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In the pursuit of operational agility and productivity, an increasing number of businesses are embracing the utilization of freelancers and contractors to meet their diverse project requirements. The engagement of external talent brings forth many advantages, encompassing cost-effectiveness, specialized expertise, and the flexibility of workforce management. 

Nonetheless, to hire contractors and managing efficient onboarding and payment pose distinctive challenges for enterprises.

Thankfully, a plethora of purpose-built platforms are readily available to cater to the specific needs of businesses; when it comes to the seamless onboarding and payment processes for contractors. By leveraging these platforms, businesses can ensure a streamlined and efficient experience for both themselves and their contractors. Thereby nurturing stronger collaborative relationships.

This article aims to delve into the most commendable platforms meticulously crafted to empower businesses in their pursuit of efficient contractor onboarding and payment management. 

Simplifying the Challenges of Managing Multiple Contractors

  • Streamlining Communication and Policy Awareness for Contractors: Ensuring contractors have a thorough understanding of company policies is essential. Establishing transparent communication channels, providing comprehensive onboarding materials, and conducting thorough orientations enable businesses to align expectations and enhance clarity. 
  • Utilizing Centralized Contractor Management Platforms: Capitalizing on centralized contractor management platforms simplifies coordination. These platforms offer features like document sharing, task assignment, and real-time communication, streamlining collaboration.
  • Efficient Payment Processing and Invoicing: Automated payment systems and invoicing tools streamline financial management. By utilizing features such as automated invoicing, secure payment gateways, and meticulous record-keeping, businesses can simplify payment processing and reduce administrative burdens.

Benefits of Contractor Management Platforms

Here are some of the benefits of contractor management platforms. 

Improved Communication: Contractor management platforms enable smooth and efficient communication between businesses and contractors. They offer real-time messaging, shared project calendars, and task assignment features, promoting effective collaboration and reducing communication gaps.

Compliance and Policy Management: Contractor management platforms ensure compliance with company policies and legal requirements. They provide tools for contractors to acknowledge and sign necessary agreements, track policy acknowledgments, and maintain documentation for auditing purposes.

Performance Tracking and Evaluation: Contractor management platforms include performance tracking tools. This enables businesses to monitor contractor performance, track project milestones, and provide feedback. This facilitates ongoing evaluation and helps optimize contractor allocation for future projects.

Reporting and Analytics: Many contractor management platforms provide reporting and analytics capabilities. Which offers valuable insights into contractor performance, project costs, and resource allocation. These insights support data-driven decision-making and enhance overall contractor management strategies.

Streamlined Payment Processing: These platforms streamline payment processes by offering integrated payment functionalities. Businesses can easily generate invoices, track payments, and manage contractor compensation. Automated payment reminders and seamless integration with payment gateways simplify financial management.

Now, to make the process easier for you, here are some of the best platforms for businesses to onboard and pay contractors. Let’s explore!

ProductNotable Features
DeelManges tax, permit & compliance documents, etc.
Upwork Any HireOffers classification decisions for easier hiring of appropriate personnel.
RemoteOnboarding, contract signing, payment approval & release all on one platform.
RemoFirstInvoicing and payments in local currencies so that you can pay international contractors on the same invoice.
WorkSuiteUser-friendly interface, customizable with reliable customer support.
OnTopTakes on the legal responsibilities of hiring and paying contractors
WorcaProvides country-specific contracts that are within keeping to wage and local tax regulations.
LanoSimplifies international contractor transactions with low exchange rates.
ViaAllows payments through cryptocurrency as well.


Deel is a platform that simplifies the process of hiring and managing contractors worldwide. Ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.

With Deel, businesses can hire, onboard, and provide benefits to contractors from anywhere in the world, streamlining essential tasks.

Deel simplifies the onboarding process by managing tax, permit, and compliance documents, ensuring that contractors are ready to work compliantly from day one.

The platform automates tax filings and invoice generation, saving time and effort for businesses.


Worksuite is a comprehensive and customizable solution designed to help businesses grow and organize their contractor network. With Worksuite, businesses can easily source, onboard, manage, and pay contractors, streamlining the entire process. The platform offers a range of features to simplify contractor management.

Including surfacing top talent, automating onboarding processes, centralizing workforce data, and eliminating the need for spreadsheets and manual administrative work. It is trusted by over 350,000 users and top brands worldwide.

The platform has been praised by customers for its impact on freelancer management. Which includes improved visibility, accountability, simplified processes, and better relationships with freelancers.

Worksuite is known for its user-friendly interface, customizable workflows, and responsive customer support.

Worksuite offers three main products: Freelancer Management System (FMS) for managing freelancers and projects, Global Pay for streamlined payment operations in multiple currencies, and Global Engage for compliant contractor engagement in various countries.

Upwork Any Hire

Upwork’s Any Hire is a solution designed to simplify the process of hiring and working with professionals outside of Upwork’s platform. It enables businesses to hire talent from anywhere in the world with confidence, offering flexibility and operational support.

With Any Hire, businesses can access a global pool of talent spanning 190 countries to find the best fit for their needs. The platform helps companies comply with local laws effortlessly, taking care of complexities related to employment classification and contract management.

It also provides a centralized hub for managing onboarding, contracts, payments, and documents for the entire team. Any Hire ensures that businesses can make airtight decisions by recommending the appropriate employment classification and generating compliant contracts in seconds.

Moreover, Upwork Any Hire stands behind its classification decisions, offering up to $50,000 in indemnification in case of legal inquiries related to misclassification.


