A few weeks back I was working on Documentum and got OOM errors during starting it.

Are you also experiencing same error as below?

Exception in thread "main" java/lang/OutOfMemoryError
at java/lang/String.<init> (String.java:165)
at com/ibm/oti/util/Util.toString (Util.java:51)
at java/lang/System.getPropertyList (Native Method)
at java/lang/System.ensureProperties (System.java:248)

This happens when OS doesn’t release sufficient memory to Documentum repository.


To fix this you can define minimum and maximum memory in java.ini file.

  • vi $documentum/product/$version/bin/java.ini
  • Add below line in java.ini, you can add at the end of the file.
java_options="-Xms64M -Xmx256M -XX:PermSize-64m -Xshareclasses:nonfatal"

Restart Documentum repository and it should be alright.

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