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The PCAP certifications are the most popular certificate to upskill and scale the career. Here is a quick guide that can help you thrive in the market.

If you are unaware of PCAP certification, it is a Certified Associate in Python Programming certificate. Python’s Object-Oriented Programming approach includes advanced aspects such as packages, modules, advanced operations, handing mechanism, list comprehensions, closures, generators, strings, file processing, and lambdas.

On TIOBE Index, Python has become the most popular programming language of August 2022. It is now an unstoppable programming language, reaching from 13th in 2001 to 1st position in August 2022.

Even the PYPL ranked Python as the most popular programming language in August 2022. It has grown around 10.2% over the past five years.

In the 1980s, Guido van Rossum creates the general-purpose programming language Python. Python is an easy-to-use and learning programming language ideal for newcomers and beginners. It comes with simplified syntax without any complicated or complex coding. Along with it, the programming language emphasizes Natural Language.

Python also has a big supportive community and corporate sponsorship with excellent libraries. The aim is to save a lot of time with Python, which is packed with hundreds of libraries and is ideal for Machine Learning, Big Data, and other top technologies.

PCAP Certification

With the basics of Python covered, let us help you to understand what PCAP Certification – Certified Associate in Python Programming is.

PCAP Certification is a high-stakes and professional credential for the developers that measure the performance of candidates and check their abilities. They focus on intermediate-level coding tasks like debugging, developing, designing, refactoring, and executing multi-module programs.

It includes the OOP categories for modeling and analyzing real-life problems. The certifications offer an object-oriented approach to technicals and fundamental notions with concepts like string processing, PIP, modules, closures, packages, file processing, Standard Library modules, and exception hierarchies.

With PCAP Certification, the candidate or Python developers showcases their ability with all the primary means or have stepped up from the beginners status. Post this, the candidates can start their advanced level studies to open new career opportunities.

The first step toward PCPP certification focuses on self-development and self-improvement demonstrating programming skills. It reflects the candidates’ interest in gaining higher proficiency in the programming language and deep diving into it. The aim is to improve candidates’ portfolios and step up in their careers.

Python certification opens new doors for the candidates to jump into the new mode, acquire new skills, specialize in the field, and increase their pay role. The professionals can focus on networking, security, engineering, software development, and IoT.

The PCAP certification appeals to:

  • explore new technologies and utilize Python as the basic to deep dive,
  • project managers, team leaders, and project managers can understand processes and terminologies,
  • industry leaders who want to focus on technologies like IoT, machine learning, analytics, testing and development, and
  • pursue a career as a data analyst, software developer, and tester.

Apart from PCAP certifications, there is PCPP and PCEP certification for Python developers.

PCEP Certification

PCEP is the certified entry-level Python programmer certification that represents whether the professionals are familiar with central concepts such as conditions, functions, containers, data types, loops, and many more. Along with this, it includes the factors like the runtime environment, semantics, and syntax for the Python programming language.

PCEP allows candidates to demonstrate whether they have sufficient knowledge about semantics and syntax with Python Standard Library. The certification comes from understanding fundamental concepts, definitions, terms, literals, logic, numeral systems, structure, and many more.

PCPP Certification

PCPP – Certified Professional in Python Programming comes in two series: General-Purpose Programming. It tracks OpenEDG Python Institute credentials that focus on working professionals, IT specialists, and developers.

PCPP1 certification demonstrates the candidate’s proficiency in the OOP features and advanced use of classes. It showcases the expertise at a specialized and advanced level that focuses on standards for code writing, design practices, and coding conventions.

The candidates who understand the basic concepts, know the use of sockets, create REST clients, and event-driven programming can pursue the certification.

PCPP2 certification is the next part of the certification that tracks professional credentials and demonstrates standard mechanisms for interprocess communication and networking. It includes non-standard library modules, Python standards, creating, processing, and accessing NoSQL and SQL databases.

Overview of PCAP Certification

The candidates with knowledge of Python qualify to get salaries between $90,000 to $130,000 annually. With PCAP Certification, the candidates are eligible to apply for 100,000 unfulfilled jobs across the globe that many are not qualified for.

Here is a quick review of PCAP certification that one must be aware of:

Specification ItemDescription
Exam NamePCAP – Certified Associate in Python Programming
Certification LevelAssociate
CostUSD 295 (Exam)
USD 319 (Exam + Practice Test)
USD 49 (Practice Test)
Examination ConductedOnline Proctored by Pearson Vue
Exam Code & Current Exam VersionsPCAP-31-02 (Retired)
PCAP-31-03 (Active)
Number of Questions40
Exam DurationNDA/Tutorial – 10 minutes
Exam – 65 minutes
Passing Score70%
FormatSingle and multiple-select questions

On the failure of the certification on the first try, candidates can retake it after 15 days with no other restrictions.

The skills for PCAP-31-02 are classes, objects, and exceptions (25%), modules and functions (25%), evaluations and control (25%), and data aggregate (25%). The PCAP-31-03 skills include OOP (34%), Exceptions (14%), miscellaneous (22%0, strings (18%), and packages and modules (12%).

How to crack PCAP Certification Exam

It is easy to crack the PCAP examination if you know where to start and what to do. Here are some resources that can help.

Python Certification Exam PCAP-31-03/02: Udemy

Udemy’s Python Certification Exam PCAP-31-03/PCAP-31-02 Preparation includes six practice tests for professionals to try-it-yourself-code. The Certified Associate in Python Programming helps the professionals better grasp the course. and cover all knowledge areas.

It covers the following syllabus:

  • import variants
  • indexing, slicing, immutability
  • instance vs. class variables
  • constructors: declaring and invoking

It is ideal for candidates who want new opportunities, prepare for Python certification, data scientists, artificially intelligence professionals, and more.

Python Certification Training Course: Edureka

Edureka’s Python Certification Training Course helps one master significant concepts such as conditional statements, file operations, functions, modules, web maps, data operations, GUI programming, and many more. The course helps the candidates to prepare for PCAP, PCEP, and PCPP Python certifications.

It covers the essential topics of Python applications, loops, conditional statements, expressions, operands, demonstrating loops, and practical knowledge.

Python Essentials: Edube Interactive

Python Essentials is a course divided into two parts at Edube Interactive. The course focuses on advanced aspects such as exceptions, packages, modules, object-oriented programming, and general coding techniques. It connects with career opportunities in software development, the Internet of Things, networking, and security.

The candidates can prepare for PCAP Certification, learn about process files, handle exceptions, best practices, coding techniques, Python modules, and OOPs.

PCAP Certified Associate in Python Programming Exam: Amazon

Prepare for and pass the current Python Institute PCAP Exam is a book available on Amazon. It has 240+ questions, six practice exams, explanations, links, and answers to help you prepare for the certification exam with the PCAP 31-03 version.

The book can help the candidates to boost their chances of succeeding in a real PCAP exam, access strengths or weaknesses, prepare for major blocks (strings, exceptions, packages or modules, OOP, and Miscellaneous), and prepare for Software Development and Data Scientists job.


Undoubtedly, Python has become the primary programming language prevalent in the market with great scope for the future. Hence, opting for the reputed Python certifications is best to get your dream job.

You may also be interested in some valuable resources to start your journey as a Python programmer. Next, check out Python projects to practice and learn.

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