Remote eliminates the hassle of manual paperwork, email exchanges, and concerns about compliance with local labor laws.

It offers features such as automation of tasks like onboarding, localized and compliant contracts, one-click invoice approvals and payments, and swift international payouts. Remote ensures that businesses can effectively manage their international contractors by streamlining the entire process.

Contractors can be onboarded, contracts can be signed, invoices can be received and approved, and payments can be sent, all within the platform. Contractors are paid in their local currency, making the payment process seamless.


Remofirst is an all-in-one platform that simplifies global contractor management. It allows businesses to onboard, manage, and pay contractors worldwide through one streamlined platform.

With Remofirst, businesses can automate administrative tasks, reduce compliance risks, and ensure timely payments to contractors in countries where they don’t have a local entity.

The platform offers easy invoicing and payments in local currencies, allowing businesses to pay contractors from different countries using the same invoice.

Remofirst also provides efficient contract management features, streamlining the onboarding process and ensuring compliance with local laws. The platform is trusted by Fortune 500 companies and startups globally, offering dedicated customer support and personalized services. 

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Companies can effortlessly onboard and pay international contractors and freelancers using the Ontop platform. With Ontop, businesses can quickly scale their teams and hire the best talent from around the world. The platform offers smart contracts and automated processes, making it fast and efficient to set up and manage contractors.

One of the key advantages of Ontop is its super-fast setup process. Businesses can onboard their teams within minutes through the user-friendly platform, which automates the entire process.

Additionally, Ontop offers competitive perks tailored to the preferences and needs of employees, helping to engage and retain them.

Compliance with applicable laws is a priority for Ontop. The platform’s team of lawyers regularly reviews contracts and practices to ensure businesses are protected. On top provides two business models: “You Sign” allows companies to use their own legal entity to hire and pay contractors, while “Ontop Signs” takes on the legal responsibilities and signs on behalf of the company.

The platform has been trusted by numerous enterprises and has received positive feedback from clients. Ontop’s services have helped companies onboard their workers quickly and efficiently, manage payroll for their global workforce, and expand their businesses with ease.


Designed to enhance the efficiency of hiring and paying global contractors and freelancers while ensuring compliance with local labor laws, Worca is your go-to solution.

The platform offers a range of features that simplify contractors management, including automated compliance, localized contracts, one-click payments, streamlined invoicing, expense management, and a contractor portal.

Moreover, with Worca, companies can effortlessly manage their global contractor workforce. Because the platform takes care of compliance by generating country-specific contracts that adhere to local tax and wage regulations.

Payments become hassle-free as businesses can review and pay all their contractors in their respective local currencies with just one click. Invoicing processes are automated, saving time and effort for companies. Contractors benefit from the transparency and convenience of tracking and viewing their payments through the contractor portal.

Worca caters to both businesses and contractors. For businesses, the platform offers peace of mind by ensuring compliance and simplifying the payroll process. Additionally, Worca provides recruitment services, onboarding support, global payroll management, and employer-of-record services, facilitating international workforce expansion.

Thus, contractors gain access to a wide range of job opportunities worldwide and receive timely payments in their local currencies.


Lano simplifies the process of hiring and paying global contractors and freelancers while ensuring compliance with local labor laws. It offers a comprehensive solution for managing contractors, running global payroll, and paying remote teams.

Lano‘s platform provides features such as automated compliance, localized contracts, one-click payment in multiple currencies, streamlined invoicing, expense management, and a contractor portal for online payment tracking.

By using Lano, businesses can hire, onboard, and pay international contractors with ease, ensuring compliance and minimizing risks and unnecessary costs. The platform enables companies to build a flexible dream team while staying compliant in countries worldwide.

Lano’s localized contracts protect businesses, and its streamlined payment system simplifies international transactions with low exchange rates. With Lano, every team member has a great experience. Contractors have access to free invoicing tools and a digital wallet for managing multi-currency payments.

The platform is trusted by over 2,000 companies across various industries and roles, providing solutions for HR and people operations, finance and legal teams, as well as startups and scale-ups.


Via is a digital platform that simplifies the process of hiring and managing contractors globally. It provides solutions for onboarding, hiring, and paying contractors in over 100 countries, ensuring compliance and eliminating administrative hassles. With Via, companies can automate payments in fiat or cryptocurrency, offering fast and easy transactions in any currency worldwide.

The platform helps businesses maintain compliance by providing flexible contract terms that align with local labor laws. Additionally, Via offers additional benefits options to protect contractors, such as healthcare coverage.

Companies can also seamlessly transition contractors to full-time employees and manage a blended workforce.

Furthermore, Via’s mission is to build a more connected world by enabling companies to hire globally. The platform aims to simplify the process of hiring contractors, expand businesses across borders, and create high-quality work opportunities in different locations. 

Final Words!

The rapid growth of the gig economy and remote work has made it essential for businesses to find reliable platforms for onboarding and paying contractors even as they manage employees. This article has explored the best platforms available for this purpose. Each platform offers unique features and benefits, catering to various business needs.

From user-friendly interfaces to streamlined payment systems, these platforms provide seamless experiences for both businesses and contractors. By utilizing these platforms, businesses can effectively onboard and manage their contractors, ensuring efficient collaboration and timely payments. 

Furthermore, the versatility and scalability offered by these platforms empower businesses to adapt to changing workforce dynamics and expand their operations. With the right platform, businesses can optimize contractor management processes and unlock new levels of productivity and success in the modern work landscape.

Next, to bring more visibility and control to your business, check out some Spend Management Solutions.

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