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In Mobile Last updated: December 23, 2022
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If you are bewitched by a beautiful dress you found on Instagram but don’t know where to purchase it, the powerful outfit finder apps listed below can help greatly.

In the era of the internet, people often draw style and fashion-related inspiration from social media influencers and celebrities who make public appearances or post images adorning stylish outfits.

These trendy clothes are worth dying for, and users often dream of owning them but finding them on the internet is a herculean’s task. You need to keep scrolling through thousands of images for days and days in a desperate attempt to find something worthwhile.


So, if you do not have spare time at hand to keep hopping between these online shopping platforms to find something worthy of wearing, does it mean you do not deserve to look glamorous and fault the celebrity look? Of course, you do!

Thanks to the AI-powered outfit finders app, you can easily cut back on the shopping time that you waste scrolling social media to find clothing items to comply with your fashion taste and preference. 

The tools are either available as a standalone app or are integrated within popular e-commerce or image-sharing apps. Using these AI-based apps is effortless; you can upload the outfit images from the camera roll directly on the app or simply direct your device’s camera towards the outfit you have your heart set on. That’s it! 

The tool will process the product image, and its intuitive algorithms will provide similar attires with stunning colors, patterns, textures, and so on in the search results. If luck would have it, you are likely to run across the exact piece available on an online platform! 

If using AI to spot stunning outfits seems enticing, stay with us as we walk you through some of the best outfit-finder apps known to provide accurate results for your search.

Google Lens

Google Lens is a popular image recognition tool that can identify wearables, apparel, personal accessories like jewelry, necklaces, and so much more. This is the most sure-shot way to scour the internet in an attempt to find that eye-catching dress you saw someone wearing. 


Once you install the Google Lens app on your Android or Apple device, Google lens functionality gets to work right from your phone’s camera. This means you do not need to capture the picture of the clothing or accessory you are looking for.

You have to focus the camera on the clothes whose alternative you need to find online. Google Lens will present several matched results, and if it finds any accurate match, it highlights the result with a little blue icon. 

If you tap this icon, you will be redirected to the Google Shopping page, which provides shopping links from several e-commerce websites, such as Amazon, to make the purchase.

Moreover, Google Lens is powerful enough to identify the individual products a person is wearing and presents results for each of them individually. You can also upload images from your gallery to identify clothing and accessories. 

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Amazon Style Snap

Amazon’s shopping platform has a clothing-focused visual searching tool termed Style Snap integrated right within the search bar located on top of the website or app. This ‘Style Snap’ feature helps discover attires, and accessories- jewelry, shoes, and so much more, by uploading the picture you have snapped on your Phone.

To use the feature, you have to look for the camera icon on the top, tap it and then select Style Snap. You can upload the photos from your gallery and even permit the tool to access the recently taken screenshots directly.

YouTube video

Alternatively, you can also switch to the camera view and focus on the clothes or accessories you wish to scan in real time. If the wearables are available on Amazon, they will appear in the recommended product listings. Style Snap is powerful enough to identify each attire and presents individual results for each of them. 


Powered by CloudSight’s Image Recognition API, CamFind claims to be the most accurate visual search engine that can virtually find everything you wish to, from clothing to accessories, pretty much everything you can think of! 


CamFind is one of the biggest fashion apps on Android and iPhone devices, and it is so for a reason. It uses artificial intelligence to recognize the clothes from pictures accurately. You have to capture the picture of the attire you are looking for and wait for a few seconds until the search engine processes it.

The search engine will then present the results. That’s not everything CamFind can do; it also provides the product’s description and related YouTube videos, if it finds any, along with the shopping links to quickly grab the clothing pieces.  

Some other awesome features include language translation, price comparisons, visual reminders, related product videos, and so on.

CamFind also partners with Uber and Lyft collaborations to present Local Search results for in-store shopping needs. There is also a social profile sharing option to share your interests and look at those of others. This helps understand the current fashion trends. The private mode browsing is the icing on the cake.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


Lykdat is another interesting tool worth trying when you wish to discover clothes from snapped images. It is accessible from the web browser and can be used on a desktop and mobile phone. To search for clothes using Lykdat, visit the Lykdat from your web browser and hit the search icon preset on the bottom.

