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In Personal Finance Last updated: May 29, 2023
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Risk management is crucial in stock market trading as it helps to preserve capital, control emotions, and reduce losses.

It creates a foundation for profitable trading strategies and ensures longevity in the market.

Not only it helps traders control their emotions in times of market fluctuations, but it also restricts impulsive trading actions.

Risk management is a broad term and is complete with an understanding of position sizing.

Let’s dive in further.

What is Position Sizing?


Position sizing in stock markets refers to estimating the amount of capital to allocate for a trade. Simply, it means determining the number of stocks to buy or sell after considering risk tolerance and setting a risk-reward ratio.

Position sizing helps manage the risk involved in a trade and reduces potential losses. Traders and investors typically set a predefined risk amount per trade based on their account size.

Based on the risk involved, position size helps determine the number of stocks to buy to stay within the decided limit.

Setting up a proper risk-reward ratio minimizes your losses and maintains consistency in the market. And that’s how it aims at maximizing the potential returns over time.

Importance of Position Sizing


Position sizing is fundamental for anyone who wants to make money from the stock market. It determines the quantity of a trade position based on account size and risk capacity.

Let’s overview a few reasons to understand the importance of position sizing:

Risk Management: The most significant advantage of position sizing is that it helps manage risk in a trade. Using a proper position size can considerably reduce the loss on a trade. 

Build Psychology: Emotions decision-making is one of the most common reasons for drawdowns. Position sizing helps you counter your emotions while you’re trading. Finding the right position size makes decision-making stress-free and takes a rational approach.

Develop Consistency: Regardless of your account’s size and risk tolerance, position sizing ensures that you do not take excessively large or small positions.

Profit Potential: You can maximize your returns while controlling your risk by allocating an appropriate amount of capital to each trade.

How to Decide Your Position Sizing?


Deciding on a position size varies with the type of trader or investor. It depends on several factors to assess the correct size for a trade or an investment.

One of the critical parameters to consider is the risk involved. As a trade, one needs to carefully assess how much risk they can comfortably afford in a trade. This is generally determined by time horizon factors like financial goals and emotional capacity to bear and handle potential losses.

While there are many methods for calculating position sizing, like fixed dollar risk methods, percentage risk involved, different position sizing formulas, and more, the methods may eat up your time and affect your setup while you’re in between trades.

On the other hand, many free online positions sizing calculators help you instantly determine the number of stocks.

In this article, we’re focussed on discussing the usability of such tools so can speed up your risk management process.

Here is an extensive list of the free and popular tools for calculating position size.

Let’s begin.



Myfxbook is a social community website for forex traders for trading collaboration and sharing trade ideas. It lets you connect your Forex trading account and analyze your trading system.

The website offers essential trading tools like a position size calculator to trade with a holistic risk management approach. You must enter a few inputs to calculate your approximate trade size and manage risk.

First, select the currency pair from a list of dropdown options. Next, select the account currency and account size. Finally, mention your favorable risk ratio, stop loss, and the number of lots you prefer to trade with.

Myfxbook position size calculator will show you the calculated results, saving you a lot of manual work.



BabyPips is a free website for learning currency market trading. It covers detailed articles about forex news, trading strategies, market analysis, and news around forex markets.

The platform offers many currency market tools for free, including a free position sizing calculator. Their tool can help you find the number of currency units to buy or sell to reduce your losses.

To use the BabyPips position sizing calculator, you’ll need to enter your currency pair, risk percentage, and account size. Based on your inputs, it will suggest the number of standard lots, mini lots, and micro-lots that you can consider for trading.



ChartYourTrade is a monthly membership platform for forex stock traders. They provide weekly stock market newsletters and sell online courses that can help you learn how to make money with trading.

As a complimentary service, they provide a position size calculator that helps you understand your risk position. You may use the platform to identify your best investments, and the calculator will help you determine how much and when to invest.

ChartYourTrade’s position size calculator can help you decide when to enter, and exit and how much to risk. You can use the calculator to buy or sell stocks, ETFs, or mutual funds and control your maximum risk per position.



