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Pine Script is to supercharge your Tradingview experience. Stay put to check out resources to learn it.

TradingView is a premium cross-platform charting platform with access to a number of markets and exchanges.

This suits both newcomers and pros to make their life easy with trading. With excellent brokers’ availability, TradingView is biased towards the technical analysis of market trends.

But trading can be challenging without analytics tools. And that’s precisely where custom indicators come into the picture. TradingView supports creating indicators with their homegrown PineScript.

Pine Script is a lightweight Tradingview-exclusive programming language. You can learn Pine Script without any coding experience. However, it’ll help you skyrocket with any past exposure to (Python) programming.

The purpose of Pine Script is to create custom indicators, strategies, and trading alerts to maintain an advantage over other investors.

You’ll find numerous trading view indicators developed in Pine Script by other users.

For instance, this one tells you about the highs and lows in a user-defined time span:

Some of them are open-source scripts with code available at Tradingview with each such script.

One of the more complex indicators, named VADER, tells you about the buying and selling trends in the market:

While there are tons more custom indicators on TradingView, the most beneficial would be developed by yourself with Pine Script.

As the language promises a simplified learning curve, let’s take a look at some of the resources to start.

TradingView PineScript Programming

This Pine Script course on Udemy is for absolute beginners.

Starting with the fundamentals, the course advances to developing custom indicators, combining multiple indicators, and teaches skills to avoid TradingView premium subscriptions.

In addition, this assists you in automating trading logic and setting trading alerts to minimize your screen time.

You can take this course with a free TradingView account. You also get lifetime access to this course and a certificate of completion at the end.

Pine Script Beginner’s Guide

Pine Script Beginner’s Guide is a free Pine learning resource from the Art of Trading. However, you can migrate to their paid versions as well.

As evident by the name, it can help you build your Pine skills from the ground up. Additionally, the first module introduces programming to the entry-level candidates, followed by the Pine fundamentals.

This basic course ends with you making a custom Pine Script.

Finally, you can also look at a short version of this free course on YouTube.

PineScript Programming

This premium PineScript programming course has 5+ hours of video materials with 50+ code examples to get you on track with TradingView.

This regularly updated module will again prove helpful to the non-coders trying to develop their own scripts.

After the bare basics, the course proceeds to cover built-in functions, variables, and creating trading alerts. Later on, you’ll go through making strategies and plotting in PineScript.

And if you’re lucky enough, you can get the course at no cost as the author gives away one subscription per month for free.

Pine Script course

This is a free, detailed text-based PineScript course from

Starting with Pine fundamentals, this goes on to cover TradingView strategies, various types of Inputs, indicators, strategies & script settings, charting, drawing, etc.

The technical analysis makes an integral part of the module, along with the strategy backtesting. Finally, the course ends with lessons on money management.

As of this writing, there were 25 chapters comprising 211 lessons with over 500 images to make up for the absence of the video.

Pine Script (TradingView)

This is another text-heavy PineScript course in the form of a single article. The course starts with the introduction, advantages, and alternatives of Pine Script.

Afterward, the content includes strategy backtesting, setting trading alerts, script modification, and creating custom indicators.

Finally, this is an introductory module that you can take without any coding know-how.


Learning PineScript is the best way to gain maximum. In addition, Pine is developed to do more in less, so any beginner can start, develop, and help others gain valuable insights.

But not just this, we have summarized some crypto trading bots to power up and automate your crypto investments.

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