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In Digital Marketing Last updated: March 7, 2023
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People Also Ask tools help you source public questions on Google Search Engine from various databases and regions. And yes, it helps you with SEO!

Google search engine, these days, does not just list ranked websites. It offers an interactive search experience via the People Also Ask results.

Since its launch, experts in search engine optimization (SEO) have tried various ways to utilize People Also Ask questions to rank websites.

Sometimes, People Also Ask shows limited questions or do not show up at all. Also, you need regional questions that only show up from specific countries. Here come People Also Ask tools at your rescue. Read on to know the best ones at your service without wasting time and energy!   

What is People Also Ask?

What Is People Also Ask

People Also Ask is an interactive search result in question format. It relates to your original search of a keyword, phrase, or sentence on the Google search engine. It is popular as a PAA box in the SEO industry. 

Google started showing the PAA box in 2015. Since then, People Also Ask will show a few highly relevant questions to your search query. Sometimes, you might find the actual question and an appropriate answer from a PAA box.

Speaking of its structure, the PAA box may contain 3 to 4 questions at the beginning. But when you click on one question, the box will show more questions relevant to the topic. All the questions and answers will show up like small snippets. 

When you click on the question snippet, the box will expand to show more content, the website’s link, SEO title, and meta description.

Importance of People Also Ask

People Also Ask for Users

PAA box is primarily for the users of Google SERP. Google started showing these snippet questions to help users find strongly relevant and pint point content according to the search query.

Also, it helps those users who do not know how to frame a Google search query appropriately so that they get pinpoint results.

The Google search engine’s algorithm goes through the search intent and tries to understand the correct sentiment behind the search. Then, it shows some questions that the user will find highly resourceful.

People Also Ask for Users

For example, if you search artificial intelligence, the PAA box will show a few questions, and among them, the top one is, “What is artificial intelligence with examples?.”

Here, the Google search app considers the generalized question as the search intent. However, if you keep expanding the questions, you will find more niche content.

Not to mention, for those users who are not sure what they are looking for, the PAA box can guide them to the appropriate question and its answer.       

People Also Ask for Website Owners

Website owners and marketers mainly use the PAA box to get clicks and web page visits. If you can perform enough web page content optimization, your website may appear in the People Also Ask snippets, if not as top search results.

You can also rely on PAA box questions for novel content ideas. Not to mention, adding these questions in your content’s FAQ section may push your website to the PAA box snippet.  

How Do People Also Ask Help Marketers?

How Does People Also Ask Help Marketers

If you are a marketer, then the PAA box is a mighty marketing tool. It enables you to know what the target audience is asking on Google. When you know those questions, you can optimize your website content, articles, blog content, etc. 

Such optimizations often help your website rank on Google SERP and the PAA box. Additionally, you get hundreds of content ideas for your content production team without hosting any brainstorming sessions. In most cases, such content is highly instrumental in boosting your website ranking rather than general keywords.

Furthermore, if you target longtail keywords for marketing purposes, then PAA boxes can help. You can copy the questions as it is and create authoritative and concise content around the question.

Once your content is online, there is a greater chance that it might show up to your target audience if it is of greater value than your competitors.   

When your webpage appears in the PAA snippet, it gets more clicks and redirects. Consequently, your marketing strategy increases the footfall on your website. 

Reasons to Keep an Eye on People Also Ask

Questions from the PAA box help you enjoy the following benefits. Hence you must refer to the People Also Ask snippets for content optimization:

  • Rank twice on the Google SERP, once on the first page and another on the PAA box.
  • It helps you to create a content strategy if you have just started as a content publisher or marketer.
  • PAA boxes also help you to identify the trending search intent for your services or products.
  • Access exclusive user questions you may not find on any forum or social media channels.
  • Get high-quality content ideas.
  • Get huge organic traffic through higher visibility since PAA boxes appear within the first three search results.  

Now that you know what a PAA box is, find below some outstanding platforms to get long lists of People Also Ask questions along with advanced filtering:       

People Also Ask by Frase

People Also Ask by Frase

You can take your content creation to the next level using  People Also Ask by Frase. It helps you find out the question your audience has been looking for. Thus, you can include their answers in your content to come up with a useful article.

This tool comes with a clean and minimal interface, where you can enter your topic to find out all “people also ask” questions available on the web. You can also expand on most questions to find out the related queries to that specific question.

To use this feature, you do not have to subscribe to any paid plans of Frase either. Whether you are creating content using the AI technology of this software or a human being is writing it, you can always take help from this feature.

Include what people ask about a topic in your article and get more visibility and organic traffic.

Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

If you are already using Semrush for SEO projects, you do not need to look further for high-quality, and engaging People Also Ask questions. 

