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  • No matter if we’re young or old, we all sometimes take a nasty fall or end up in situations where there is a serious need for help.

    Whether it’s while hiking or walking through the streets alone at night, not every time our friends or family will be around us.

    While we wish it was possible to bring someone along all the time, it is unfortunately very unlikely considering everyone has their own life and activities to do. In those cases, a safety device can be a real game-changer, and that’s what you’re going to discover in this article.

    Let’s dive right in.

    Buddi – for the UK

    A very stylish and kind of a friend in need wristband, Buddi will protect you at all costs no matter wherever you are.

    It has a smart fall sensor that’ll automatically notify your chosen connected ones in case you fall down. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the fall sensor to make sure it only triggers when you ACTUALLY fall on the ground.

    Besides, you can choose to press the alert buttons and ask for help whenever you feel you’re not in a safe environment.

    Now, if you feel that your chosen connections might not be available for help every time, you can choose to sign up for Buddi’s 24 hour-a-day service, which will provide you a team of professionals available at your immediate assistance if the need arises.

    The wristband is rechargeable and lasts for weeks after a full charge. A great thing about this device is, you can wear it pretty much 24/7. No matter if you’re in the shower or driving, it just never stops working.

    It has got a brilliant mobile app as well from which you can select connections, receive notifications, and much more.

    Buddi costs £99 for the wristband and additional weekly charges for selecting connections and covering accidental damage. With all those features provided, it is well worth the cost.

    Skyguard – for the UK

    Skyguard’s range of emergency help alarms and apps are fully loaded with features that’ll make you feel “not so alone” even when you don’t have anybody with you in awkward situations. Each of their products is fully certified, audited, and accredited, which ensures the police’s approval for use.

    Here are some of the features you’ll get in every one of their products:

    • Ability to leave voice memo to provide information about the situation
    • Access to speed dial for contacting professionals
    • Enable GPS for accurate location tracking
    • Two-way audio to communicate
    • One-button alarm activation to notify instantly

    You can try out their products free for 30 days.

    Nimb Ring – for the USA

    If you’ve been looking for something that provides safety and style at the same time, then Nimb Ring is probably your best bet. While wearing it, you’ll hardly get any feeling of wearing something forcefully or just because you “have to.” It looks elegant and compliments your entire look.

    This ring comes with a “panic” button, which when pressed, alerts your chosen contacts and first responders in an instant. You can also choose to send a quick alert to 911.

    A very good thing about this little device is, the alert button only triggers when you press and hold it properly for 3 seconds. This helps you avoid pushing the button accidentally.

    Some other features include:

    • Vibration upon pressing the button
    • Ability to cancel the alert within 30 seconds
    • Shares your accurate location in a jiffy
    • Rechargeable and long battery life
    • Made with materials that won’t cause allergies

    With the press of a button, you can alert your friends, family members, or 24/7 call centers that’ll connect you with the closest emergency responders. In addition, you can also choose to alert other Nimb others nearby.

    They have an elegant IOS and Android app as well that’ll let you do a handful of tasks like selecting your connections, sharing location, provide feedback, etc.

    You can buy Nimb Ring at $23.95 when billed annually.

    Safe Personal Alarm – for the USA

    With the use of Safe Personal Alarm, you can be at peace, knowing you can ask for help if you encounter any criminals trying to attack you in any way. Using this alarm requires no technical knowledge and can be used by literally anyone and everyone.

    All you do is pull the pin attached, and the alarm will get activated for 30 minutes straight. To turn it off again, you can just put the pin back into its place. Safe Personal Alarm is highly portable and can be attached to belts, keys, backpacks, and whatnot.

    Apart from using it against criminals, you can also turn the alarm on if in case you fall down and need help. They have a 50% OFF offer going on right now so you can grab this personal alarm at just $39.95 + get one free along with it. How cool is that?


    Revolar’s line of safety devices is made with “close ones” in mind. In a sense, you can always be at peace knowing that your family isn’t worrying for you unnecessarily. With Revolar in hand, you can literally click a button and call for help within a second.

    Also, with the “Safe check-in” feature, you can instantly inform your connected ones that you’ve reached your destination safely. The device can be worn in multiple ways – clip on your clothing, attach to your keys, or simply carry in your bag.

    Their line of devices are great for:

    • Seniors
    • Frequent travelers
    • Kids
    • Fitness enthusiasts working out late at night
    • Real estate agents showing properties

    You can buy Revolar Instinct at just $28 and Revolar Classic at $34.99. It’s totally worth looking at both of these products to come up with a better decision.

    XBoom – for India

    With a very large collection of safety products, XBoom possibly has all that you’ve been wanting. Here are the items that you can pick from their catalog:

    • e-Alarm
    • Flashlight
    • GPS tracker
    • Pepper spray
    • Expandable steel baton
    • Stun gun with laser

    In addition, you can also grab their kits and combos, which contains more or less of the above products. It’s great if you want to be totally equipped with safety.

    No matter if you’re a woman, child, senior, or just anyone looking to be a little more safe in this world, XBoom’s line of products has got your back.


    I hope the above safety devices help you become more in control of any situation you’ll be in. Explore more Smart Devices here.