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In Mobile and Smart Gadgets Last updated: April 27, 2023
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Every parent will admit that the world is becoming unsafe for the kids over time.

As a parent of the present era, you need to be conscious about what your children are doing online and offline in real-time. Thanks to the advancement of technology, you can easily track all of their activities from home or office.

While a parental control app helps you monitor your kids’ online activities and browsing history, a child GPS tracker informs you of their real-time location and movement.

This article will provide you with an overview of the best parental control gadgets and software while explaining how these can protect your kids and teens.

Kids GPS Tracker Devices

If you are a parent of a small kid, attaching a GPS tracking device to their clothes is essential. Whether you take them to a park or send them to kindergarten, a click GPS tracking device will keep you worry-free. You can also use this tracker while traveling with your kid or taking them to any crowded place.


Jiobit is a real-time child GPS tracker that you can use with a data plan subscription. Jiobit uses GPS, cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technologies to locate your children indoors and outdoors. Despite being a tiny device, this powerful tracker offers unparalleled security and data encryption.

Jiobit GPS child GPS tracker

This lightweight and durable device is perfect for discreetly tracking your kid’s movement. Using it, you can also get notifications as they arrive and leave to and from school, home, and any other trusted locations.

It even supports a 5G network and consumes low power. Remember not to use this device for children under 3 years to avoid choking as this device contains small parts. All updates will be visible on the Jiobit app (Android & iOS.)


Parenting kids with special needs and autism just got better with AngelSense. It lets you perform non-stop all-day monitoring with an advanced safeguard GPS feature that offers the most accurate location. It comes with an assistive speakerphone through which you can talk to them. Using its alarm, you can even find kids lost in a crowd or hiding intentionally.

AngelSense GPS child GPS tracker

Tracking results are available on its iOS, Android, or Windows apps. This device can automatically detect a place and add a name to it. Being a customizable child GPS tracker that requires a monthly subscription, it lets you add guardians, choose preferred types of alerts, set permission, and even turn on-off features at your convenience.

Moreover, it automatically learns the daily routine of a user and sends you an alert during an unusual situation such as early or late arrival and unexpected places.


Tracki lets you track the location in real-time with its built-in SIM card that works anywhere in the world. While it uses GPS satellites for tracking outdoors, WiFI works as its secondary backup indoors. Tiny in size, Tracki supports 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE networks to function from anywhere.

Tracki child GPS tracker

This easy-to-set-up device comes with a Waterproof silicone cover; and smartphone apps compatible with iOS, Android, and web browsers. You need to pay a monthly subscription charge to run the app.

Besides getting alerts when your children crosse the Geo-fence zone you set, you will receive alerts during speeding, low battery, and SOS through SMS, email, or push notifications from this child GPS tracker.

Smart Watch With GPS Tracking/Alarm

Smartwatches are not a luxury device anymore. Your teenage children may want to wear it as they go to a park for jogging or a gym. By providing them with a smartwatch with GPS tracking and an alarm system, you can track their whereabouts, even when they do not carry their phones.

Angel Watch

Are your kids asking you to buy them smartwatches? Go for Angel Watch, a smartwatch that contains a child GPS tracker. Users can exchange video calls, as well as text, picture, and voice messages using it.

YouTube video

Using its features like precise satellite positioning and movement history, you can always have the accurate location of your children through Wi-Fi and 4G. You can also mark home, school, or even a picnic spot as the Geo-Fence zones and get alerts as your kids try to leave the area.

Using its dedicated SOS button, your child can call for help to three emergency contacts assigned by the parents one after another until someone answers.

TickTalk 4

TickTalk 4 is another smartwatch for your children of 5-12 years that lets you track their accurate GPS location. This 4G LTE-supported watch also allows you to monitor the daily activities of a child. It also has reminders and DND class modes to inspire them to build better habits and lifestyles.

TickTalk 4 GPS Smart Watch on Amazon with child GPS tracker

Its 20+ parental control features include blocking unknown numbers and allowing watch contacts. Using the emergency SOS of this kids’ smartwatch, your child can instantly contact you when alone or in danger.

Apart from these features, the device supports voice and video calling, voice and text messages, Wi-Fi calling, and text reply templates. TickTalk 4 smartwatch also comes with two 5-megapixel cameras that kids can use for photos and video calls.

Web Filtering

Though the world of the web comes with numerous perks, it is also an unsafe place for both children and adults. You must choose robust measures to protect them from the lurking dangers and threats of the internet.


SafeDNS is software that ensures a friendly internet for your kids. This website blocker offers an additional shield against inappropriate content, including abusive, violent, pornographic, and adult content.

YouTube video

This tool lets you create 3 different user profiles, e.g., kids, teenagers, and adults. Under each profile, you can apply different settings to ensure that everyone can access age-appropriate content.

SafeDNS can detect harmful content without any false alarm, thanks to its enriched database that contain 110 million websites. It can also block explicit and recurring ads in real-time. You can create a blacklist to filter ill-suited content and set screen time for different devices.

Google Family Link is a mobile app that will help your family develop healthy habits. The Android app for parental control lets your teenage or even younger children explore the internet safely. Even if you do not have a smartphone, you can supervise from your computer.

Google Family Link parental control app

The app offers you a report that shows how much time they spend on their favorite sites. With Family Link, you have control over which apps they can download and control their in-app purchases. It also displays teacher-recommended apps, so you know which apps are appropriate for them.

Overall Parental Control Software

You find it difficult to keep a tab on so many parental control apps and child GPS tracker devices. In that case, use any of these platforms that offer all-in-one solutions.


Qustodio is a digital wellness solution that promotes your children’s online safety while growing positive habits in them. From cyberbullying to gaming addiction, from online privacy to sleeping disorders, it has tools to address all your concerns.

YouTube video

With Qustodio, you can monitor the browsing history, location, screen time, and social media use (including YouTube views) of your kid in real-time.

Besides preventing them from viewing potentially inappropriate content, this parental control app lets you manually block websites, games, and apps you deem hazardous.

Using this app, you can track their call and SMS history while controlling screen time for better sleep habits.


For those who are looking for a comprehensive platform for parental control, Bark is the answer.

It effectively scrutinizes emails, SMS, YouTube view history, and 30+ social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Reddit, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Kik, Spotify, Holla, Flickr, and Discord for security and safety issues.

YouTube video

The web filtering tools of this app constantly track your children’s activities and alert you upon detecting cyberbullying, suicidal thoughts, online predators, adult content, and drug use. Moreover, parents can understand and limit their kids’ internet use with its screen time manager.

Norton Family

Norton Family helps parents with insights into their children’s online activities so that they can teach the kids safe and healthy online habits. It is one of those complete solutions that you can use instead of multiple parental control apps.

YouTube video

Parents can learn all the sites their kids are visiting and block any harmful websites. Also, you can allow sites useful for their studies and block others for maximum focus.

Using Norton Family, parents will know the terms and words kids search online and YouTube videos they watch.

Wrapping Up

Keeping children safe online (and offline) has become a growing concern for parents. While it is not possible to completely restrict their internet access or outdoor activities, for that matter, you can use parental control apps and gadgets to monitor them.

Besides offering you peace of mind, these will protect your kids against the hazards of an unsupervised life. You might also want to read why you need a parental control app.

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