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9 Personal Safety Devices and Apps for Emergency Situations

personal safety device
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Whether we’re young or old, we all sometimes take a nasty fall or end up in situations where there is a serious need for help.

Whether it’s while hiking or walking through the streets alone at night, not every time our friends or family will be around us.

While we wish it were possible to bring someone along all the time, it is unfortunately very unlikely considering everyone has their own life and activities to do. In those cases, a safety device can be a real game-changer, and that’s what you’re going to discover in this article.

Let’s dive right in.


Not exactly a device but rather an incredible app, Life360 is equipped with smart features for your family’s safety that’s trusted by over 25 million people across the globe.

It keeps things very simple regarding their features, so you know when exactly you’re required to use this app. You can check your family’s real-time location and get notified whenever they come around your most frequented spot.

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There’s also an option to navigate straight to anyone who’s within the circle by simply tapping on their photo. This eliminates the hassle of asking their address and then trying to find the exact locality.

Another very cool feature is the ability to see what your drivers are up to while driving your car to ensure their safety as well as for the vehicle.

It’s very easy to set things up with Life360. Once you download the app on your Android or IOS device, all you have to do is create your private family circle, enter their most visited places, and you’re good to go.


Unaliwear presents the first voice-controlled fall detection smartwatch designed to ensure that you are safe, connected, and active. The Kanega Watch goes everywhere with you and is capable of quickly connecting to a live emergency operator. By pressing or speaking, it connects to an emergency operator anytime in the US. The operator knows your name, location, address, emergency contacts, and more info that is available in your account.

Its auto fall detection lets the operator know about your emergency even if you are not able to press or speak. The response operator can also immediately determine the kind of emergency service you need. And engage the required support for you, such as police, fire, ambulance, and more.

In other words, The Kanega Watch is not simply a smartwatch but an emergency support system for you. So, if you want to make your fall detection a priority, this is the right gadget for you.

SLFORCE Personal Alarm

SLFORCE Personal Alarm is a convenient self-defense device for women, kids, the elderly, and just any individual.

It has a sharp, loud, and shrill siren up to 130 decibels that get activated upon pressing it whenever you’re in a dangerous situation. You can carry it quite comfortably with you by attaching it to your bag, purse, or jeans.

This personal alarm also has a built-in LED flashlight that’ll help you see properly when it’s dark. All of this combined really does make life easier, especially when you need help and nobody’s around.

No matter if you’re returning home late, going to school, or enjoying a morning run, you no longer have to feel helpless if things get the crunch.

Care Go

A brilliant alarm system, Alphahom’s Care Go connects with the provided app, which helps in alerting all your emergency contacts instantly.

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Along with the alert, it also sends out the exact location you’re in so that contacts can come for help right away without wasting time. The fact that it has real-time GPS makes this device incredibly effective and useful.

Also, the SOS button would need enough friction to go off to prevent false alarms. This is to make sure your contacts aren’t disturbed without a real purpose.

Care Go takes privacy quite seriously and doesn’t store your location data at all. It’s also built on Google Cloud’s private server with double security measures, which is pretty amazing for any user.

Self Defense Siren

Available in 4 different colors, this Self Defense Siren by Thopeb looks just like an ordinary keychain but works as an emergency alarm.

All you have to do is, pull the pin, and it’ll ring the alarm as loud as 130 decibels, along with a flashing light that’ll alert even people passing by.

It has a long battery life and can be considered very durable irrespective of the weather around you. You can hook it onto your bag, belt, and jacket, or anywhere that’ll make it easily accessible in times of need.

All in all, this elegant device makes for a good gift for people you care about.

Silent Beacon

Silent Beacon is equipped with many useful features for a small-sized device, so I’d call this the mighty mite of this list.

It works internationally, allows 2-way communication, and has a rechargeable battery. Upon pressing the alert button, it notifies all your emergency contacts, including 911. And it does not just alert; but you can also send text messages and emails with your real-time location. This can help tremendously in sending your signal across much faster and to wider channels.

Silent Beacon can also be helpful for companies to provide safety for their employees or use it as a means to send mass alerts to the entire office. Employers can also track employees remotely if the need arises.

Buddi – for the UK

A very stylish and kind of friend in need wristband, Buddi will protect you at all costs no matter wherever you are.

It has a smart fall sensor that’ll automatically notify your chosen connected ones in case you fall down. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the fall sensor to make sure it only triggers when you ACTUALLY fall on the ground.

Besides, you can choose to press the alert buttons and ask for help whenever you feel you’re not in a safe environment.

Now, if you feel that your chosen connections might not be available for help every time, you can choose to sign up for Buddi’s 24 hour-a-day service, which will provide you a team of professionals available at your immediate assistance if the need arises.

The wristband is rechargeable and lasts for weeks after a full charge. A great thing about this device is, you can wear it pretty much 24/7. No matter if you’re in the shower or driving, it just never stops working.

It has got a brilliant mobile app as well, from which you can select connections, receive notifications, and much more.

Buddi costs £99 for the wristband and additional weekly charges for selecting connections and covering accidental damage. With all those features provided, it is well worth the cost.

Safe Personal Alarm – for the USA

With the use of Safe Personal Alarm, you can be at peace, knowing you can ask for help if you encounter any criminals trying to attack you in any way. Using this alarm requires no technical knowledge and can be used by literally anyone and everyone.

All you do is pull the pin attached, and the alarm will get activated for 30 minutes straight. To turn it off again, you can just put the pin back into its place. Safe Personal Alarm is highly portable and can be attached to belts, keys, backpacks, and whatnot.

Apart from using it against criminals, you can also turn the alarm on if you fall down and need help. They have a 50% OFF offer going on right now, so you can grab this personal alarm at just $39.95 + get one free along with it.

How cool is that?

XBoom – for India

With a huge collection of safety products, XBoom possibly has all that you’ve been wanting. Here are the items that you can pick from their catalog:

  • e-Alarm
  • Flashlight
  • GPS tracker
  • Pepper spray
  • Expandable steel baton
  • Stun gun with laser

In addition, you can also grab their kits and combos, which contain more or less of the above products. It’s great if you want to be totally equipped with safety.

No matter if you’re a woman, child, senior, or just anyone looking to be a little safer in this world, XBoom’s line of products has got your back.


I hope the above safety devices help you become more in control of any situation you’ll be in.

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