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Non-technology Startups Raised Millions

Recently, there has been a surge of news surrounding the substantial funding secured by tech firms. Nevertheless, it is important to acknowledge that significant funding has also been received by non-tech firms. Let’s explore some of these remarkable investments.

  • Septerna: Raised $150M. Septerna develops small molecule medications that target G protein-coupled receptors, which are vital for regulating cellular signals and are a key focus in pharmaceutical research.
  • Hyperice: Raised $100M. It is a wellness brand with backing from NBA players like Chris Paul and Anthony Davis, valuing the company at $700 million.
  • SpyGlass Pharma: Raised $90M.The company is in the Ophthalmic business that developed a device for cataract surgery to treat glaucoma and other chronic eye conditions.
  • Avnos: Raised $80M. The company has created a hybrid direct air capture machine for the removal of carbon dioxide removal from the environment.
  • Crossbow Therapeutics: Raised $80M. The company is developing antibody therapies to treat a broad range of cancers.
  • Arthrosi Therapeutics: Raised $75M. It is a biotechnology company.
  • Bobbie: Raised $70M. It is a pediatric nutrition company.
  • HawkEye 360: Raised $58M. It is a defense business specializing in space-based radio frequency data and analytics.
  • CurvaFix: Raised $39M. The company develops medical devices to repair fractures.

Collective Raises $50M for Its AI-Powered Finance Platform

Collective is a platform that takes care of end-to-end financial activities such as bookkeeping, payroll, tax advice, etc., for self-employed Entrepreneurs.

The company announced it had raised $50M from Innovius Capital, Gradient Ventures, the General Partnership, and many others. The total funding raised till now stands at $82 million.

The company intends to use funds to enhance its core platform and expand AI implementation throughout its product line.

According to a survey conducted by the company, 40% of self-employed individuals anticipate that AI solutions will enhance their productivity and profitability.

Apple M3-Powered Macs Expected to Launch in October

As per the Bloomberg report, Apple is expected to launch the M3-powered iMac, 13-inch MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro in October 2023.

In September 2023, Apple plans to release the iPhone 15 series and Apple Watch, followed by the October launch of M3-powered Macs. Additionally, in 2024, they are expected to introduce the M3-powered iPad Pro featuring an OLED display.

The new M3 chipset aims to enhance performance by transitioning from a 5-nanometer silicon fabrication technique to a more advanced 3-nanometer process. TSMC’s N3E technology will be utilized in building the M3 chipset.

Notably, while obtaining the same cores as its predecessor (the M2 chipset), the M3 chipset will bring about improvements in performance and introduce new AI capabilities.

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