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Being a good musician is not enough to become a successful artist anymore.

You need to focus on marketing strategy as well, and nothing is better than music smart links to manage your marketing and promotional efforts.

Nowadays, first impressions are crucial for marketing your music. Besides branding and constant online presence, artists have to be careful about how and where they are presenting their links.

Music smart links can help you with music promotion by offering multiple options for the listeners to listen to your track while providing you with analytics and other marketing attributes at the same time.

A multitude of streaming platforms are out there – YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music, to name a few. Present-day listeners are randomly distributed across these platforms. Now you may be wondering how to offer your audience links to all these websites. It is where the music smart link comes into play.

Smart Link is a shareable URL that fans can use to get automatically rerouted fans to their preferred streaming service. Usually, music smart link services offer you a webpage that contains all your smart links. Thus, it allows the audience to choose where they want to listen to or download your music from.

This landing page, containing all smart page links, also functions as a promotional page or the business card of a musician. You can share the page and keep track of the visitors. 

Contrary to the regular URLs, smart links are short. It also uses relevant words in the link, and hence audience can easily remember that. Also, the branded URL ensures the visitors that clicking on this link will take them to a trusted website. 

One example of a music smart link is By clicking on this link, the audience can go to a page that enlists links to all the platforms where the album is available for listening.

Smart links are responsive, and you can include them in all device formats. Besides having links to the streaming platforms where your tracks are available, it can also display disc purchase links, upcoming events, playlists, and your social media profile links.

This powerful digital tool for marketing enables you to provide people with easy access to the music and thus, increase your number of music streams and sales. By putting all your social network profile links in one place, smart link also helps you develop a fanbase.

Using such links, musicians will not only have a clean bio, but they can also offer a pleasant experience to their listeners. When you create a smart link using a service provider, you also get various analytics data, such as total visits to each link, audience demography, click-through rates, etc.

You can better understand your audience with these data, such as what services they prefer more. As a result, you can create customized campaigns for the audience in the future.

#1. These links offer accurate and reliable analytics data on the activities of your followers that help you create marketing strategies.

#2. With these links, you can create an artist or label page to display all your tracks, tour dates, and social accounts.

#3. You can also customize these links to meet your branding and user experience needs.

#4. Intelligent page links are also ideal for geo-targeted event promotion through importing your upcoming events.

#5. You can make these links available through QR code. Scanning the code will take the audience directly to your artist page.

As you would expect, the global music industry has seen exponential growth in recent years. Therefore, artists must come up with innovative and creative approaches to grab the attention of the maximum audience.

While there are numerous platforms to showcase your talent and get in touch with your fans, you may find it hard to decide which website or link to share with your audience. At the same time, burdening your followers with tons of links is not a good idea.

Smart links have become immensely popular among musicians by offering a smart solution to this puzzle. They can create a single landing page with links to all music streaming services, social media accounts, and web pages. 

Finally, they can share this link from where fans can access all their music content. The smart link of this page can be shared on social media bio, YouTube video description, forums, groups, email newsletters, business cards, and anywhere else.

Marketing music is easy since people have been listening to songs for thousands of years. But podcasts are relatively new audio content and need extra attention since there is a lack of awareness among the consumers. Hence, your podcast’s landing page should be informative and exciting; and must contain easy-to-access links to content distributing apps. 

Wavve Link is a specialty marketing tool that helps Podcasters grow their fans, audience, and finally, revenue. It lets you create a responsive smart link for upcoming or existing podcasts.

You can include the following assets on the landing page: 

  • A brand logo or content-specific snippet image.
  • Podcast title and content creator’s name.
  • A summary of the podcast.
  • Your social media handles.
  • Icons with links for Spotify, YouTube, Slack, etc.

Other major features of the podcast landing page links from Wavve Link are email collection, listener analytics, episode syncing, and a free Wavve Link profile custom link. offers a bunch of music marketing services along with smart links. Its services are scalable. Hence, whether you are a big music-producing enterprise, music marketing agency, or solo artist, the web app is suitable for all aspects.

Besides providing smart link services, it also gives you access to all the marketing tools you need, like a suite for advertising, audience data, and action pages. 

Speaking about music links, you can place them on a dynamic landing page to engage with fans, perform audience behavioral analysis, and data collection. Apart from that, the smart link will help you to redirect your audience to various online music distribution platforms where your songs are available.

At the artist level, you can try a free plan with limited services like 7-day data analytics, entry-level pre-saves, and unlimited smart links. 


Linkfire is yet another reliable service provider when you need to spread your music albums to the masses through intelligent page links. Linkfire’s cloud-based app enables you to promote merchandise, new releases, event tickets, and so on. While reaching the masses, the app also collects data analytics on song downloads, plays, and sales collection.

