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In Digital Marketing Last updated: August 7, 2023
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A podcast is a type of media that has begun to get into the spotlight. This type of media sparks imagination and interest through the use of voice. Indeed, podcasts are essentially voice notes on a specific topic with a large reach with the capacity to keep the listener immersed.


Podcasts have meaningfully altered how we consume data, pay attention to stories, and also associate with others on computerized media. They provide vivid sound input on various topics making them the ongoing #1 for many individuals. The most astonishing aspect of these podcasts is that they give us insight into trending topics like AI and Machine Learning.

In this article, we will discuss what podcasts are and why they are trending. We will also discuss why podcasts should have an online presence in the form of a website. Lastly, we will examine some of the best podcast website builders to give your voice an online platform.  

What is a podcast?

A podcast is digital audio or video content based on a person’s personal experience, book, or any other topic the creator wishes to share. Podcasts can be downloaded or can be streamed online. They are typically episodic and can be in the form of a single episode or a number of episodes.


Since podcasts can be of different styles and genres, they are highly informative, entertaining, and thought-provoking. Many high-quality podcasts even offer audience engagement on websites, online communities, or social media platforms.

Generally, a podcast consists of a host or a presenter who invites different guests to share their experiences or knowledge about a specific topic. Podcasts can be accessed on any device like smartphones, laptops, or computers through platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc.

Podcasts have captured viewers and developed into a unique form of entertainment and information exchange due to their unmatched ease, diversified material, lively dialogues, and personal touch. Given below are a few reasons why podcasts have become trending.

  • Convenience: Listeners can listen to their favorite episodes during traveling, exercises, or other mundane tasks by downloading or streaming podcasts on a smartphone or any other device. Their popularity has been tremendously influenced by the ability to listen to them whenever and wherever without being constrained by specific times or places.
  • Variety: Podcasts serve various groups and interests by covering various subjects and genres. You can find a podcast that suits your taste, from news, true crime, humor, self-improvement, or storytelling. Listeners can discover something they like and connect with because of the variety of information provided. Whether you like tech podcasts or marketing podcasts, there’s something or the other for you.
  • Extensive: Podcasts allow more in-depth research and lengthy discussions. They offer a setting for in-depth debates, interviews, and narratives. This allows hosts and visitors to explore topics in more depth. Those looking for in-depth explanations and a deeper comprehension of many topics can find this long-form style appealing. This includes project management podcasts for advanced leadership and strategy.
  • Monetization: As podcasts have grown in popularity, advertisers are becoming more interested in using them. Content producers can monetize their broadcasts by using targeted advertising, sponsorships, and podcast collaboration options. Moreover, this has encouraged the creation of high-quality material and supported the rise of podcasting as a business.

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Why should podcasts have an online presence in the form of a website?

There are several solid reasons why podcasts should have websites. For starters, it lets more people find your podcast. People searching online can quickly locate your podcast if you have a website. You can also enhance the rank of your podcast website in search results and draw in more visitors by adopting specific tactics like SEO optimization.

Second, you can highlight your podcast’s unique tone and concept on a website. You can foster a well-disposed site that exhibits the substance of your digital broadcast. Due to this, listeners will find it simpler to remember and identify your podcast.

Thirdly, you can use a website to centralize all your podcast content. You can post each of your episodes, show notes, and different materials on your site. As a result, it’s easier for people to download your podcast and learn more about your subjects.

Fourth, a website enables communication with your audience. On your website, you can offer your contact details and provide a space for visitors to give feedback or send you notes. This enables you to engage with your listeners and create a podcast community. You can even use podcast platforms to market your business.

So, having a website contributes to increasing the visibility of your podcast. You can interact with your listeners while showcasing your sense of style and giving a place to your podcast materials. It’s a crucial tool for growing the audience for your podcast and spreading the word about its awesome content.

Now, let’s jump to the list of the best podcast website builders for you to check out.


Podcastpage makes it easy to create and launch a podcast website quickly. To construct stunning and engaging podcast websites, this website builder offers lovely designs, automatic episode imports, and a customized audio player. 

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The website templates are completely customizable, so you don’t need to be a web designer to make the ideal site. Additionally, this website builder makes importing your show notes, artwork, audio, transcripts, timestamps, and other content samples easier. All you need are great podcast ideas for your products.

In addition to having great SEO, Podcastpage doesn’t require any coding, hosting, or maintenance. The finest feature of Podcastpage is its ability to manage your social media updates and integrate them with your preferred tools to make website maintenance jobs easier. 


Podpage provides a straightforward process for building podcast websites. Before using this website builder, you can preview or configure any template for your podcast website. You can easily make changes to the colors and font of the website. The modifications will be immediately reflected on your website. 

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In order to determine the best method of connecting with your particular audience, Podpage makes it simple to engage with listeners in a variety of ways. Using Podpage features, you can let listeners leave voicemails on your website or comment on individual episodes. 

