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In Personal Finance Last updated: July 31, 2023
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Looking for the best will makers amongst the several options available? Here’s is rundown of the best online will makers backed up by our research and experience.

Making a will is necessary to ensure your wishes are respected after your demise. Unfortunately, many people wait until it is too late to write a will.


In this article, we’ll examine the best will makers available online that could assist you in legally laying out your final wishes. We’ll explain how an online will maker works and provide you with a list of the finest options so that your last wishes are fulfilled as you desire.

A will is a legal document specifying how a person’s assets and property will be distributed after death. It is a method for individuals to determine who will receive their property, assets, and belongings after they begin on the other side.

The will also allows the individual to establish trusts and appoint guardians for minor children. Previously, people used to rely on offline methods of creating wills, which was confusing and was not generally a safe option. With the commencement of the technological era, several online will-making tools have emerged which offer superior quality and a safe way to communicate your wish to your loved ones.

What do Online Will Makers do?

Online will makers are tools that help people create legally binding wills online. It allows them to decide how their estate should be distributed and who should receive their property after death.

It guides users through a step-by-step process to create a valid and enforceable will. The tool requires information about the testator (the person making the will), the beneficiaries (the people who will receive gifts under the will), and the executor (the person responsible for carrying out the wishes in the will).

Users can use these online tools to create their wills with templates and other resources. It also provides a checklist to ensure all necessary information is delivered.

The tool will provide a PDF copy of the completed will. This legally binding document can be notarized and signed by the testator, witnesses, and notary. It also provides access to lawyers, assistance in estate planning, and advice on probate. Users can obtain the direction they require through these services to guarantee their wills are drafted legally and correctly.

In the following section, we have evaluated our top picks for the best online will makers based on their user interface, accessibility, and features. Let’s take a look.

Trust & Will

Trust & Will offers a quick and easy online will-making service, making it ideal for people who are short on time yet wish to set up estate planning procedures. It claims not to take more than 15 of your valuable minutes for your entire process, and if your requirements are simple, the process will be accelerated further.


A series of quick questions and your responses are used to elicit your estate planning preferences, making the process easier to follow and more seamless.

As soon as you pay the fee, a preview paper will appear on the screen and be available for download immediately. You will also receive a copy via mail, and you are free to make as many changes to your will as you see fit.

Will-making is made as simple as possible with Trust & Will, thanks to a range of excellent user features.

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer has some fantastic features, like sample wills that can be read online. These will assist customers in organizing their estates and provide them with ideas for items they might have yet to consider.


You can use their seven-day free trial to draft a final will for no cost, and you can then fully subscribe for one month to fully utilize their support services. The software has a user-friendly interface and provides some of the best revision and format flexibility for the finished product you are likely to find.

Do Your Own Will

Even though many will-making software providers provide a free trial, it rarely allows them to create a free, legally valid will. Users of Do Your Own Will can start writing their own will immediately without giving any credit card or banking information! This is a massive win over other similar websites. The company makes money by showing adverts on the screen as you move along.


With the help of Do Your Own Will, creating a last will is simple. To establish a legally enforceable last will, you must answer multiple-choice questions on three screens that determine your prevailing circumstances.

The will is immediately available for download in either document or PDF format after the procedure is complete. It takes three minutes or so to complete the entire process.


When it comes to getting the most for your money and time, FreeWill is the best option. Although relatively simple, it’s ideal for anyone with a straightforward scenario that doesn’t require intricate changes. You can fill out precise wishes for your burial and final resting place on the platform, which is slick and simple.


FreeWill offers collaboration with well-known charities on various topics, making it the perfect platform for people who want to leave gifts to charity in their wills.

FreeWill features a self-proving affidavit and offers additional information and broader legal issues, such as guardians for children, pet provisions, charitable donations, digital assets, and a no-contest clause. Take note if your case is more problematic because it offers more specific recommendations to see an attorney for large or complex estates.


Legal Templates walks you through the will-making process, providing step-by-step instructions to complete the required documents. It also allows you to add provisions to their wills, such as beneficiary designations, guardianship instructions, etc.


After completion, the will can be printed or electronically signed and stored securely online. The service also provides an online estate planning tool that helps you manage their assets and decide on their estates. With this service, you can create a living trust, name a power of attorney, and designate an executor.

Additionally, you can access educational resources and will-related services, such as probate services, legal document review, and more from within the tool.


A standard platform, Fabric, has the features required to construct a simple will. It has a modern and user-friendly design, even though it is more fundamental than the other alternatives mentioned here.


There is no ambiguity regarding what anything signifies because everything is clearly described.

Additionally, Fabric has a mobile app for Android and iPhone platforms, making it simple to carry your end-of-life paperwork from wherever you are. However, the online application strongly emphasized life insurance, which can interfere with your will-writing plans.

Quicken WillMaker

A very well-known piece of will-making software is Quicken WillMaker by Nolo. You get access to comprehensive software in exchange for payment, which can be used to prepare legal documents for various purposes.

YouTube video

You will receive simple but effective counsel to get pointed toward the wills and other appropriate estate planning documents for your situation.

The tool also enables the creation of several wills for every family member and the assignment and listing of other roles like guardians and executors.

The tool is simple to use and intuitive, so most people with average living conditions should be able to create legal documents at home without doing more study or having to pay an attorney.

The longest-running online will platform, U.S. Legal Wills, has been offering online wills for over 20 years. A section for your will to be included is in the form of the questionnaire’s first eight steps, followed by optional extras like a power of attorney, a living will, burial arrangements, and password management.


When it comes to naming alternatives and mentioning forgiven debts within your will, this online tool will surely stand out.

If you decide to use this service, be sure to read the helpful advice that may apply to issues in the future, such as the need to sign the will in blue ink, to cover the pages when witnesses sign, to store the resulting document after it has been signed and to be aware of potential difficulties in probate court.


One of the most popular sources for free online wills that you may fill out is eForms. Amongst the main features is their online willmaker; the archaic questioning interface definitely deserves mention.

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The process is not as easy as it is with other will makers, and there is little access to support even though they have full guidelines on writing your own will.

eForms’ customized form plan makes it easy to have lifetime access to your will. Otherwise, you’ll have to provide your credit card details to obtain your filled-out form after a seven-day free trial.

They provide users the option to download their form as a Word Document and a PDF, which is a terrific benefit if you intend to edit your form yourself or discuss it with your advisor.


Compared to the others, TotalLegal has a straightforward design, even though the questionnaire is a little challenging to understand for some. It offers several flexible options to meet various requirements. The only ways to contact a representative are through phone or email if you have any questions.


Total Legal Wills provides only a standard, entry-level solution for a simple will. As per our experience, it is intended for creating uncomplexed will documents, as it lacks a thorough explanation of the legal implications.

Are Online Will Makers Valid?

The short answer is that online wills are legal as long as you make sure they abide by local, state, and federal regulations. However, it is always best to have an attorney review a will before it is finalized. This will ensure that it meets all legal requirements and accurately reflects the wishes of the person creating it.

Final Words

Online will makers can be the best option if your case isn’t complicated and you want to avoid visiting a lawyer’s office.

One way to lessen the stress on your family when you pass away is to prepare for your assets and ultimate wishes. If not, they are left to pick up the pieces without your assistance. Ask the difficult questions and get your wishes on paper to take charge. It’s simpler than you may imagine, as seen from the list above.

If you also own a business, you may look at these legal document templates to ensure your business-related information is documented correctly.

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