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In Digital Marketing Last updated: February 8, 2023
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As an eCommerce owner, there’s nothing worse than seeing a ton of traffic but no sales. 

Email and SMS automation is a critical element of eCommerce marketing, and it helps merchants quickly respond to their customer’s behaviors and needs. 

That’s where Omnisend comes into play. This platform lets you send targeted and timely messages to drive more sales. As a result, you can recapture sales from abandoned cart visitors or increase the lifetime value of existing customers. 

Over 70,000 eCommerce brands use Omnisend to scale their businesses on autopilot through highly-relevant text and email campaigns

In this article, we’ll give you a detailed review of what Omnisend is and the various features they offer to online store owners. 

Omnisend Overview: What Is It? 


Omnisend is an end-to-end marketing automation platform that helps eCommerce businesses drive sales on autopilot by leveraging omnichannel promotion. It’s designed for online stores of all sizes and is used by many industries. 

With Omnisend, you can send personalized messages to the right people at the right time on the right channel. It offers a huge library of built-in templates allowing you to send beautifully designed high-converting emails, along with automation features for deploying emails and segmenting your list. 

Omnisend lets eCommerce businesses connect their Shopify accounts to the platform. As a result, this streamlines everything from analytics to order updates. It allows companies to get specific about the type of customers they have and how to target those customers in meaningful ways. 

On top of that, Omnisend integrates seamlessly with SMS marketing and Facebook Messenger campaigns. 

It also enables you to build compelling and engaging lead generation forms to boost your lead capture conversions. You can choose from different styles of lead capture forms, such as popups, signup boxes, and interactive wheel-of-fortune forms. 

Let’s not look at all the features Omnisend has to offer.

Omnisend Features You Should Know About

Omnisend is a powerful omnichannel platform with plenty of amazing features. With its intuitive drag-and-drop editing options and templates, you can create professional campaigns and forms in minutes.

#1. Marketing Automation


Marketing automation is the process of automating monotonous marketing activities. This platform lets you send timely and relevant campaigns through multiple channels to customers on autopilot. 

Currently, Omnisend supports email, SMS, and web push notifications

You can leverage each channel’s pre-built workflows to craft campaigns and sequences for every occasion. 

The most popular pre-built workflows that Omnisend offers are: 

  • Welcome series  
  • Product abandonment 
  • Cart abandonment 
  • Order confirmation 
  • Shipping confirmation 
  • Cross-sell 

Did you know that order confirmation emails have a 70% open rate

Sending optimized order confirmation emails via Omnisend encourages recent customers to become repeat buyers. Adding irresistible offers like amazing discounts and product bundles is a great way to increase the order value. 

Building workflows is perfect for warming up leads to make a purchase. With a cart abandonment sequence, you might remind the customer to return to their carts an hour after they leave your store. 

Then after a day, you send them a discount code. Workflows are triggered by a set time or specific actions or behaviors.  

You’ll receive an automation report showing each channel’s performance with every workflow. With Omnisend, you’ll be able to track sales and engagement data to optimize your campaign.

#2. Email Marketing


One of the major features of Omnisend is its email marketing functionality. They offer an intuitive drag-and-drop editor and stunning email templates, which makes building professional-looking emails a breeze. 

The beauty of their email marketing templates is that no coding skills are required. Edit the content blocks by adding recommended products or dynamic discount codes to give a personalized touch to every email sent. 

Since the software is connected to your store, you can add products from your collections directly to the emails. The Product Picker features automatically imports all pricing, image, and description onto the email. 

Rather than inputting your logo, fonts, and colors, all branding elements are automatically taken from your store and imported onto the email templates. This saves you time and lets you quickly set up your email sequences. 

In addition, Omnisend offers an advanced A/B testing feature allowing you to see what works and what doesn’t. You can test your product recommendations, subject lines, and email body content to unlock the secrets to better conversions.

#3. SMS Marketing


It’s important to send reminders and messages through multiple channels. As email marketing has become more popular, some customers no longer open emails from retailers. 

Omnisend lets you send text messages to your customers, which gives you access to another channel to contact them. 

One advantage of using Omnisend is that it supports text SMS to any country code worldwide, so you can message your audience no matter where they live. This isn’t the case for many marketing automation software, with some only giving access to a few countries. 

Many eCommerce businesses will pay for a separate tool to run SMS campaigns. Fortunately, with Omnisend, you only have to pay for one tool to access all of your omnichannel marketing needs. 

SMS campaigns are the perfect opportunity to promote your newest collections, set up a flash sale, or remind abandoned cart visitors to complete their orders. Like the email editor, you can edit your SMS by adding images or GIFs to boost engagement. 

Omni SMS marketing is fully TCPA compliant, meaning your contacts can unsubscribe by replying ‘STOP,’ which protects your eCommerce business from legal trouble. 

#4. Web Push Notifications


Omnisend lets you set up web push notifications and messages delivered to your subscriber’s device in real-time. Even if the subscriber isn’t present on your website, the notifications are still sent. 

Unlike email and SMS marketing, web push notifications don’t require customer-related information. It only requires a single click for the visitor to opt in. 