Podpage-built websites have easy-to-find episode links and follow buttons for sharing. Listeners can subscribe to your program with ease. Each page has SEO optimization to raise its position in search results.


Transistor is a platform for podcasts on its own, and one of the finest podcast website builders is available on it. The website homepage, landing pages, about page, and subscribe page with links to all the apps will all be provided by Transistor’s web page builder.

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Additionally, this website builder provides highly appealing podcast website themes that you can use for both web and mobile versions. You can create websites in languages other than English, such as Dutch, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese, using Transistor’s podcast website builder.

Lastly, website builders are functional no matter where you host your podcast, such as Buzzsprout, Soundcloud, etc. You can link to a unique domain, add custom graphics, change colors, add pages, and also add links on this platform. Thus, while using this, you hardly need to use any other podcast tools.


SUPAPASS is an online tool for creating podcast websites that automatically generates design layouts that are suitable for all platforms and devices. You can quickly alter your design to showcase your corporate requirements on this website builder.


To create websites on SUPAPASS, you don’t need to master any technical skills or other plugins. It already has strong features that make it simple for you to create the podcast website of your dreams. With an intuitive dashboard, you can easily customize anything at any moment. 

SUPAPASS’ Smart Builder instantly develops user-friendly layouts, navigation, and login routines. Additionally, episodes are updated automatically, and your podcast is immediately posted to your website so that it is always current. SUPAPASS streamlines your chores and automatically generates pages with show notes, players, and comments for your convenience. 

Appy Pie

Without writing a single line of code, you can develop a user-friendly podcast website with the help of Appy Pie. To add as many features to your website as possible, it includes a drag-and-drop capability. Additionally, this website builder offers excellent customer service.


You can update your website in real time for a smooth experience with Appy Pie‘s open-source AI website builder. Anything on your podcast website can be added or removed at any moment. Also, the website builder guarantees that any images or data you input while building your website will be cached out after it is finished.

Furthermore, the Appy Pie AI website builder enables you to construct a podcast website that is extremely adaptable to various browsers and devices, providing a smooth user experience.


OnPodium provides everything you’ll require to get your podcast website up and running. This platform automatically downloads the most recent episodes from your RSS feed and generates a website that is optimized for SEO and social media for each episode.

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By entering your feed URL into their website builder, you can easily get a customized website with graphics and recommendations on the best material to add. With its drag-and-drop editor, OnPodium makes it simple to alter existing pages or add new ones. 

Additionally, OnPodium has built-in SEO for your website, ensuring that Google can find your podcast episodes. Smart links are created for podcast episodes. Making each episode of your podcast into a polished and interesting website and using social media properly also helps. 


Wix website editor is an excellent tool for creating and editing your own podcast websites. It uses cutting-edge drag-and-drop technology and offers a wide range of built-in design choices, making adding or updating items on your website simple. 


The real advantage of this editor is that it offers you the freedom to modify your website in a way you see fit while offering a variety of ways to assist you in building a professional website. Experienced designers create Wix‘s templates, and there are over 900 alternatives to choose from.

Creating an app from your website through the Wix platform is also possible. This platform provides you unlimited flexibility to design your website in any way you like and include whatever components you choose. 


With no coding knowledge necessary, Podtailor enables you to build an aesthetically stunning and completely automated podcast website in a matter of minutes. It is a customized website builder created especially for podcasts, complete with particular features meeting the specialized requirements of podcast makers. 

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You can save time and work with the integrated, automated episode import and streamlined administration features of Podtailor. Every time you post, it can automatically import fresh episodes to your website. It can additionally display feedback from your listeners by showing podcast reviews.

With the help of Podtailor’s integrated blogging feature, you can also create blog articles that are search engine friendly. Additionally, both episodes and pages have built-in search engine optimization. Finally, you can earn money from your podcast by using integrations like PayPal. can assist you in converting your existing Notion page into your new podcast website. It is entirely free to begin. You only need to paste the link to your Notion blog to create your website. 

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Your podcast website will immediately reflect any changes you make to your Notion blog. Since Notion is so user-friendly, all changes you make to your blog are immediately visible on your website.

The most appealing feature of is that you won’t have to worry about SEO. Build your page, and will manage the rating and SEO of your recently constructed podcast website.


It is simpler for people to locate your podcast and learn what you have to say if it has a website. Designing a distinctive website that matches the look of your podcast is made simple by podcast website builders. You can add episodes, show notes, pictures, or videos to make it interesting and then kickstart your new podcast with Buzzsprout, which is an ideal podcast hosting platform.

On a website, you can interact with your listeners and promote the uniqueness of your podcast. It is comparable to having your own distinctive internet location where visitors can find out everything about your podcast. Moreover, if you like listening to podcasts and want to share some of your experiences or ideas, try using a podcast website builder. 

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