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In Business Operations Last updated: August 24, 2023
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To handle digital medical records, track patient data, and manage online invoicing, everyone involved in the healthcare industry requires a practice management system.

The administrative and operational parts of healthcare professionals’ practice can be managed using practice management software. 

With a practice management system, you can also reduce costs and easily do tasks. These systems help carry out all essential tasks like arranging appointments, creating invoices, processing payments, managing patient record administration, and reporting.

ProductNotable Features
Practice FusionEHR management, practice solutions
Azalea HealthRevenue cycle, EHR system
RXNTCloud-based billing, revenue management
CureMDCloud-based healthcare management
Greenway HealthIntegrated PM, EHR, billing
TheraNestMental health practice management
Practice EHRCloud-based operational duties
RevenueXLHealthcare solutions for small practices
Pulse INCAutomated workflow logic
NextGenCloud-based practice management

In this article, we will see what practice management systems are and what their uses are. Next, we will also see how a practice management system works and what its benefits are. Later, we will also learn about the key features you should look for in a practice management system.

Lastly, we will check out some of the best practice management systems for medical professionals. So, here we go!

Practice Management Systems and their Uses?

Practice management systems or PMS are similar to virtual assistants for businesses, including consulting firms, legal offices, and medical practices.

They assist with duties including appointment scheduling, document management, processing bills and invoicing, and keeping track of client or patient information. They come in the form of software and have many modules and features which ease monotonous tasks. 


PMS software makes things run more smoothly by combining everything and automating several tasks. This entails making fewer errors, improving teamwork, and strictly adhering to regulations.

Since PMS saves time on paperwork, practitioners can devote more time to assisting patients or clients. This improves customer satisfaction, generates more revenue, and generally makes the practice function more smoothly.

How does a practice management system work?

As we read before, a practice management system simplifies routine tasks, lightens the administrative burden, improves communication, and aids in keeping structured records. This leads to increased effectiveness and better patient or client care.

It accomplishes this by planning out and automating crucial processes in business procedures. It manages billing and invoicing, simplifies patient data, and facilitates scheduling appointments.

In addition to managing papers, PMS promotes team interaction and automates repetitive tasks like reminders. It facilitates regulatory compliance and provides insights into practice performance. With cloud-based accessibility, PMS facilitates remote work and boosts overall efficiency, enabling practitioners to concentrate more on providing care for patients and clients.


What are the benefits of a practice management system?

Practice management systems offer numerous benefits. A few of them are given below:

  • By automating processes and minimizing human labor, PMS increases productivity and saves time.
  • Additionally, it simplifies scheduling activities and streamlines the appointment booking and reminder processes.
  • PMS reduces errors through automated procedures.
  • It maintains crucial papers, centralizes patient/client data, and keeps track of organizational items.
  • Also, it guarantees exact invoicing and payment tracking and has accurate billing.
  • The finest feature is that the internal communications provided by PMS improve team communication.
  • Furthermore, it offers informative reports and data-driven insights for better decision-making.

Apart from these PMS helps in the maintenance of correct and compliant records. Furthermore, it enables versatility with cloud-based accessibility and provides remote access.


What are the key features that a practice management system must have?

Various elements collectively empower a practice to effectively manage diverse tasks, ultimately enhancing overall practice management and improving the quality of care or service provided. Key components that a practice management system should ideally include are:

  • A PMS should effectively manage and schedule appointments, with the option to monitor availability and send out reminders.
  • It should maintain thorough records that include personal information, medical history, and notes for easy retrieval under patient/client management.
  • PMS should be capable of generating invoices, keeping track of payments, and streamlining the processing of online payments.
  • It should organize and safely preserve essential documents related to patients, clients, and practice operations using document management.
  • PMS should also automate recurring chores like appointment reminders, follow-ups, and paperwork by automating them.
  • It should also have the feature of internal messaging as a communication tool to promote teamwork and efficient communication among employees.

Lastly, it should provide information on practice performance through metrics, report customization, and support industry rules’ adherence by maintaining accurate records and paperwork.

Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is a comprehensive practice management platform that offers EHR management, invoicing, managing e-prescribing, laboratories, and imaging, among other services.

It has practice management software and a cloud-based electronic health record to keep your medical facility running smoothly. This software offers solutions that are meant to simplify the tracking and management of groups of patients across several clinical metrics.

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You can easily manage your medical practice from anywhere because of Practice Fusion, which is the only platform that offers the same performance on your desktop, laptop, or iPad.

Their population health management products assist you with clinical decision notifications, performance dashboards, and automated patient communication tools to assist you in providing your patients with improved clinical care.

Azalea Health

Azalea Health is used by independent clinics, rural health institutions, and more prominent hospitals to simplify operations, enhance income, and improve healthcare quality.

The EHR system provides a patient interface, telehealth, data encryption, revenue cycle management, and more. Azalea’s real-time data provides doctors with a patient’s complete medical history, enabling them to make accurate diagnoses and administer effective treatments. 

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Azalea Health can be used by medical personnel and experts for scheduling, remote patient care, and patient communication.

Physicians can access everything from a single screen because of the interface’s straightforward and simple navigation. Additionally, Azalea Health provides resources for managing revenue for prompt payments and guaranteed reimbursements.


RXNT is a cloud-based, ONC-certified medical software solution intended to enhance revenue cycle management and expedite billing.

It has a single sign-on feature at the point of treatment, enabling doctors and other healthcare professionals to access patient records quickly. 

