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In Smart Gadgets Last updated: July 7, 2023
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Being a parent is not an easy job, as you need to constantly keep an eye on your newborn. Let Owlet Smart Socks help you by monitoring the health of your baby.

New parents often use cameras to see how their babies are doing. However, it is not capable of providing you with minute details of your baby’s health, such as baby vitals and sleep patterns.

Leave your worries aside as we are going to share the best Owlet Smart Socks with you. Using these, you can effortlessly monitor your baby’s health and get notified when something is not right.

What is a Baby Monitor?

What Is a Baby Monitor

A baby monitor enables parents or caregivers, in some cases, to monitor their baby’s activities and vitals remotely. This device usually has two components — a baby unit which is placed near the baby, and the parent unit, which receives the data transmitted from the baby unit.

Some baby monitors transfer audio and video of your baby’s movement so that you can monitor their movement from another room. Other baby monitors include smart socks that the baby can wear. These socks record vital signs like temperature, heart rate, oxygen level, and sleep patterns to help you track. 

If you are a new parent and worried about your baby’s safety and health, baby monitors are a way to get back your peace of mind and those missing zzz’s 😴. Also, with so much digital data at your disposal, check these best parenting apps to take better care of kids.

Why Do You Need a Smart Sock Baby Monitor?

Smart sock baby monitor
Image credit: Owlet
  • Smart sock monitors alert parents whenever there is a significant change in the heart rate or oxygen levels of the baby. It enables them to detect any potential health issues early.
  • While the devices are highly effective, they are non-invasive in nature. Babies can wear these sock-like and wire-free devices comfortably.
  • Smart sock baby monitors send real-time alerts during any abnormalities in the baby’s vitals. These devices also display real-time data and historical data to help you identify trends.
  • Besides monitoring baby vitals, baby monitors can also track sleep patterns, duration, and sleep quality. Thus, parents can easily find out if there are any potential sleep issues.
  • These socks also offer much-needed peace of mind to new parents. They can sleep better knowing that their baby is being monitored, and they will receive alerts in case of any irregularities in the vitals. 
  • Most of the smart sock monitors come with a companion app. Parents can use those to get insights into their baby’s vitals. 

Now that you know the benefits of using smart socks as effective baby monitors, here are the top picks of Owlet Dream Socks for you.

Owlet Dream Sock Plus

Owlet Dream Sock Plus is a smart monitor that can track the sleep quality, heart rate, and oxygen level of your baby.


  • The award-winning technology of this smart sock can track the baby’s total hours slept, wakings, heart rate, and sleep quality.
  • Its sleep quality indicators, like the pattern of waking up, heart rate, and sleep movement, allow you to make necessary adjustments.
  • The sock shows you a breakdown of every sleep session of your baby. Thus, you can identify the patterns and change the baby’s sleep schedule.
  • Parents can receive a custom and adaptable sleep schedule for their 4-12-month-old babies.

🧦Owlet Dream Sock Plus is available in both standard and plus sizes to adjust to the growth of your baby.

Owlet Dream Sock

Owlet Dream Sock not only tracks the sleeping trends of your baby but also helps your baby sleep better! 👶


  • It tracks sleep quality, number of wakings, heart rate, oxygen level, and total hours slept.
  • You can review the sleep readings from anywhere on your Owlet Dream app.
  • Besides sleep data, the app offers expert tips to support your baby to sleep better.
  • It is also packed with predictive sleep technology and approved by HSA/FSA.

🧦For set up, you need to connect your phone and Owlet Dream Sock device to a 2.4 GHz WiFi connection.

Owlet Dream Duo

This Owlet Dream Duo has an HD camera and a dream sock that you can use to monitor your baby’s movement and vitals. 


  • Its camera comes with a wide-angle lens that you can use for 4x zoom and captures 1080p HD video.
  • It also supports 2-way audio so you can hear your baby’s voice and reciprocate.
  • The app also provides a sleep quality score and sleeping trends for your baby.
  • The smart sock tracks the live heart rate, movement, and number of wakings.
  • The app for this device is only compatible with the iPhone.

🧦With the Owlet Dream Duo, you can visually monitor your baby as well as be up to date with vital information too!

Owlet Dream Duo 2

This Owlet Dream Duo 2 uses heart rate and overage oxygen level to indicate the sleep quality of your child.


  • It sends you alerts whenever your baby needs assistance to get back to sleep.
  • The baby monitor records videos that you can watch later to understand their behavior patterns.
  • The device offers sound, motion, and cry notifications for parents living in another room.
  • It streams 1080p HD night vision video that you can watch your baby on your phone.

🧦The Owlet Dream Duo 2 also lets you track key factors like movement, room temperature, humidity, waking, and sleep status.

Owlet Accessory

This Owlet Accessory fabric sock can be used to personalize your baby sock to add additional colors or as a backup.


  • These are made of soft fabric material, which is gentle on your baby’s skin.
  • You can remove the sensor and hand wash the sock fabric using lukewarm water and mild detergent.
  • The pack includes 4 socks in 2 different sizes for babies of 0-18 months.

🧦The Owlet Accessory fabric sock comes in two different sizes and fits babies who weigh up to 30 lbs.

Owlet Extended Smart Sock

If your child is above 18 months, but you still want to track their vital signs, you can use the Owlet Extended Smart Sock from Owlet.


  • This extended smart sock works with the smart sock 3 sensors.
  • It helps you track the sleep trends of your toddlers.
  • The extended smart sock has a large fabric sock which is comfortable and gentle.
  • It comes with tailored monitoring technology that suits your growing child.
  • The sock offers you access to 42 additional months of live readings of vitals.

