Thank You

This wouldn’t have been possible without you.

I am excited to know and share; Geek Flare has generated 1 million+ page views since launch.

When I started blogging, I never thought it would reach to around 1 million people. Honestly, I had only goal to keep my experience somewhere on the Internet which I can access anywhere and whenever I want.

Sooner I realized, Google search was helping lots of professional like me to reach my blog. Thanks, Google!

Never stop learning!

I learned and still learning lots of stuff in blogging journey but before I share, let’s take a look at some statistics.


It has generated 1 million page views since launch.


Traffic by Country

Top source of traffic came from following five counties.

  • United States
  • India
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany


Average time on page

Not bad, 2 minutes and 45 seconds average time spent on the page by audiences.


Traffic type by Source

84.5% traffic came from organic search.


9.2% was direct traffic and 6.2% from referral.

There are lots of learning to reach to this level and here is what I did a mistake and learned from it. Actually, still learning…


It plays a major role in creating regular traffic and increase the trust level to your audience.

When I say design, it’s not just the color but includes navigation, color, font, layout, etc.

I started with Joomla but a few months later I switched to WordPress and since then I never looked back.

As many others, I tried many themes (Flatsome, X, Pluto, Good News, Newsmag, Newspaper, Herald, SociallyViral, Woohoo, etc).


That’s my purchase history from Themeforest.

They are good and some of them I like it very much but guess what I am using?


I just love the simplicity, layout, clean code, lightweight & SEO optimized. There are many Genesis child theme available in the market and I am happy with Maker Pro by JT Grauke.

Inspired by Medium, I recently changed my site layout to no-sidebar. Did you notice?

I didn’t see any traffic drop by removing the sidebar.

So if you are starting out thinking to start, don’t waste lots of money in buying so many themes instead decide what’s purpose of your blog and buy a relevant theme.

If your purpose is simple then give a try to Genesis.

I experimented with many colors (Red, Blue, Green, Black) but realized blue and green suits tech blog better. Refer to Canva color combination article for some inspiration.

Don’t keep so many menus on top, limit to three or four. If your menu is category based then keep the only category, which got more than 10 articles. Why?

You don’t your first time visitor to click on a menu and see only three or four blog post. It just doesn’t give the good impression at the first time.

Make it faster

I am a great fan of this – “Web should be fast” by Google.

Nobody likes slow loading page and it hurts SEO and e-Commerce business.

Use reliable hosting and do whatever you can to make your website load faster. I am on Linode now and for shared hosting, I would recommend SiteGround.

Check out how fast your website load and work on that recommendation to improve it. On high-level:-

  • Use a theme (if you are on WordPress), which is lightweight and make less number of HTTP request.
  • Integrate with CDN like Cloud Flare, MaxCDN, etc.
  • Use local fonts (you can download Google fonts and load from your server)
  • Limit page size to less than 2 MB.

This is how Geek Flare loads now.


Do you think it’s fast loading?

Learning: don’t go for cheap hosting instead pay for premium hosting and keep yourself tension free.


Don’t leave security. Securing your website is as important as your content and SEO.

Thousands of website get hacked every day due to misconfiguration, bad hosting or using vulnerable code.

There is no perfect security but do what all it takes to keep it safe from the hacker.

You can use Web Application Firewall to protect your website from online threats and known vulnerabilities.

Regularly perform security scan against your website and fix the vulnerabilities before the hacker finds it.

It wouldn’t have been possible without Neil Patel and Brian Dean help. If I know anything about SEO, traffic then it’s because of these you guys. You are doing a wonderful job in teaching the newbie like me. May God Bless You!

It’s little happiness I wanted to share with you. I know it’s challenging ahead to compete for the ranking but it’s possible with your help.

I need your help to provide honest feedback so I can improve and get motivated to do better.

I need your help to share Geek Flare with your friends it can reach to another one few million professionals.

Once again, Thank you very much for visiting Geek Flare. Have a good time ahead!

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  1. Congrats for your journey .. I read a lot of your site, your tutorials are clean and easily readable for all type of users..

    the simplicity of your blog is the real success !

    Anil Chopra
    technohacker team !


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