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The customizable intelligent forms from RXNT cut down on duplication and lessen the chance that a claim will be denied. Additionally, it includes claim notifications and real-time eligibility checks that assist in avoiding expensive appeals and denials.

RXNT’s various modules work in tandem with the whole suite package to produce a comprehensive practice management solution. The fact that it is adaptable to various practices and specializations that require a better revenue management system is its most vital feature.

If a provider doesn’t require or want a complete system, RXNT’s modules can be built atop existing systems.


CureMD is a cloud-based service that manages various administrative and clinical functions for healthcare facilities, from scheduling appointments and patient documentation to billing and payment collection.

It is appropriate for a range of healthcare specialties and organizations of various sizes. On CureMD, users can quickly access and modify a patient’s medical records as well as automate tedious, time-consuming procedures.

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Using CureMD’s Avalon EHR app, you can safely upload lab orders, diagnoses, vitals, and other patient information. CureMD also allows you to evaluate, acknowledge, sign, and assign lab findings utilizing the EHR’s CPOE system.

On their own device, patients can view lab results, schedule appointments, ask for medication refills, make payments online, and get communications from their doctors.

Greenway Health

The Medical Practice Management Software from Greenway Health is a cloud-based, integrated PM, EHR, and billing system that provides over 4,000 customizable templates to meet all clinical practice requirements.

Suppliers may generate more revenue with less expense because of its consolidated billing and real-time financial reporting capabilities.

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Greenway Health is designed for high-performing ambulatory healthcare providers that need to automate and outsource tasks as much as possible to relieve the workload on their front-end employees. It offers the option of image import for identification cards and insurance cards, putting patient data directly into their files. 

You can provide patients with numerous pharmaceutical lists through the software to enhance efficiency. Last but not least, Greenway Health’s medical coding and auditing services enhance claim capture and minimize mistakes.


TheraNest is a practice management system that interacts with Wiley Planners for smooth scheduling and appointment administration.

It was included among the top 20 mental health software options by Capterra in 2020. It offers mobile apps for iOS and Android and is accessible as a cloud-based SaaS.

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TheraNest is the finest choice for psychologists, counselors, therapists, and social workers. It is appropriate for small to medium-sized businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions.

With tools like scheduling and calendars, billing procedures that include invoices, payments, and statements, and limitless file storage, TheraNest aids customers in streamlining their practices.

It offers resources, including a client portal, telehealth, appointment schedulers for practices, reminders for appointments, and payment card processing. Also, it speeds up paperless procedures and saves time. It is secure and HIPAA compliant.

Practice EHR

Practice EHR is a user-friendly, scalable, cloud-based system that handles all medical institutions’ operational duties. Additionally, it supports mobile devices and offers professional RCM services with synchronized and automated billing.

This program allows you to access specializations like podiatry, chiropractic care, urgent care, and many more.

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The practice management system of Practice EHR streamlines the invoicing procedure. The sleek, contemporary layout makes navigation easy and intuitive, requiring no training. The platform’s user-friendly processes make it simple to use and understand while also automating everyday operations and streamlining Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions.


With more than 15 years of experience, cutting-edge technology, and a staff of specialists in all parts of practice administration, RevenueXL is an experienced supplier of healthcare solutions. It offers complete, all-inclusive solutions for small practices at every level. 

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RevenueXL can swiftly determine and validate the patient insurance benefit eligibility level and is ideal for multi-location, multi-provider, or multi-group operations. Additionally, it may install the clearinghouse of your choice due to the software’s numerous integrations, and it can accept patient payments more quickly, thanks to an online payment integration.

RevenueXL can additionally tailor the creation of patient statements through several categories on a specific day of the month. Furthermore, it improves staff and physician efficiency, streamlines communication, and simplifies financial and administrative duties. 

Pulse INC

The PulsePro practice management system from Pulse Healthcare combines administrative, clinical, and financial procedures into a single package using automated workflow logic.

You are free to concentrate on more important issues since it relieves you of your administrative duties.

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PulsePro offers the best features for scheduling visits, patient registration, healthcare billing, and claims processing. It is simple to use and install. With its workflow lists, you can easily set down each phase of a task, like finishing your A/R within 90 days, for quick completion.

You can reduce time spent on administrative tasks and boost income with PulsePro’s completely automated and integrated patient reminder system. It is a straightforward, affordable practice management system that makes use of modern, intuitive processes and simple screen navigation.


NextGen Office is a cloud-based practice management system geared for larger organizations. It provides a system that can be set up and utilized right out of the box with simply an internet connection.

The features include a user-friendly patient portal, specialty-specific EHRs, and a MACRA/MIPS dashboard. 

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NextGen is perfect for healthcare professionals that want a plug-and-play solution and are prepared to enhance their practice management and automation without an in-person visit.

Employees can view their day-to-day tasks quickly because of color-coded templates. In addition to automated permission requests, NextGen has other functionalities, like payer status and eligibility verification, built-in. 


The foundation of effective operations for different professionals is a practice management system. It outrightly simplifies chores and improves service quality through various modules such as appointment scheduling, patient/client administration, billing, and communication tools. 

Also, PMS enables cloud-based accessibility, provides insights into performance, and assists in maintaining regulatory compliance. A good PMS is essential for current practice administration in light of technological advancements, providing effectiveness and first-rate care or service. Therefore, ensure you find PMS software that caters to all your needs and carries out tasks efficiently.

Next, check out the best healthcare CRM solutions.

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