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In today’s era, professionals are no longer needed to edit images. In fact, you can change the background of any picture with simple steps. The availability of several applications makes it easy for users to make changes as required. All you have to do is download and install the app.

Changing image backgrounds is a critical requirement for photographers, developers, marketers, and other professionals. It is necessary to understand that good images enhance the visual appeal and attract more people.

There are multiple reasons that might warrant the need to change the image background. Did you know there are various free apps available to change the background of the picture?

Here, we will discuss the different use cases, how to use the image background changing tool and the top online tools to change image backgrounds for free.

Different Use Cases for Changing Image Background

There are various reasons why you might need to change the image background. These are –

#1. Decrease eye stress

Some eCommerce platforms have specific requirements when it comes to product image upload. Another reason for removing background is to decrease the eye stress of customers. 

#2. Removal of unwanted items

In some cases, it becomes impossible to remove items in the background while doing the photoshoot. With these tools, you can remove the background with ease. 

#3. Grabbing attention

To ensure you have the attention of the customers, sometimes, it becomes necessary to get rid of the background images. 

#4. Beautification of the images

Changing the background images can work wonders for your photos. The result is a stunning photo that others can’t help but appreciate. 

How Does a Background-Changing Tool Work?

Background changing used to be an intricate task. With the advent of modern AI technology, you can easily change or erase the background in minutes now.

All you need to do is open any below-mentioned tools, then select or upload the photo. With the help of AI-based technology, it efficiently identifies the subject area and removes the background.

Once this process is done, now you can choose a new background and save the new picture. This is a general overview of how background-changing tool works.

If you want empirical experience!! Then let’s explore the best background-changing tools.


Replace background images with Clipdrop, a reliable yet user-friendly photo editing application. Use this app to create beautiful visuals within a few seconds.

Features and Benefits

  • Drag and drop option available to edit backgrounds of images.
  • Can use examples to start editing pictures.
  • Used by professionals and amateurs alike.
  • User-friendly interface, making it an ideal choice for beginners.

Using Clipdrop is easy and hassle-free. Users can easily drop images and replace the background with a few steps. They offer both free and paid services. You need to sign up and proceed to edit images right away.


Fotor’s background changer is one of a kind, enabling you to change the backgrounds of images online within seconds. 

Features and Benefits

  • AI-powered software allows users to change backgrounds with a click.
  • Drag and drop option can be used for image background change.
  • Change the image background to patterns, texture, solid colors, etc.
  • A free trial is available for users to check out the app.

Fotor is a highly acknowledged background image-changing application. There are a wide variety of backgrounds to choose from while using Fotor. 


If you are looking for a background image changer that brightens the backdrop, Picsart is the ideal choice. It aids in making your photos much more interesting.

Features and Benefits

  • AI helps to change the background of the images seamlessly.
  • Wide selection of ready-to-go templates available to replace current backgrounds.
  • A User-friendly interface makes it easier for even novice users.
  • Effortless adjusting of the visuals in different layouts, along with customization.

The custom background is no more a dream. With Picsart, you can convert your vision to reality, changing backgrounds with ease.


An easy-to-use, online background image changer, inPixio helps you replace photo backgrounds with simple steps. The process is easy, and the output is excellent.

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful AI aids in the easy removal of background, so there is no need for time-consuming editing.
  • Easy to add new backgrounds of your choice to the images.
  • A few clicks give you the output.
  • It is available for free and is extremely easy to use.

inPixio is a highly recommended software for photo editing, with users loving its simple user interface and rich collection of templates.

Customize image background with, an interesting photo background changing software.

Features & Benefits

  • A wide collection of background images to select from.
  • Full customization is available to make your photo unique.
  • An instant removal of background with AI-based technology.
  • Resize images to make them suitable for different social media platforms.

Upload photos and change backgrounds seamlessly with this highly efficient background image-changing tool.

Wondershare Pixcut

If you don’t have expert PhotoShop skills, don’t worry! Wondershare Pixcut makes it easy for users to change image backgrounds with a few clicks.

Features & Benefits

  • AI technology aids in cutting out objects from the images seamlessly.
  • Users can choose from a wide range of background images available.
  • Choose the size of the downloaded images as per the user’s needs.
  • Impressive customization with resolution adjustment, the addition of shadows, etc.

Wondershare Pixcut’s excellent features enable users to upload pictures and change backgrounds to get high-quality outputs.


Removebg is an exceptional background image changer tool that is used for free. You can simply upload the image and choose the background you want.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to replace background image.
  • A rich collection of exciting templates to choose from.
  • You can also remove the background and make it transparent.
  • The whole process is completed within seconds, making it a great choice for professionals.

With Removebg, it is possible for you to change background images and get the whole process done within a matter of minutes.


Retoucher, an excellent background image changer, doesn’t need you to sign up and is easy to use. The wide variety of templates available is impressive.

Features & Benefits

  • Can change background images via two methods – camera and upload.
  • Easy addition of new background to make the image more interesting.
  • An exciting collection of professionally designed templates for product images.
  • No limitations or sign up required to use this tool.

With Retoucher, you can change background images flawlessly without many complications.

Final Words

Removing or changing background images is one of the most critical photo editing techniques. Users can now easily change background images and beautify them even more. For that, you can opt for any of the above-mentioned image background-changing tools based on your requirements.

Next, you can check out AI background generators to revolutionize your design process.

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