Just go to your Semrush dashboard or the Projects screen. On the left side panel, you should see Keyword Magic Tool. Click on it, type your keyword, and you get many results. Switch to Questions to get popular PAA box questions instantly. 

The tool offers the following features for PAA question results: 

  • Search intent like transactional, informational, navigational, etc.
  • Keyword difficulty percentage
  • Intent tags
  • A trendline for the last 12 months
  • SERP features PAA Tool PAA Tool

This free PAA tool from is here to help writers and marketers by providing PAA queries from a database of 150M+ questions. All these questions are unique and sourced by Google’s Machine Learning technology. 

On this platform, you can find relevant questions about your main topic that are sorted based on popularity. If you think it to be just another PAA scraper tool, you are wrong. Besides providing you with the PAA queries, it also adds a dimension of popularity so that you can prioritize easily. 

Since PAA is a dynamic feature, different questions can appear on your computer based on location, time, and device. As this tool captures all the popular PAAs, you never lose the opportunity to mention that in your blog. This feature sets this tool apart from its counterparts.

On, users can get PAA queries with topic, domain, and URL. However, note that the location this tool uses to fetch the questions is the USA.


AlsoAsked People Also Ask tool

If you want to know which questions people have about a brand, query, or keyword, AlsoAsked is the platform that will share PAA data with you.

Its geo-specific and live questions can give you unmatched insight into search intent. As a result, you can curate your article in a way so that it ranks higher in the search engine.

This multi-feature tool allows you to enter a keyword by typing or adding a CSV file containing multiple topics. If you are looking for PAAs in languages other than English, you can also choose from the popular languages using its drop-down menu.

Moreover, AlsoAsked lets you set the location to almost any country worldwide and select the search depth between the standard and deep.

Before you choose any subscription plan for this tool, you can check its functionality with 3 free attempts per month. Visual relationship mapping between topics and data export in CSV files are other features of this platform.

Nozzle PAA Tool

YouTube video

Are you a content manager or marketer who needs to provide writers with hundreds of content ideas each month? Worry no more, as Nozzle PAA Tool is here to help you generate numerous article ideas without going through rigorous brainstorming sessions.

Using this robust tool, you can optimize the People Also Ask section and SEO strategy accordingly. The software gathers the PAAs and includes them in a report that you can view on Google Data Studio.

The report also contains the frequency of these questions so you can decide which one to put first in your content.


KeywordsPeopleUse PAA tool

Want to know what the users want to know about your topic or keyword on platforms such as People Also Ask, Quora, and Reddit? Use KeywordsPeopleUse to get instant insights into online queries. Just enter your topic, brand, or query to get all the questions people ask around it from a particular language and location.

While you can choose any country in the world on this tool, its supported languages include English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese. If you can build your content around these questions, the chance of that blog ranking higher increases.


neuraltext People Also Ask tool

If you do not know what is happening in the market related to your industry, the PAA box is the right place to start researching. With neuraltext, finding updated and relevant People Also Ask questions becomes effortless. 

It does not just outline the questions. It processes the information so you can use it in your SEO strategy. For example, the search results will inform you underlying intent and motives behind the PAA questions you see. 

Further, the PAA question search result comes in a clustered format. The tool groups relevant questions in one box and shows multiple boxes according to the availability of public questions on Google search.   

Twaino Free PAA Tool

Twaino Free PAA Tool

Twaino Free PAA Tool empowers you to look for relevant PAA box questions using three filters. The first filter is the keyword that fetches results closely related to your brand, product, or service.

The second filter is language. You can choose from a long list of languages. When you execute the search, you will get People Also Ask questions in the intended language. 

Thirdly, you can also select from which region or country you want to fetch the PAA questions. For instance, if you are targeting users from the US, then choose the United States as the country. 

The search results show up like a network graph. The graph starts with the most relevant question. Then it branches out to niche questions on the same keyword.   

Umbrellum PAA Database

Umbrellum PAA Database

Umbrellum PAA Database is where you can find the queries your target market is searching for. This database consists of millions of PAA questions that belong to an array of industries. Enter the keyword and select from the country list to get the questions people are asking from that location.

The data the tool provides also comes with an occurrence index. It signifies the number of times that question appeared on the database.

Final Words

Google is aiming to become a knowledge engine from an information engine. Your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy should be dynamic since Google frequently changes its website ranking policies.

People Also Ask is one of its strategies to offer semantic and organic questions to users than simply showing up webpages that require a lot of vetting and researching. As your SEO strategy involves PAA, you can utilize the tools mentioned above to discover potential questions for content creation.

You may also be interested in the website SEO audit technique to ensure the SEO methods you use are fetching the results you need.

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