There are tons of Payroll and accounting software out there, but which one is the right product for you? This article answers just that, along with a few other things. Stay with us to know more about accounting and how Patriot outperforms every competitor in the market. 

Payroll and accounting software are e-tools that help you keep your company’s finances intact. The critical aspects of the payroll and accounting software should be user-friendly, efficient, easy to use, and most importantly, customizable. Patriot offers everything you need in accounting software.  

There is an exciting shift that has happened this decade. The boom of technology followed by the surge of companies all across the globe has put the importance of employees in the spotlight. Gone are the days when companies could boss employees around to agree to everything they were offering.

Now, the employees know their worth and understand that there is always a place that will treat them better. Moreover, research has found that companies with content employees perform better in growth.

Paying people on time and keeping the account books flawless is one of the most important aspects of keeping things organized for any enterprise. No matter how good your product is, your company won’t just do well if you do not pay attention to the accounting as much as it deserves. 

Why do we need Patriot’s Payroll and Accounting Software?

Patriot is an accounting and payroll software that is affordable, powerful, and ridiculously easy to use. It is designed to run your business faster through various features available on the platform, such as invoicing customers, tracking your money, toggling between cash basis and accrual, importing bank transactions, paying organizations’ bills, and generating financial reports.

The Payroll tool of the software takes the pain and complexity out of the payrolls. With the help of Patriot, one can make accurate tax calculations, customize payrolls, and many more such things at no additional cost. 

Business owners and accountants prefer Patriot over other vendors in the market for its high-performing functionality. Irrespective of the mode of data entry, be it manual or through a patchwork of different software, Patriot makes the integration seamless under one login. 

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Another salient feature of the Patriot is its USA-based customer service which gets a 5-star rating for almost every aspect. The free, USA-based customer service can be availed either through text, email, or phone from Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. 

Patriot offers the best value for its money. The service provided by the Patriot enterprise is unmatched in the industry. They aim to keep the prices low and customer satisfaction high.

Products by Patriot

As we have seen earlier, Patriot offers accounting and payroll services; let us dive deep into the products and services provided and understand why customers prefer it over everything else when it comes to managing their organizations’ money. 

The Accounting software by Patriot is easier to use and more affordable than its competitors providing the highest value for money. The online accounting software is developed by industry leaders and accountants that understand the pain points of their field. Thus, the developed software is easy to use with onboarding and startup wizards. 

Based on users’ requirements, Patriot offers two packages for accounting tools; Basic and Premium. While there is a difference of $10 a month between the packages, let us look at their features. 

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The Basic package offers everything you need as a small/medium-sized enterprise. It is also considered suitable for individuals just starting their business. Some of the features provided by the Basic Package of the Patriot Accounting Package are free external support, tracking of money, and super-easy integration of data.

The Premium package by Patriot accounting offers everything by the Basic package and a lot more. The Premium package is premium because of the following features:

  • User-Based Permissions
  • Sub-accounts
  • Recurring invoices and reminders
  • Custom invoice templates and account reconciliation. 

The Payroll software by the Patriot also comes in two forms: Basic and full-service Payroll, offering the following features:

  • Filing and Deposition of Federal payroll taxes
  • Filing and Deposition of State Payroll taxes
  • Filing and Deposition of Local Payroll taxes
  • Filing of Year-End Payroll Tax at no additional fee
  • Tax Filing Accuracy Guaranteed
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There are several add-ons available for users to integrate with their payroll and accounting tools, such as Time and Attendance and HR Software.

With the integration of these two, you will have a complete end-to-end software that does everything for you, from tracking the time and attendance of their employees to calculating their salaries and other expenses by the organization and thereby computing taxes and filing them. 

How does Patriot help business?

The Patriot accounting and payroll software takes in the feedback received from Business owners and accountants and integrates them into their functioning, making the tools one of the most industry-friendly accounting tools.

Something else that sets this excellent tool apart is its cloud-friendliness. Business owners do not have to worry about inter-transmission of data as it is always available for them, thanks to cloud storage offered by the Patriot. It makes the accessibility of data accessible and saves thousands of dollars for average businesses worldwide. 

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The Patriot also offers a partner program for accountants at a discounted pricing with free eco-branding and a 30-day free trial. The partner program comes in various packages based on the needs of the accountants. They are Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

The Benefits offered by The Patriot that accountants and their clients enjoy include Special Pricing, Consolidated Billing, Free Payroll Software and Accounting Firms, Free 2-Day Expedited Direct Deposit, and much more.    

Alternatives to Patriot

Patriot offers everything you need in accounting and payroll software. However, we believe that you should always have options to choose from. While Patriot is one of the best in the market, several other apps need to be mentioned regarding payroll and accounting software. 


OnPay is a payroll, HR, and benefits tool famous for intuitive payroll in the cloud, automated taxes, built-in HR benefits, Expert support, and free installation. It is also rated outstanding by PC Magazine in 2021. 

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Rippling is one such accounting software that aims to simplify accounting, payroll-related functioning, and HR-related works so that the companies and enterprises can focus on the product or services they were built for. The Rippling service is offered in two products: HR Cloud and IT Cloud. The users can choose from them based on their requirements at the firm.   

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Zoho Payroll

Zoho is also one of the most popular SaaS platforms that offer many services and software to simplify the complex working of enterprises. In addition to the complete CRM tool provided by Zoho, it also includes payroll software trusted by some of the leading brands like Francium Tech, Oxford Caps, Vedatya Institute, IndieFolio, Tart Labs, and many more.

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Conclusion 👩‍💻

The personnel management for any company is as important as staying true to its product, vision, and goal. To make the good people stay and keep the bad energy from crowding your workspace, you need to appreciate the people who work together with you every day to make the best of the organization.

Patriot has everything an enterprise needs for personnel management. The Accounting and Payroll tools offered by the platform are unmatched in the industry and something that you should be looking out for your company.