Crop the photo or a group of photos you’ve found on any platform like Instagram and upload them from your gallery. That’s it!


Now, wait for Lykdat to do its magic and recommend similar-looking products from different e-commerce stores on the internet. You also get price comparisons for different results and current discounts on the item.

There are plenty of search customization filters, like gender, color, location, etc., to narrow down the search criteria and get precise results on what you are searching for.

This tool, too, can successfully detect several clothing items from one image and gives separate results for each of them. 

Pinterest Lens

Similar to Amazon, Pinterest’s mobile app is equipped with a visual search tool known as Lens that empowers you to discover the clothes on the social media app amongst the thousands of ideas available here on the platform.

Pinterest Lens is easy to use; you need to tap the search icon on the search bar and then choose the Camera icon. Then focus the camera on a person to capture their look or select the image from the camera roll to find similar styles and flaunt them.  


Pinterest then presents similar ideas in the resulting feed, which is categorized into Explore and Shop. You can explore similar ideas for inspiration in the first section, and if the tool finds an exact match, you will also be presented with shipping links to purchase the clothes online.

To help provide purchase links, Pinterest has partnered with ShopStyle, a leading fashion and lifestyle shopping platform. Just like other platforms on the list, Pinterest Lens AI IDs the multiple fashion items in the image and can present search results accordingly.


PhotoSherlock is an intuitive platform available on the web, Android, and iPhone that enables you to find the latest fashion trends and styles you are eyeing by focusing on the items or uploading images from your device’s gallery. 


The intuitive platform pulls results from Yandex and Google to present similar image results and is quite simple to operate. It is possible to reverse search any product; here, it is clothes to discover similar products. The interface is clean, and you have to upload the images from your gallery or directly use the camera to search; the related search results are presented thereafter.

For what it’s worth, PhotoSherlock also offers decent photo editing functionality. You can crop the image to focus on the clothing item you are looking for before uploading it to get more precise results. 

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


Using an AI-powered image recognition feature, TruePicShop is one of the best Android and iOS apps for searching for clothes online while on the go. 


The process of discovering clothes using the TruePicShop is simple. You will have to sign up on the platform by providing the login credentials and then click the search icon. Then, you can scan the clothing item you’ve spotted in the outlet or on the street and initiate the search.

The app will then process the image and provide search results and product details. The search results will be neverending and comprise similar-looking clothing items available on the internet.

The tool also provides shopping links from e-commerce stores to facilitate easy shopping, along with price comparisons to help you save a couple of bucks. 

Thanks to this app, people can now easily find the clothes they’ve seen other people wearing or on display in fashion stores. Several useful features in this app greatly facilitate shopping. TruePicShop also includes a social sharing feature to help you meet shopping lovers around the world. 

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Visual Fashion Finder

Owned by Cortexica Vision Systems, Visual Fashion Finder uses cloud-based image recognition systems and visual search technology patented by the company to provide a powerful visual search solution specifically for the fashion industry. 


The tool can be accessed using the web browser, but its Find Similar technology can be integrated into the mobile apps of any brand or e-commerce platform using API. Visual Fashion Finder bestows customers with the power to search for clothes and other fashion accessories they’ve found on any social media platform by uploading their images.

The tool searches its database for present similar items, and in many cases, you are likely to find an accurate match. 

After the users upload the photo or scan the attire they are looking for, Visual Fashion Finder provides an exhaustive list of products, whichever the AI found similar in terms of color, pattern, texture, and other criteria.  

Wrapping Up

Thanks to these outfit-finder apps, finding clothes according to the latest fashion trends no longer mean aimlessly scrolling the different social platforms to find something relevant.

They not only modernize the whole process but also help the users avail better discounts by offering price comparisons.

You can also explore how to do a reverse image search on iPhone or iPad.

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