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In Digital Marketing Last updated: April 5, 2023
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Introducing some of the best PPC management software that increases the success rate of your paid marketing campaigns.

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is the best choice for paid digital marketing. However, running such a marketing project is daunting since you need to manage various components. Sometimes marketing agencies recruit multiple teams to run a single PPC project.

However, you can reduce a great deal of workforce and cost invested in PPC campaigns by getting PPC management software.

This article presents you with the basics of pay-per-click advertising, and some tried and tested PPC management software that is reliable for digital marketing campaigns.

What Is PPC?

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The advertising model on the internet is known as pay-per-click (PPC). Ad service providers, like Microsoft Ads, Google Ads, etc., allow advertisers to place ads on an advertisement spot. 

These ad spots are mainly on search engine results pages, websites, social media platforms, video-sharing sites, etc.

When a customer clicks on the ad and goes to the advertiser’s landing page, the advertising agency pays service providers. Then, these service providers share the revenue with the ad spot owners.

On advertisement bidding platforms, digital marketers always bid on target keywords for which they want to place ads. It is the most convenient source of revenue for anyone involved in website and content creation.   

What Is PPC Management?


PPC management is an integrated workflow to supervise your pay-per-click advertising strategy and spending. Marketing managers use PPC management to oversee all the moving parts of multiple PPC campaigns. The intention is to optimize every step to stop spending leakage and increase the return on investment (ROI)

A PPC management primary includes the following separate tasks: 

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor’s ad and keyword analysis
  • Participating in search keyword bids and placing bids
  • Ad copy, graphics, or video creation
  • Optimization of ad media assets
  • Publishing ads
  • Monitoring PPC campaign performance
  • Learning from past performance and optimizing the future one

In the early days, businesses would hire digital marketing agencies to run PPC campaigns on behalf of the company. Agencies hire multiple PPC specialists or Google Ads experts to manage PPC campaigns for their clients.

In the present day, there are sophisticated web apps that can manage all the components of a pay-per-click advertising drive. All you need to do is sit on the supervisor’s seat and be on overwatch.

Now explore the benefits of PPC and its business use cases. Then, you will also find out how you get an edge over your competitors using PPC management software. 

Pros of PPC Advertising

  • PPC ads are targeted texts and visuals relating to the keyword that your audience has just searched on Bing or Google. Hence, it can likely take the customer to your landing page more than any other organic marketing technique. 
  • Since your customer has clicked on the PPC ad, there is a better chance that they will evaluate multiple related products on your website, add some to the cart, or even buy one if your product is truly beneficial and attractive.
  • With PPC ads, your digital marketing budget goes to the right place, from which you can see increased conversion in the form of leads and buys.
  • If you need to sell your online media assets like websites, social media pages, YouTube channels, etc., you can run PPC campaigns to boost your sudden traffic and attract buyers.
  • PPC can help you find the right direction for your organic marketing strategy, like SEO. You can run brief PPC campaigns for a set of keywords. Analyze the campaign data to decide if the keywords are good for long-term SEO and content creation investments.     

How Can PPC Help Businesses?

#1. Brand Promotion

If you are a new business in an industry where the biggest players have already gained a monopoly, there is less chance of brand promotion with organic marketing. You must run PPC advertising campaigns for a few months to increase recognition and website visits.

#2. Boost Content Ranking


It will be hard to rank your business’s website on Google SERP even if you create amazing content that truly helps your audience. Google will have difficulty promoting your content with all these existing businesses that have already gained massive authority.

Hence, PPC can help your business increase website traffic instantly and influence the Google search engine to rank your content.

#3. Increase Sales

For businesses that want to grab the market by increasing sales without thinking about profit for a few months or years, aggressive PPC will help. Once you get a foothold in the market and customers like using your services or products, you can reduce the PPC budget.      

How Do PPC Management Tools Benefit the Marketers?

Here is why you need PPC management software if you are a business or agency whose revenue relies on pay-per-click advertising campaigns:

#1. Reduce the Cost of running PPC Campaigns


If you are an independent business and hire a couple of Google Ads experts for PPC campaigns, your capital expenditure will increase drastically. 

If you outsource the marketing campaign to an agency, the agency will earn a premium from you, irrespective of the campaign outcome. 

The best option is to use PPC management software and hire a single Google Ads expert or do the whole thing yourself and save big.

#2. Increase Control Over Marketing Campaigns

In a marketing agency, everyone involved in several campaigns works independently. There is less collaboration and more siloed work. Being the agency manager or owner, you need to connect with each team member separately to ensure all the PPC campaigns are on track.

Instead, use the PPC management software mentioned in this article to supervise all the client projects from one simple app.

#3. Security and Confidentiality

If you are not willing to outsource your PPC campaigns to keep business secrets from leaking out, you can subscribe to any of the below tools and run PPC without disclosing business secrets to a third party.       

Best PPC Management Software

Let us learn about some of the best PPC management software you can use to reduce costs and increase the performance of PPC campaigns. You can not just go wrong if you use any of these platforms:


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Adzooma aims to make PPC Optimization simple for regular marketers. Hence, this platform lets you manage and optimize Facebook, Google, and Microsoft Ads from its single online platform. The plus point of this tool is that it allows you to focus on strategy while having full control simultaneously.

