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There’s no denying that the eCommerce business is on the rise. Online shopping is fun and convenient, but now, it has become a necessity.

The e-commerce business has been booming rapidly for quite a while, and it will probably increase even more post-COVID-19 situations.

According to Statista, worldwide eCommerce sales amounted to $3.53 trillion in 2019. And it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.1% from 2020 to 2024.

Unlike brick-and-mortar shops, the setting of an online store is easy and inexpensive. You can start your eCommerce shop, even with no experience and limited budget at your hands, all thanks to the modern technologies around.

However, building an online store requires more than just choosing the brand name, product listing, marketing, and selling. It’s like raising a child; you need to nourish it with the right tools and technologies, take care of its security, plan for its future, and do many things in between to succeed.

To achieve this goal, you need a stable and high-performing eCommerce platform to meet the needs of your growing business. With a plethora of available options out there, Sylius is one of the best you can choose.

What is Sylius?

Sylius is a free, open-source eCommerce platform with an MIT license and based on the framework of Symfony. It ensures the highest code quality, built-in agile workflow, a strong testing environment, and exceptional PHP solution tailored to your store requirements.

It includes a robust REST API for seamless integration and improved customer experience. Developers love Sylius, for it provides essential features and flexibility to help you trigger stable business growth.

Why should you choose Sylius?

Uniquely convey your brand by enhancing its overall look as well as feel to compel your targeted customers with the comprehensive offerings of Sylius.

Unified integration

Sylius offers unified integration; hence, you can easily connect this eCommerce framework to the tools you already use for running your store like CRM, inventory, mailing, ERP, PIM, and more.

Runs on multiple devices

By providing built-in eCommerce application interfaces, Sylius makes it easy to craft native mobile apps for Android, iOS, etc., along with progressive web applications.

Comprehensive admin panel

It offers an admin panel constructed from easily configurable and reusable components that can adapt to all your unique business needs.

Scalability and easy platform

You can deploy this modern web app on a popular platform, including Google Cloud,, Heroku, etc. As a result, scaling and applying new features require less time and cost while ensuring high performance.

Supports multiple payment providers

With Sylius, you can add secure and famous payment providers like PayPal, Stripe, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and more to offer convenience to your customers.

Impressive eCommerce Features

  • Product catalog, attributes, and options
  • Customized checkout
  • Discount coupons and promotions
  • Orders, cart, and invoices
  • Tax and taxonomies
  • Multiple currencies and selling platforms
  • Image cropping, social logins, and localization
  • Permission management and address book
  • Shipping and refund
  • Plugins for Shop API, admin order creation and cancellation, invoicing, and refund.

Given the plethora of benefits that Sylius provides, you can choose to build your online store on its platform effortlessly.

Once you decide to go with Sylius to build your online business, you need to consider a reliable hosting provider for better uptime, availability, and security. The following are the most popular and trusted hosts, Sylius.


When you are looking for the right hosting solution with impeccable features, flexible integrations, and better workflow management, Nexcess can be a good option. It lets you add custom application stacks and integrations with ease.

The Nexcess Cloud Auto Scaling allows you to scale your website automatically depending upon your traffic demands. You can increase your user concurrency without upgrading the hosting solution.

For improved performance, Nexcess offers the Cloud Accelerator to boost load times. The high-performing web server NGINX powers these features and manages static content like JavaScript and images of your website.

Nexcess offers an enterprise-level technology stack designed to support your website. So, you can easily customize the PHP version. Its infrastructure stack includes OpenStack, Docker, Ansible, Kolla, HTTP/2, Bad bot management, and Gzip compression for asset caching and scalability.

It keeps your online shop safe with superior uptime, advanced security, and multiple redundancies. Nexcess got 8 data centers worldwide.

Stay future-proof by leveraging its scalable platform that can easily handle huge traffic and concurrent users.

Nexcess provides a fully compliant environment with PCI DSS along with SSAE-18, which are annually audited to gain the trust of your customers over security. Install the app with just a click and manage your store and emails from a single place to save time. It also backs up your website daily, which can be a life-saver to restore when things go wrong.

Additionally, its flexible upgrades, easy-to-use service, and free migrations are its additional plus points.

Nexcess also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee along with dedicated customer support available all the time through email, call, or chat.

A2 Hosting

Since its inception in 2003, A2 Hosting has been providing ultra-fast, fine-tuned, and reliable hosting. It provides the complete solutions you require for Sylius and is developer-oriented. Its high-performing SwiftServers power your website for 20 times faster page loading.

Setup the Symphony software using Softaculous, which requires a single click from the control panel. It also sends you notifications through emails whenever a new version of Symfony releases so you can keep your online store up-to-date.

With A2 Hosting by your side, you never have to suffer the consequences of site downtimes that can impact SEO rankings and bounce rates by employing its speed-optimized servers. It gives you the flexibility of choosing your desired server location along with free SSDs to ensure your website is available all the time.

To take care of website security, it offers HackScan protection for free to block cyber-attacks. It offers KernelCare, double firewalls, SSL certificates, and brute force defense to provide added security. Besides, it offers Reinforced DDoS protection to keep your website protected from even sophisticated attacks.

It offers free website migration employing its migration experts who transfer all your data securely. If you are still not satisfied with its service, you can claim its anytime money-back guarantee. A2 Hosting’s Guru Crew is an expert team of knowledgeable professionals to help when you need any assistance.

Its price starts at just $2.99/month for one website and 100 GB of storage.


Starting your business from scratch and then watching it grow is highly rewarding. As there are so many options available for choosing and hosting an eCommerce platform, running a profitable online store does not have to be a tricky or expensive affair now.

Thus, choose Sylius to start your journey. Who knows, your store could be the next million-dollar business.

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