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We all enjoy attending parties, the perfect decoration, buffet, snacks getting together with friends, and whatnot. But have you ever thought about behind-the-scenes?

We never realize how hectic throwing a party can be until we give one. Setting up invitations, managing the guest list, and checking all needs and entertainment isn’t as simple as everyone thinks.

What are Party Planning apps?

Organizing a party can feel like a cat’s cradle. But that’s where these party planning apps come to the rescue. Party planning apps are applications designed to organize and categorize all your needs and work to throw an entertaining party.

These apps include various features that neither let you forget any essential task nor make your planning hectic. From making a guest list to deciding on music and games, party planning apps can amend your event. 

What are the benefits of using party planning apps? 

Mobile phones are no longer limited to only communication purposes. Instead, now you can notice that smartphones and devices can help you with several daily tasks through their advanced features. The same is the case in party planning apps. Party planning apps provide all sorts of information and features that party organizers may need. 

The key benefits of using party planning apps are:

  • The user-friendly interface of party planning apps makes creating and managing events easy.
  • The apps have well-distributed and categorized tasks through which you can divide the tasks among people or go step-by-step quickly.
  • You can manage your guest list, needs, and entertainment directly from your smartphone.
  • Party planning apps save you time, as you need to only follow the checklist rather than making and thinking of all tasks.

Key features you must check before selecting the best party-planning app

When you search for the term “party planning apps,” you can find several results on the app stores. But are all of them worth it? No, all party planning apps can’t give justice to your needs. What’s the use of a creative and eye-catching app that doesn’t have basic essential features? Therefore, before investing your time and internet in any party planning app, ensure it includes these key features.

Guest List Management

When we talk about a party, the first thought we get is managing the guest list. Hence it is essential to make sure that the party planning app you are using has this feature that lets you keep count of guests, make guest lists, and manage them. You can’t rely on two apps for one task!


Party planning apps that let you connect with social media sites are like the cherry on the cake. Inviting attendees is as tricky as creating the attendee list. Nothing can be better than having a party planning app that lets you send the invitation to the guest list right from the same application. This not only saves your time but also makes your task more accurate. 

Checklist Creation

I tried several party planning apps, and the best feature of a few apps was the push notification of the checklist. Organizing a party isn’t a one-minute task. The organizer should check and do chores several times to bring the attendees to the best time. Hence, choosing a party planning app that reminds you of all your chores and helps you manage and create a checklist is essential.

Now, you will be clear about what party planning apps are, what their benefits are, and more. So, let’s discuss the best party planning apps you can seek or rely on for your upcoming event. 

Party Planner Lite 

Organizing a party can be challenging if you are doing it for the first time. Planning the guest list is relatively easy, but the buffet and the number or portion of drinks can be hectic. You may make a lot or less; in both cases, you face difficulty. 

However, Party Planner Lite can ease your work. With Party Planner Lite, you can organize an event or party quickly and efficiently. This app can help you to organize a perfect party, even at the last moment. 

The key features of this app include individual expense trackers, details of each task, links to Facebook and Twitter, and more. But what made it more likely to be one of my favorite apps is its individual drinks calculator. 

This party planner comes with an individual drink calculator, which gives you an estimated number of drinks you must add. The drink’s value is estimated based on inputs like the duration of the party, attendees’ behavior, etc., given by you.

Platforms – iOS


Besides organizing a party, the other issue you face is tracking your friends or attendees’ location, sharing invitations, taking real-time updates, and more. But the Feztival party planning app makes this task a piece of cake.

Feztival app comes with unique and advanced features. This app consists of incorporative social media features. Several party planning apps let you organize and plan your party, but Feztival lets you create private, public, and local events and invite your friends right from the app. 

Feztival’s built-in feature lets you know your attendee’s location and track the distance between them and the event destination. Besides this, the app also lets you and your guests share photos and comments.

Sending an invitation through the Feztival app is as simple as scanning a QR code. Yes, you read it right. The guests can take the event’s details by scanning the event’s QR code. This not only saves time but gives easy access to the guest.

PlatformsAndroid and iOS

Guest List Organizer Pro

If you are looking for a guest list organizer, then Guest List Organizer Pro is the perfect app. This app has advanced features, making creating and managing your guest list into one-minute tasks.

Guest List Organizer Pro lets the user import contacts from the address book. Due to integration with iCloud, the app automatically syncs all guest information between your iDevices and Mac. Consequently, it becomes easier for you to manage your guest list regardless of your device.

The app lets you track your guest list based on the job, contact information, name, etc. You can sort the list of your choice and share the list as a document via email or iTunes.

Guest List Organizer Pro has 11 customizable PDF reports supporting default, predefined, and custom fields. Guest List Organizer Pro is helpful in case you have divided your responsibilities while organizing an event. This app can assist you in making and sharing your guest list in a fraction of the time.  


Evite App

Creating invitations to take guests’ opinions regarding the event becomes easier as Evite assists you in everything. The app offers several advanced features that make arranging a party extremely simple.

Evite brings over 1000 invitation templates for every occasion, including birthdays, baby showers, weddings, and more. This app is one of the most popular invitation-maker apps. Evite brings the best features under one roof to make your work effortless and memorable.

The app lets you sync contacts and email. As a result, you can send invitations right from the app through the email of the Evite app itself. In addition, the app also offers a shareable invitation link that can be used to send invitations through other social media apps.

Evite app has advanced features where you can track RSVPs, generate polls, customize groups, or send messages directly to the guest. Evite app is a mini social media app that makes organizing a party fun and straightforward in a single app. 

PlatformsAndroid and iOS


Guestlist App is an easy solution for managing guest lists. This app can help you to organize events for professionals, PR agencies, and individuals. Guestlist is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Thus, the app lets you sync your contacts across all devices. Consequently, making and updating your guest list becomes more accessible and straightforward.

The app uses modern check-in technology, where guests can check in by scanning ticket codes or email invitations. The app’s range of code types includes codes, UPC, EAN, and more.

Guestlist has a primary user interface. You can use this app offline and even import your guest list from Excel. Furthermore, the analytics feature of Guestlist makes it even more efficient to use as it keeps you updated about check-ins and your guests. 

PlatformsAndroid and iOS


Are you planning a dinner party? Do you have mixed feelings about how you will handle everything? Then take a deep breath because BigNight will help you out and assist you as a perfect partner.

BigNight is an application specifically designed for dinner parties and holiday meal events. This app offers numerous features that can lower your burden and help you put everything in place. BigNight app lets you set a menu, import recipes, create shopping lists, and set reminders for all necessary chores.

BigNight has an in-built browser to browse menus and organize courses for your dinner party. In addition to this, the app also lets you sync with many other social media sites, through which you can import recipes from Pinterest, Safari, and more.

You can also share your menu as a well-designed web page with your guests and friends through Twitter, Facebook, and other popular social media platforms. BigNight is an excellent app if you love cooking and showcasing your skills in front of your friends. 


Wrapping up 

Technology has brought significant evolution in every aspect. You can notice this even in event planning or organizing. You can forget to carry several papers while planning a party or event. Today in this blog, you would have found some of the best party planning apps to try for your upcoming events. This list includes apps that organize professional events or even formal dinner parties.

Next, explore some of the best drinking game apps for your next house party.

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