendly and designed for maximum comfort and ease of the customers.
    • Editing PDF files are straightforward and you don’t need professional knowledge to do it.
    • Pricing is very affordable. Since they take only a one-time charge, you don’t have to worry about the expiry date.
    • You can use the PDF editor in two languages – English and Russian.
    • You can extract individual pages from a PDF file and convert it into a PDF document. This feature isn’t available on Adobe Acrobat PDF.
    • It allows you to combine two different PDF files, which is a great advantage, especially when you are in a rush.
    • Movavi PDF Editor comes with an easy PDF viewer and has legal form library.

    What improvements does it need?

    • Movavi PDF Editor has a slow interface and lags a little when converting big files.
    • You can use the editor in only two languages – English and Russian. A few more languages including Spanish would work wonders.
    • It is still very basic and lacks specific Adobe Acrobat PDF features like batch functions and annotations.


    Movavi PDF Editor is a beautiful product.

    It is easy to use and offers all necessary features that a PDF editor should have. It needs some improvements, but since it is a new product, they have a long way to go.

    The slow interface isn’t much a problem to users. The developers successfully achieved what they aimed at creating software that can be used without any hassle.