If you’re not using Notion to manage your tasks and stay productive, then you’re really missing out.

Founded in 2018, Notion has quickly become a favorite among many different categories of business owners, and even for personal reasons. So much so, big companies like IBM, Pixar, and McDonald’s use it on a daily basis to stay on top of their important to-dos and tasks.

It can be used to:

  • Write down notes
  • Maintain journaling
  • Share important files
  • Codify processes
  • Organize files, notes, and tasks
  • Create company wiki
  • Create a style guide
  • Create/track content calendar

You can use this tool for yourself or bring your entire team together for the best possible collaboration experience, which is how it’s used usually.

If you have a team and need help with project management, then it’s difficult to find a solution that’s better than Notion. On top of that, it’s simple and easy to use.

However, there are still some really important features that this tool doesn’t have, such as the ability to use it on a custom domain, use custom fonts, or analytics.

These features could make many people’s jobs much more convenient and personalized. The reason being, there are chances that users will get confused when they get redirected to a different domain other than your own.

It can be suspicious for people who don’t know what’s Notion because the internet can be a tricky place and it’s normal for everybody to take extra precautions because visiting any link. On a side note, if your business has a huge reputation, it’s not the best practice to put any other domain ahead of your own.

Its strange Notion doesn’t have these features pre-built, but there’s a workaround for it. In fact, that’s what I am going to show you today with the help of 3 different solutions.

Let’s dive right in.


The offerings of this tool are as mesmerizing as its name. Super makes it incredibly easy to transform your Notion pages into a fully-functioning website that uses your own domain. Not only that, you can choose your own fonts and view detailed reports of statistics.

You don’t have to worry about hosting or an SSL certificate because it comes pre-bundled with this tool. Once you have your site setup, you can add tons of different integrations to collect payments, provide live chat support, and more.

The websites you create with Super load up to 100x faster and are optimized for the search engines. Not to forget, it’s hosted on CDN for the best possible user experience.

It includes a free 7-day trial for you to get a taste of it before jumping on their one and only plan of $12/site/month.


Hostnotion is another similar tool that helps you house your content under your own domain. It comes with a very simple editing panel that does just what is required. Nothing more and nothing less in a bid to make it easy for every kind of user.

You can completely own the site by customizing it. Add fonts, Google Analytics, live chat support, and still enjoy a super-fast loading time. Hostnotion is optimized for the search engines as well, which also means the social sharing tags will feature your content rather than Notion’s advert.

It only costs $5/site/month to start hosting Notion on your own domain with this tool.


An open-source DIY tool that lets you transform your Notion into a much more professional system, Fruition is built by a long-time user of the tool who truly understands what’s missing. It’s self-managed so it’ll take slightly more time to set up as compared to the above solutions, but you can be assured that you won’t need any coding knowledge to get this up and running.

Talking about the features of this free solution, it allows you to connect your own domain, set pretty-looking URLs rather than spammy-looking ones, apply dark mode, add custom fonts, and also custom Javascript to enhance the functionality even more.

You can use this for a variety of purposes, such as blog, portfolio, landing page, etc. Here are the sites built using Fruition to help you get a good idea.


The idea behind this article isn’t to say that Notion has flaws, but rather helping extend the functionality of it to achieve the maximum potential. I hope the above solutions will help you do that with ease. 🙂

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