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If you love editing and creating photos, you might be aware of Photoshop. You might even have taken online Photoshop courses to kickstart your career as a Graphic Designer.

But before jumping on the courses directly, let us give you an insight into what Photoshop is.

Photoshop is a computerized graphic and photo editing tool through which users can edit, create, and retouch images. The professionals use this paid tool to develop labels, graphics, video content, and other visual content on Mac OS and Windows.

The popularity of Photoshop has increased over time, making it is vital to obtain Photoshop skills. It is a reputed and desired editing tool that has become everyone’s favorite over time.

The best thing is that it is not difficult to learn Photoshop if you know where to start. Here are some online Photoshop tutorials to watch for if you want to kickstart your learning.


Udemy is an online learning platform that offers courses in education, marketing, technology, design, and development. It has plenty of Photoshop courses and covers beginners to expert levels.

The courses include Photoshop 2022 classes, Adobe Photoshop CC – Essentials Training Course, Adobe Photoshop CC – Advanced Training Course, Learn Photoshop, Web Design & Profitable Freelancing 2022, etc., at affordable prices.


Skillshare offers several online Adobe Photoshop classes that cover essential skills like creativity, Adobe Illustrator, Graphic Design, Photo Retouching, Digital Illustration, Digital Photography, Photo Editing, etc.

This online learning platform offers Adobe Photoshop CC – Essential Training Course, Learn Adobe Photoshop: Fundamentals for Getting Started, The One-Palette, Illustrator: Discover How Color Works in Your Art, Logo Design Mastery, etc. The courses offer deep insight into tools, techniques, topics like painting, digital illustration, manipulation, and graphic design.


Adobe Photoshop tutorials can be an excellent place for beginners, learn basics, get inspired, and refine skills. It covers two major categories – beginners and experienced to list the required courses for the professionals. The beginners can get started with getting to know Photoshop, Adjusting the image quality, Working with layers, etc. while getting tips and tricks for iPad Photoshop editors.

Experienced professionals can get started with Accurately selecting image areas, Making HDR images, Creating a composite with layers, Opening images, working with cloud documents, etc. There are free tutorials from CreativeLiveand YouTube too to deep dive into the magical world of design.

What better can be to learn Adobe Photoshop from its creator – Adobe itself!

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning covers expert-taught Photoshop tutorials for retouching, image editing, adding layers, shapes, and color correction. The courses cover all levels, such as beginners, intermediate, and advanced, with different types, such as courses, videos, and learning paths.

The courses include Photoshop Essential Training, Photoshop One-on-One Beginners Fundamentals, and Advanced.


Educba offers free online Photoshop courses with Lifetime access and video tutorials covering tools, designing a graphics card, photo editing, etc. Professionals who want to gain proficiency in designing applications, logo designing, brochure designing, Photoshop, web designing, etc., can get started with the Educba online course.

Educba allows professionals to improve visuals and enhance its quality for the best UI/UX experience. The free online Photoshop course is self-paced learning that covers fundamental features of the tool and offers a certification post-course completion.


PhotoshopCAFE offers ultimate Photoshop resources for users with tutorials, step-by-step guides, super guides, videos, and courses. Several things are covered in the courses, such as removing reflection from glasses, cutting out hair, using lighting effects, using smart objects, etc.

The tutorials include Lightroom Catalog, blurring the background, turning day to night, YouTube channel art, layer masks, etc., to get profound knowledge of Photoshop.

Job Opportunities for Professionals

There are several reasons to learn Adobe Photoshop. It is affordable, creates actions, can easily edit photos, create templates, make website mockups, make photo collages, creates infographics, and whatnot. Along with this, professionals can quickly design T-shirts, restore old photos, and create web pages. However, it is an in-demand skill that is required in several professions such as:

Production Artist

These artists manage a team of graphic designers that work in advertising, digital, and print to edit images and enhance their quality. They work on several campaigns, ensuring that design is to its mark.

Photo Editor

This profession is the best fit for someone who loves editing photographs as per the guidelines and style of the organization. The primary role of photo editors is to coordinate with the team lead to plan and style the photos adding effects and animation.

Graphic Artist

As the name suggests, the graphic artist creates digital art as per the material and requirements of the website. They work with styling, font, and color extensively to achieve the desired outcome.

Video Editor

The video editors use graphics, footage, sound effects, and audio to develop polished videos. Editors use Photoshop to add impact to the images and combine them to produce videos collaborating with clients.

Graphic Designer

The graphic designer’s primary role is to create graphics and create to match the visual style preferences of organizations (clients). They edit photos and create graphics using colors, fonts, elements, etc.

Web Designer

As the name suggests, Web designers work on creating and planning web pages for clients. They follow designing principles to offer assured quality of the website while adjusting images and adding elements.

Multimedia Designer

Multimedia designers are nowadays widely famous, with users communicating with each other using animations and graphics. Hence, the designers focus mainly on graphics to create graphics, animations, and images.

User Interface Designer

The primary duty of a user interface designer is to create and test websites. They develop designs for different devices to create attractive and intuitive interfaces while adding videos, animations, and visuals to the website.

How about some Photoshop alternatives?

Photoshop might be the favorite choice of designers, but it is not the only one. As mentioned below, several tools can work as the best alternative for Photoshop.


PicMonkey is a photo editing and designing service that users can access from a mobile application or web browser. The tool can help professionals create logos, photos, social media creatives, covers, and other digital designs. This photo editing tool comes with stunning editable templates for every platform.


Luminar allows professionals to edit and share images in Landscape, Portraits, Travel, etc. This photo editor is available for PC and Mac users that do a fine job using Artificial Intelligence technology. It contains AI tools that help users create masterpieces flawlessly and give desired results.


Colorcinch is extremely popular among cartoonists that want to showcase their artworks in the best possible way. This tool allows professionals to create, edit, and turn their images, offering complete exposure to the personalized tools. The users can quickly animate or cartoonize the photos (or make characters) as per their requirements.


Pixlr helps professionals to create stunning designs and pictures. It is available on desktop and mobile apps to recreate the designs into something extraordinary. The tool offers several editable templates for users to choose from and other features like adding elements, font, and colors.


It is easy to learn Photoshop if you know what, how, and where to start. It is essential to know the best programs and platforms to help gain proficiency. However, it requires passion, patience, practice, and time to get the hang of the Photoshop platform. These tutorials can be a great way forward for you to kickstart your design career.

Once you are done with tutorials, you can start your blog and earn money using affiliate design programs.

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