There are four types of smart links offered to artists and businesses by Linkfire. These are: 

  • Pre-release links to boost the number of streams on the date of release.
  • The Release marketing links assist you in making your music viral.
  • There is a Bio link that helps artists to showcase all content in one intuitive landing page with various call-to-action buttons. 
  • The Reward link enables you to honor fans and premium audiences with secret content, free merchandise, discount coupons, and contests.

Linkfire has various subscription plans for individuals, businesses, and enterprises. If you are new to music marketing, grab the free trial for Starter or Pro plans and try out the tool.  


Unlike its competitors, Linktree is a grand marketplace for creative people like music artists, composers, singers, etc. If you have a Linktree profile, you do not need to worry about multiple smart linking assets, tools, or services.

Linktree generates a single Bio link for your creative content, merchandise, profile, etc. You can place the link on social media pages, email signatures, and websites to let the audience effortlessly access content, event tickets, contests, and so on.

If you are planning for broad marketing tactics and spreading the word in the offline world, you can do so using printable QR codes for the Linktree Bio link. Place the printed brochures strategically so people can scan the QR codes and access your content using a smartphone.

Linktree also lets you monetize your creativity by selling products or services. You can collect revenue from affiliate marketing links, tips, merchandise sales, creative services, and more.


With ToneDen, you can automate social media marketing tasks and focus more on creative content production. Apart from various campaigns, suits, and tools for the social media awareness generation of your brand, you can benefit from its automatic smart link creation tool.

Thus, you need not hire a social media campaign manager and share your revenue. Instead, become your own marketing manager with various web apps from ToneDen. Its self-service smart link tool lets you produce marketing links for: 

  • Livestreams
  • Podcast
  • Music
  • Tour
  • Event
  • Fundraiser

The marketing links will contain vital content promotion components like music streaming services, custom video/image snippets, short links with affiliate tracking tags, etc. While launching a new album or song, TonDen will let you add pre-saves on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Premium, and other music content distribution apps.    


Redirecting fans, audiences, or customers to the right landing pages could be challenging if you resort to manual link distribution approaches. Instead, signup for and leverage automated and smart redirecting of content consumers. This platform offers various customized intelligent linking services for the following trades: 

  • Record Labels
  • Bands
  • Music Distributors
  • Majors
  • Musicians

This music marketing platform supports leading music content delivery apps like Google Play, YouTube, SoundCloud, Deezer, Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music.

On Listen.It, you can create one smart link for existing music content, albums, or pre-releases. The link will take the audience to a smart landing page where you can collect traffic analytics, geolocalize your content, offer fan support, and display music streaming platforms. 

Listen.It produces responsible links. Hence, one link is fit for smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, and all other types of screens.      


While various platforms offer music smart linking through conventional Web 2.0 technologies, Amplify goes a step ahead to involve Web 3.0. For music creators who want to maximize their revenue through NFT and cryptocurrencies as well as conventional marketing, Amplify is a must-try.

It is a community-owned platform. The community members interact for project roadmap development, tool building, and tutoring newcomers. Amplify gives music artists a chance to increase the scope of earning through decentralized finance (DeFi) apps and NFTs.

Since the tool is community-based, there are no subscription fees to use its services. You can use unlimited link pages, Bio links, link templates, advanced analytics, On-page donate links, custom subdomains, and many more.

The most widely used music marketing services of this platform are the Bio Links and Release Smart Links. The Bio link lets you add an artist’s profile, Embeds from Youtube/Soundcloud/Audiomack, email capture pop-ups, social icons, etc. Release links allow similar features plus content pre-booking, album info, etc.


Music marketing is all about creativity in your content, landing page, and effortless access to social media handles. MusicJet is another popular tool that lets you do all that efficiently and cost-effectively.     

First, you can try this tool to distribute an intelligent link to a content landing page. The smart page could contain various components like music info, event tickets, subscription to your album through Spotify or Apple Music, brand merchandise, and so on. 

You also get a marketing analytics dashboard where you can manage your marketing campaigns. Agencies or businesses that produce music can use this dashboard to manage many artists and their campaigns.

The best thing is that you can use many features free for a lifetime or subscribe to the lifetime package to manage up to 25 artists from one account.

Wrapping Up

Our detailed discussion of the music smart link will assist you in understanding the basics of smart links. There are dozens of options, and only the top names have been discussed here.

Since most platforms offer free trials, you should utilize that before making the final decision. Now that you know what to expect from smart links services, you can readily pick the right service according to your requirements.

You may want to check out some of the best music production software applications.

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