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In Windows Last updated: June 20, 2023
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We can only hear the sound, but what if there’s a way to see its musical frequencies?

You read that right, and it’s possible with the help of a music visualizer. To put it in the simplest words, a music visualizer software or the process of music visualization can turn your music into animated imagery that is synchronized with its beats and in real-time.


This helps you present your music in a much more appealing and engaging way, especially if you upload it on a video platform like YouTube.

If you’re a musician 🎵, you need to use music visualization to get more engagement for your music, and fortunately, it’s super easy to create those.

Let’s check some of the best music visualizers out there.


You get customizable music visualizer templates on Renderforest that’ll instantly give your tracks a beautiful rhythmic visual. You have to upload your music on their platform and select one of the many templates available, and it’ll automatically visualize it.

YouTube video

It has many filtering options to help you find the most suitable template you’re looking for. You can search via different tags, frames per second, aspect ratio, duration, and even select 4K quality.

You can play each template before using it and see videos created by others using that template to get a better idea.



Choose from a wide range of presets to create your music visualizer with Specterr.

It hardly takes 5 minutes to finish creating it because it’s just a 4-step process. You start by selecting one of the many professionally designed presets and then proceed to upload your audio.

Next, you can customize the visualizer to fit your needs, such as adding a logo, additional images, etc. And finally, you export your video in HD quality to be used anywhere.

It features a powerful online editor that’ll allow you to perform various actions, like adding text, applying effects, changing visualizer shape, and altering the direction and size of the particles.



You can use VEED’s music visualizer for free and create stunning visualizations for your tracks. After uploading the file, the tool automatically recognizes the audio and creates sound waves based on the frequencies.

You can choose from several colorful, astonishing, and professional templates, so you’re sure to find one to your liking.

It also allows you to customize the animation to fit exactly the way you want. The process is quite simple, but if you have doubts, you can watch the tutorial on how to do it properly.



Videobolt allows you to create music visualizations using some of the most attractive templates designed by the best motion designers in the business. And the good news is that it has a huge library, so you can cherry-pick the one you like.

After you select your desired template, click on “Edit” to fully make it your own by adding your customizations. It has a drag-and-drop editor that lets anybody easily play around with the templates until satisfied.

Videobolt allows you to create music visualizations in HD and 4K quality.



Trusted by brands like Kodak and Motorola, Motionbox can help you improve your music engagement and promote it better across the internet.

Apart from the fact that it has a very user-friendly interface, this tool allows you to:

  • Create shareable musical snippets
  • Add waveforms and audio spectrums
  • Customize templates by adding text, images, effects, and more

All in all, Motionbox lets you squeeze out every ounce of potential from your music to get the attention that it deserves.



Another amazing online solution to create music visualizations, OFFEO, offers a lot of customizations. You can add your logo, track name, change the look, and more.

It also allows you to resize the final result into different formats to share on different social platforms. The biggest takeaway of this tool is its huge collection of professionally designed templates, as well as 3 million stock media assets that you can use right away.

Some additional features of OFFEO include one-click background removal, transforming a static project into an animated ad, a 5,000+ music library, etc.



You can create attention-grabbing and “hypnotic” music visualizations with Descript. It’s a tool that believes in leveraging the power of social media. It allows you to turn your music into animated imagery of sound waves to engage your audience listening to the track.

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You can customize the shape, color, position, shadow, and size as per your liking before you export it as one of the supported formats. The coolest feature of Descript is that it also allows you to export in GIF format.


After using Rotor, you wouldn’t want to go back to uploading static videos on YouTube. It allows you to create phenomenal music visualizations that’ll serve as an irresistible promotional video for your next release.

YouTube video

After you add your audio and artwork into the tool, it takes a few minutes to start creating your masterpiece.

This tool has AI features that’ll adapt to the sound frequencies of your music and create beautiful visuals that happen in real time as the song is being played. It’s not just about the audio spectrum with this tool; it also reacts and picks up minor details like kick drums and snares.

Overall, Rotor turns your ordinary cover art and music into motion graphics that syncs perfectly with the sound.



Choose from a diverse collection of animated music visuals with Doodooc, a tool that lets you render unique visualizations every time that synchronizes well with your track.

Even if you upload the same audio twice, you’ll get a different version of the visualization, which shows how unique each render is.

You can choose from over 300 templates to begin with and then select your desired color for the visualization, which will be the focus throughout the video. It’ll be wise to pick a color that goes well with the theme and vibe of your music.

Lastly, you can export your video in HD, 4K, and even 8K quality. You can use their custom resolution option if you want more than 8K.

Music Visualizer by h6ah4i


Same name as the previous one, but this Music Visualizer by h6ah4i is a different Android app and offers slightly different features. It’s highly customizable and can be controlled using gestures, which is unique.

It already has a built-in player, but you can also integrate a third-party player if you wish to. You can create attractive music visualizations with it and edit it however you like until you’re satisfied.



Available for iPhone and iPad, STAELLA has customizable visualizations you can use immediately after uploading your music and artwork.

It has a real-time audio reactive system and a bunch of features that’d enhance your music experience. Using this app, you can create an attention-grabbing music video for your track, and it won’t even take hours.

You can change shape, add different colors, apply effects, and more.

Vythm JR


Synchronize visual art with your track using the Vythm JR app. It’s a pocket-size dynamite because of the fantastic features it offers for a smartphone app.

You can choose from different modes, such as equalizer, mandala, shapes, fluids, and more, and then go on to add screen effects to enhance the look further.

You get complete creative control with Vythm JR as it lets you:

  • Pick from 50 different customizable backgrounds
  • Change color schemes
  • Change size, rotation, and orientation
  • Play with effects like color correction, bloom, and more

Despite all those features, it remains a very easy-to-use app, and the user interface is simple enough for anybody to use without confusion.

You can download this app on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


If you’ve put so much hard work into creating an amazing music track, it only makes sense to present it to the world in an appealing manner. These music visualizer apps and tools above will help you do just that.

Next, you might want to check out these music marketing tips to promote your music effectively.

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