InvestmentU is an educational platform that offers free investment-related content, financial education material, and tools to take informed financial decisions. Some of its educational materials include articles, ebooks, video courses, and newsletters about stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments.

The platform helps individual traders manage risk and avoid deep losses with free tools like a position size calculator. Their position size calculator can help you determine the number of shares to buy and sell to reduce risk and maximize profits.

Using their position size calculator is simple. Select a stock or index symbol and add trade details. The result shows the number of units to buy or sell, the risk involved, and the stop-loss price.



EarnForex is an established and renowned website for learning forex trading. The website offers a range of forex tools and calculators that assist traders in making decisions faster. Popular tools include a currency converter, pip calculator, position size calculator, and economic calendars to plan your trading strategies.

Once you open EarnForex’s position size calculator, you must enter inputs for critical parameters like account currency, account balance, percentage of risk, currency pair, stop loss, and current price.

After you click the calculate button, it will process your data and display recommended position sizing. You may adjust your position size after evaluating your execution strategy.



With uFinz, you can find thousands of stock market, finance, and crypto tools, sites, platforms, services, books, and software.

uFinz’s position size calculator is an extensive tool for calculating the number of shares for risk management. You must enter your account balance, risk (%), entry price, stop loss, and risk/reward ratio. Additionally, there are input fields for entering slippage and fees incurred.

After hitting the calculate button, you get a detailed answer list for position amount, effective and tolerated risk, profit, capital involved, and more. Not only that, there’s a loss management table that showcases your trading performance over time.

Rachana Ranade


Rachana Ranade is a YouTuber who teaches about the stock market on her channel. You’ll find many courses on her website aimed at different stock market topics.

The website also hosts many calculators like SIP calculator, CAGR calculator, and position sizing calculator. All the free tools can help you perform time-consuming calculations in a few clicks.

To use the position sizing calculator, you need to enter your capital amount and stop loss in terms of percentage on trade amount, as well as your buying and selling price. After submitting the input values, you get the trade quantity based on the stop loss value.



Intradayscreener is an advanced stock market analytics platform offering a comprehensive 360-degree view of the stock markets. It stands out as one of the most sophisticated scanners, equipped with numerous pre-made scans.

The website has plenty of stock market scanners and tools to help you identify top-performing market stocks. You can use their position size tool to estimate how many stocks you can buy for intraday trading.

It calculates the exact position size based on risk management and money management rules. Enter your total capital, daily risk, overall trades per day, and stop loss. You must click calculate after entering the values to determine your maximum number of stocks.

Wealthy Retirement


Wealthy Retirement is an educational website that publishes financial strategies and ideas for investors. The website has in-depth information about investing, financial literacy, and early retirement planning.

Additionally, the platform offers many free investment tools, including a position size calculator. With their calculator, you can determine how many shares to buy or sell to maximize your return.

Using the tool is simple. After entering the required input fields, you get the units showing the number of shares to invest in. Not only this, but you can also calculate shorting positions and options positions using the stock position size calculator.



With an award-winning reputation, HFM provides trading services and facilities to retail and institutional clients. They offer account types for forex trading and facilitate customers with trading software and tools.

To manage your risks accurately, you can use HFM’s Position size calculator to determine the position size in units and lots. It works with all significant symbols and requires minimal input values. You can even fine-tune the output values to your specific needs.

Once you provide the values, you get the answer for the margin required. Vice versa, you use the same tool for calculating volume.

Note: The information written in this article is solely for educational purposes, and shall not be construed as, financial advice. The content should not be understood as a recommendation and we highly recommend consulting with a financial advisor/consultant before making any decisions.


Position sizing resembles the famous saying in the trading community – “Don’t blow up your account. Save enough to trade another day.”

In simple words, position sizing is crucial for traders because it teaches risk management. It
keeps the emotions in control and helps maintain consistency.

Over a period, you’ll discover the importance of position based on the changing market conditions. It’s an essential pillar in a trader’s journey and should be implemented carefully.

Next, check out apps for investing in US Stocks and ETFs.

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