Omnisend’s web push notifications are perfect for recovering cart abandonment, window shoppers, and new customers. People opting for these notifications will be retargeted if they leave your website without a purchase. 

Like the other channels, you can target specific customer segments to receive these messages and track the sales from push notifications. Whether flash deals or cart recovery, Omnisend lets you send relevant messages instantaneously through push notifications. 

As email and SMS campaigns become popular, many eCommerce stores still haven’t yet taken advantage of push notifications. These are great for shoppers who’ve visited your store through the web browser. 

#5. Popups, Forms, and More


Most eCommerce owners have to pay separately for their stores’ form builder and popup plug-ins. But if you use Omnisend, you can access their popup and form builder for free. 

Omnisend allows users to create forms that capture leads for their businesses. 

With so many templates available, you can choose the best types of lead-capture methods for your store. 

Omnisend offers the following ways to grow your list: 

  • Popups: Targeted popups interrupt your visitors to get them to take action. You can set up exit intent popups that only appear when they are about to leave your store. Also, you can create smart targeting popups that only appear on specific store pages. 
  • Landing Pages: A targeted landing page has a singular focused message giving visitors only the information they need. Omnisend lets you build and customize separate landing pages for each campaign to improve conversions. 
  • Wheel of Fortune: Gamify your lead generation with a wheel of fortune signup boxes. The wheel of fortune gives visitors a prize when they submit their email addresses. 
  • Signup Boxes: Signup boxes appear on the page without interrupting the visitor. They help improve user experience and allow visitors to be notified of new offers. 

#6. Reports


Reporting is an essential component of any marketing automation platform. You need to have a strong understanding of what’s going on with your audience to create the desired outcomes. 

Omnisend custom reports let you design better automation workflows suitable for your audience. You’ll receive a variety of engagement and sales metrics, such as messages sent, click rate, open rate, and sales from each campaign. 

You can compare and contrast different campaigns, workflows, and channels to see what’s working and what’s not. Based on these data points, you can gain actionable insights to adjust your campaigns and improve conversions. 

For example, you may notice that certain campaigns aren’t performing well due to a lack of alignment between the product and its geographic location. You can create a new workflow for the specific segment in this case. 

You can also view custom attributions of your audience. It may be useful to build new workflows that separate audiences by attributions, such as people who clicked on your link and people who haven’t opened your email. 

Doing so lets you send relevant emails geared toward a specific attribute. 

#7. Segmentation


Omnisend’s segmentation feature lets you divide your list into many different subdivisions. You can base your segmentation on many different attributes, such as demographics, psychographics, purchasing habits, and engagement with your brand. 

Let’s say you want to reward your most loyal customers. You can build a VIP club to offer exclusive access to products and other perks to only your best customers. Omnisend will sort out all the customer data so you can build a list of top customers. 

Thanks to the integration of Omnisend with eCommerce platforms, you can leverage the data in your store and segment customers appropriately. 

Omnisend offers Segment Suggestions, a smart and dynamic feature recommending ways to break up your list. Various segment layers will also tag your contacts, letting you build hyper-personalized campaigns. 

You can send a campaign to people who are tagged with multiple segments.

For example, you can filter your list by people who haven’t purchased in 60 days with an average order value of $100. This gives you a list of high-end customers you may want to reconnect with (if $100 is a high AOV for your store).

#8. Audience Sync for Ads 


Matching the right audience with a specific product can be difficult, even for the most experienced marketers. 

Facebook custom audiences and Google customer match audiences features of Omnisend solve this problem. They use your contact list to find similar lookalike audiences with the same attributes. 

Omnisend helps eCommerce businesses by syncing their contact list into Facebook and Google ads for effective ad targeting. 

There are many ways to use the audience sync feature on Omnisend, such as: 

  • Retargeting Contacts: Retarget abandon cart visitors who’ve submitted their emails or less-active customers to get them to buy again. 
  • Building Smarter Lookalike Audiences: Sync contact list of highest value customers with Omnisend to build effective lookalike audiences. 
  • Decrease Customer Acquisition Costs: Exclude your existing customers who’ve already purchased your project so that you are only putting your ad in front of people who haven’t purchased it. 

The beauty of Omnisend’s audience sync feature is that it automatically syncs your contacts onto Facebook every five to 15 minutes, ensuring your audiences are up-to-date. 


Omnisend has three core pricing plans, and each one comes with a 14-day free trial: 

  • Free: Designed for small businesses dabbling with email and text marketing 
  • Standard: Best for medium-sized and businesses looking to scale their operations
  • Pro: Perfect for high-volume stores who want to expand their SMS marketing efforts 

Note the above pricing changes with the number of people you’re reaching out to.

Wrapping Up

Marketing automation is the missing piece for struggling eCommerce owners. While there are dozens of marketing automation platforms, Omnisend arguably offers one of the most comprehensive and intuitive features. 

Think about all the potential sales you’re losing by not leveraging marketing automation. 

Timely and targeted omnichannel campaigns can significantly drive more revenue by recapturing what would otherwise be lost sales. 

Try out Omnisend for free to reduce cart abandonment and promote your eCommerce store correctly.

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