Highlighted features of this platform are:

  • Innovative rule-based campaign automation
  • Promptly pause underperforming ads to prevent spending leakage
  • Create personalized PPC reports instantly and save them as templates
  • Speed up the ad creation process by fixing spelling mistakes
  • Design and launch professional-grade search campaigns
  • 24/7 Landing page monitoring for zero downtime
  • AI analysis of the campaign to evaluate the success
  • Account monitoring to always keep you in the loop

The process of using this tool is quite simple. You need to open an account with Adzooma and link your Google, Facebook, and Microsoft Ads. Then, you can start optimizing your campaigns and get your target ROI from the ads. 


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Every marketer wants to get maximum ROI from their PPC ad spend. While managing ad campaigns manually has become difficult, Optmyzr helps digital marketing teams stay in control of their campaigns worldwide.

It helps you manage multiple accounts in less time by making the entire PPC management process less complicated.

Here, one can quickly create search and shopping campaigns that attract the audience. You can also test your campaigns and monitor their results with actionable insights. Optmyzr also enables users to review opportunities based on proprietary algorithms and industry best practices. 

Whether you run ads on Google, Microsoft, or Amazon, you can apply changes to these in one click. To display the campaign results, it also lets you create customized reports. Moreover, the tool offers unique visualizations for the report data display that PPC marketers can easily understand.


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Marketers looking for an automated PPC application can opt for ZonTools. This advertising platform derives its power from AI to manage your PPC with minimum ad spending and increased sales.

It optimizes your PPC campaigns, consequentially reduces ACoS and frees up your valuable time. This tool is for you if you want more control and customization options. Since it utilizes an open algorithm, you can seamlessly track any data to outsmart your competitors.

ZonTools employs a data-based keyword strategy with its robust optimization engine. It constantly monitors PPC campaigns and allocates more money for high-converting keywords and ASINs.

Automated campaign management with this software reduces your manual workload. The tool has an intelligent bidding engine capable of adjusting your target bids for enhanced ROI. Moreover, its powerful AI continuously optimizes ads of your campaigns for maximum sales.

With ZonTools, you can make your ads reach a global audience. It lets you sell across all Amazon marketplace. Also, marketers can handle multiple Amazon seller accounts from one ZonTools account.


NinjaSEM ppc management software

NinjaSEM is a PPC management software for managing ad groups, PPC campaigns, etc. Here, you can get unlimited keyword recommendations with search volume based on the primary keyword. The top features of this platform include the following:

  • Setting up and managing unlimited ad accounts
  • Create appealing ad copy for a higher conversion rate
  • Real-time identification of competitor-targeted keywords
  • Keywords recommender for analyzing competitor ads

Furthermore, NinjaSEM supports trigger-based workflows for managing ad copies and keywords. Here, one can create customized ad groups for various products. Adword reports, shopping ad creation, bid management, etc., are some powerful PPC management features of this tool.


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Do you want to speed up your PPC growth in a smart way? Go for Adalysis, a Google and Microsoft Ads automation tool that lets you have more conversations in a short time and at less cost. 

This data-driven platform allows you to perform in-depth analysis without any hassle. It offers 40+ tools to meet all your needs related to campaigns. Its automation strategies reduce manual tasks and give you more free time. 

Every day, Adalysis performs 50+ automated audit checks to let you give complete data about your PPC performance. Other highlighted features include bid suggestions and tracking, budget projection, ad testing, campaign settings bottlenecks detection, and quality score analysis.


Adtomic ppc management software

Adtomic is an AI-powered PPC software capable of maximizing your Amazon Advertising ROI. Choosing this platform for PPC management means increased traffic to your website, better sales, and more time in the hands of your marketing executives. 

With the following features, one can effortlessly create, manage, and optimize their PPC campaigns: 

  • Advanced-level optimization to boost your advertising campaigns
  • Maximum automation to skip the complexities of Amazon Advertising 
  • Clear and actionable analytics to make transparent performance decisions 
  • Vital data collection for a better understanding of PPC efforts to drive more sales

On Adtomic, you can choose from three different campaign templates and bespoke bid algorithms according to your goal and experience level on PPC. Its powerful AI offers accurate keyword bidding suggestions that give you the highest product visibility.

It also allows you to collect, sort, and review potential and negative keywords in seconds. Thus, companies can easily minimize wasted spend. Above all, marketers can access high-level PPC data metrics such as organic ranking, sponsored ranking, and Advertising Cost of Sales. 

Final Words

A recent Statista report expects that internet search advertising spending should be $164.6 billion in 2022 and could increase to $190.5 billion by the end of 2024. This enormous spending suggests that PPC advertising is here to stay.

If you are a small, medium, or startup business owner and want to handle your PPC campaigns, you can benefit greatly by using any of the above advertising management tools. 

If you are a digital marketing agency, you can increase your capacity to run client campaigns by utilizing the tools mentioned above.

You may also be interested in the best tools to remove click fraud from your PPC campaigns.

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