🧦The Owlet Extended Smart Sock extends the smart sock monitor usability from 18 months to 5 years.

Owlet Dream Sock Travel Case

The Owlet Dream Sock is a delicate device, and you need to take care of it while traveling. Therefore, you need to use this travel case from Owlet to keep things safe and organized.


  • Designed specifically for Owlet Dream Sock, this case can be used at home or on the go.
  • It comes with a protective foam mold to save sock sensors, base station, charging cords, and fabric sock during accidental drops.
  • The travel case has a tough outer shell to protect your smart socks from any accidents during travel. 

🧦The Owlet Dream Sock travel Case be carried inside a diaper bag or luggage without any inconvenience.

Planning to go out? Don’t let the guilt or worry get to you with these Babysitting Apps!

If you are looking for a feature not available on the above-mentioned baby monitors, check out the following Owlet Dream Socks alternatives.

Babytone Baby Sleep Monitor

The Babytone Baby Sleep Monitor is a uniquely designed gentle nylon foot band that your baby can wear without feeling any irritation or discomfort. It can track the heart rate, oxygen level, and baby movement throughout the day. You can even use the app to customize the heart rate threshold for your baby.


  • Free app for Android and iOS and base station with a display.
  • It shows you the real-time heart rate and average oxygen level and alerts you with sound if your baby needs anything. 
  • Moreover, its standalone monitor can store data from 4 sessions and syncs it with your mobile app when connected.
  • Both the monitor and the base station come with rechargeable batteries.

🧦Once you charge the battery, the Babytone Baby Sleep Monitor will last for 16 hours, and the base station can be used for 7 days.

Babytone Baby Oxygen Monitor

Babytone Baby Sleep Monitor is another variant of sleep tracker that helps you monitor the overnight baby movement and know about the sleep quality of your baby. Also, it tracks your baby’s heart rate and average oxygen level.


  • Besides tracking the data, the baby monitor will display the sleeping summary in the ViHealth app that comes free with this device.
  • The app has unlimited storage, where you can store the baby monitor data through syncing.
  • Even when the phone is not connected to the device, you do not have to worry as the monitor can store the data of up to 4 sessions.

🧦The Babytone Baby Oxygen Monitor is available in two different sizes, one is for babies weighing 0-12 lbs, and another is for babies with a weight of 12-30 lbs.

Eufy Security Smart Sock

Eufy Baby Smart Sock Monitors the vitals of your baby and makes them available on your phone. Thus, you can have peace of mind by looking at the full picture of your baby’s health. Apart from tracking regular sleep patterns, the device can monitor naps, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels.


  • Whenever there is a change in your baby’s vitals change, or incidents of sock detaches, the device will alert you.
  • It will also provide daily sleep reports on personalized sleep tracking.
  • It is packed with optimized algorithms and a fresnel lens to share custom tracking reports on your baby’s sleep pattern.
  • Babies and infants of 0-18 months can wear it easily without any discomfort.

🧦Eufy Baby Smart Sock is dirt-resistant, washable, and available in three different sizes.

Eufy Smart Sock with Camera

If tracking the vitals of your baby is not enough, and you want to see more of them, try Eufy Smart Sock baby monitor with a camera.


  • The baby sock can be worn by kids up to 18 months, as it is available in three different sizes. Its 2K camera can capture all details with crystal clarity and allows you to see your baby’s room. The non-invasive night vision feature of this camera lets you monitor closely, even at night.
  • Besides the last 48-hour data of heart rate and oxygen level, you can get customized reports on your baby’s sleep patterns.

🧦The Eufy Smart Sock with Camera enables you to get a full picture of your baby’s wellness by monitoring vitals like sleep patterns, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and naps. 

HALO SleepSure

With HALO SleepSure baby sock, parents can track four factors as their baby sleeps: heart rate, skin temperature, rollover, and movement. The baby monitor is made of fabric and can be wrapped around the calf securely.


  • It has a free app that can be downloaded by iOS and Android users in the USA. Using it, you can get real-time data and instant alerts on their well-being.
  • You can personalize the alerts based on personal preference, age, and milestones. 
  • It can record and store the data of 30 nights so that you can use that to identify trends and create bedtime routines accordingly. 

🧦HALO SleepSure baby sock’s tracking feature of this device also stays functional when the baby is out for a stroller walk or car ride. 

A.I. MON Smart Band

This baby monitor from A.I.MON is ideal for tracking the sleep quality of your child. It indicates the different sleep states — sleep, light and awake.


  • The baby monitor also shows five sleep quality indicators: skin temperature, average heart rate, average oxygen, fall detection, and cry detection.
  • The monitor transfers the information to the cloud within 12 seconds through WiFi, which you can track using your smartphone.
  • Up to three users can log in to the cloud to access the data.

🧦A.I.MON Smart Band provides you with information on sleep history and shows trends with deep sleep, REM, light sleep, and awake. 

Don’t sock ’em till you try ’em 👶

The parents of a newborn child are often burdened with the responsibility of constantly monitoring their infant. It may not be possible for them to track their baby every single minute due to various reasons like busy schedules or the need for some sleep!

For 24/7 vital monitoring, you can choose any of the Owlet smart socks mentioned here and not feel guilty when you have some shuteye. We have also included a list of Owlet Dream Sock alternatives so you can take a look at these if needed. Happy Parenting!

Up next, apps to track your baby’s milestones.

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