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OpenAI Rolling Out Plugins and Web Browsing Access & Google I/O Introduce Duet AI for Effortless Workspace Activities

OpenAI and Google
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Hello Geeks! 🙋We have the following updates for you today! 📣

OpenAI Rolling Out Plugins and Web Browsing Access to ChatGPT Plus Users

According to the most recent OpenAI updates, ChatGPT Plus users will soon have internet access and support for 70+ third-party plugins, allowing them to explore the web and access online resources fast and conveniently, benefiting academics, authors, and information seekers.


To integrate third-party plugins:

  • Visit
  • Select Plugins from the model switcher.
  • Access the Plugins dropdown.
  • Choose Plugin Store to install and activate desired plugins.

To enable beta features, Access ‘Profile & Settings’ and select ‘Beta features’. The New ChatGPT beta includes web browsing and plugin features. Now ChatGPT can browse the internet and use third-party plugins to answer recent topics and events-related questions.


OpenAI is expected to introduce these new features in ChatGPT Plus over the coming week. Update expected to please users and attract them to the platform.

“ChatGPT Plus transitions from alpha to beta, reflecting significant development progress by OpenAI team.”

Google I/O Introduces Duet AI for Effortless Email and Document Composition

Duet AI from Google offers a variety of generative AI technologies for productivity apps. Duet AI for Gmail and Docs creates email and word-processing documents based on short text prompts. Writing assistance, image generation, and automatic meeting summary generation are just a few examples.


As an improvement to Smart Compose, Google has included a new “Help me write” feature in Gmail mobile. Users can rely on Google to create emails or word-processing papers by providing text instructions. – Sundar Pichai demonstrated the “Help me write” feature, which generates simple and elaborate responses to customer care messages.

Based on the suggestions, text prompts can generate spreadsheets in Google Sheets and graphics in Google Slides.

These features highlight generative AI’s capabilities, which bring a creative component to machine learning.

Microsoft has taken a similar approach with Microsoft 365 Copilot, its AI-enhanced productivity tool.

Interested users must sign up for Workspace Labs and join a waitlist to use these new capabilities.

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