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In Digital Marketing Last updated: August 25, 2023
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Newswires or press release distribution services enable businesses to release news stories at an affordable price to a large, targeted audience. 

Press releases are essential for improving your company’s growth. 

Despite growing mistrust in the media over the past years, audiences still believe it’s the most trusted source of information.

This is why many businesses continue relying on public relations (PR) power. They also send out press releases routinely to the journalists to build credibility.

Though most journalists prefer to receive one-on-one and customized emails, many still check news via press release distribution services. 

Press Release Distribution

So, suppose you wish your story to be picked up by national or local newspapers, blogs, or magazines. In that case, you must have a solid strategy for effectively releasing and distributing your content.

But how to distribute your content well?

You can choose a reliable distribution service provider as they have expertise in this field to help boost your growth. 

In this article, I’ll explain what they are and some of the best press release distribution services for your business. 

Let’s start!

What Is Press Release Distribution?

What Is Press Release Distribution

Press release distribution is a technique of circulating your business press releases to publishers, members of the press, and journalists. It contains updates on the company’s products, projects, services, organization structure, partnerships, and more. 

With the right press release or newswire service, you can let various publications share your content to reach millions of customers. It covers print, broadcast, and digital newsrooms, editors, consumers, news websites, bloggers, social media networks, financial news portals, and others. 

Benefits of Newswire Services for PR Teams

Press releases are among the most used strategies in PR campaigns. They help build your image, prestige, visibility, revenue, reliability, recognition, and more.

Benefits of Newswire Services for PR Teams

The main benefits of choosing a perfect press release distribution service are:

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Increased advertisement value
  • Branding and brand recognition
  • Building credibility, image, and reputation
  • Greater Public disclosure and visibility
  • Better sustainability in the market
  • Great return on your investments
  • Search engine optimization to improve visibility and reach
  • Delivering your message to the target audience
  • Establishing an effective marketing channel
  • Potential increase in sales
  • Increased site traffic

How to Choose the Best Press Release Distribution Service?

How to Choose the Best Press Release Distribution Service

With so many choices in the market, finding the most suitable one is quite difficult and confusing. This is a challenge for every business. But this process can get easier by considering some factors:

Target Audience

Your target audience is the first and most essential thing you need to know. Then, you must check whether your chosen service can help you reach influencers and journalists. Pay attention to the locations and categories of your business and whether newswire services offer services to that location.


Most of the services offer two types of functions:

  • Sending out the release to the journalists’ inboxes directly.
  • Publishing the release on blogs or news outlets. 

Some platforms offer extra features like sharing on social media, increasing the ability to release high-quality content to appear easily on Google’s search results, and more. Also, other press release distribution services offer premium features like uploading audio, videos, photos, and other content into the press release.

So, select the one based on your business needs and the features it can provide you. 


Newswire or press release distribution services have varied pricing options. Some PR distribution services offer extra features in their package, while others charge extra for additional or advanced services. Options like pay-per-release or choosing three releases per month are better options.

Steps to Follow to Submit a Press Release

Steps to Follow to Submit a Press Release

Till now, you already have some idea of how important PR is for your business. But you must also know how to compose an effective press release and distribute it with the help of newswire services and register more growth. The steps are as follows:

  • Find the target audience and journalists who might be interested in your press release. 
  • Craft a killer pitch or content
  • Make your subject line effective
  • Submit your press release
  • Keep track of your release
  • Find the press release in publications and news websites within hours. 

In the above steps, creating compelling press release content is crucial because no matter how good your distribution service is, if the content isn’t good enough, it will not have the necessary impact. Large enterprises may have an in-house team to handle this. But if you own a small business and can’t afford a full-fledged team, you may avail the services of press release writing services from Fiverr. This will ensure your press release is crafted to perfection.

Now, let’s discuss some of the best newswire or press release distribution services for PR teams.

EIN Presswire

Get published on the news websites that cover countries and industries across the globe with EIN Presswire. It offers PR distribution services that help you reach millions with a single click and find yourself in the most important news wires and news databases. 

YouTube video

Reach media influencers and journalists with one touch and easily attain long-term visibility in search engines. EIN Presswire also supports multiple languages so you can send releases in your preferred language. 

You can start creating your release and later allow EIN Presswire’s team to do the rest. Once the editorial review has been passed, its team blasts the new release to the media network, including TV, radio stations, news outlets, and more. 

EIN Presswire is effective, affordable, timely, and powerful. Check the pricing comparison chart to select the most effective services you need for your business. The price starts at $99.95 for one release. 


ACCESSWIRE is a newswire service standout that provides regional, national, and global news to thousands of clients worldwide. Its innovative technology paired with its expansive network of journalists and media outlets, helps companies, both public and private, break through the noise of the market to share their stories and connect with their audiences


ACCESSWIRE offers its customers unmatched flexibility as there are no word counts, coverage fees, or multimedia fees. With flat-fee pricing and award-winning customer service, ACCESSWIRE’s press release distribution services help companies around the globe maximize their message.   

These services include:   

Press release distribution – Deliver your stories without breaking the bank. ACCESSWIRE makes it easy for you to publish a press release.   

Press Release Optimizer – The two Press Release Optimizer products can be purchased separately or as a bundle package:   

  • Featured Press Release – Highlight your company’s news on the ACCESSWIRE homepage, which offers an additional 15,000 weekly views, added engagement, and increased exposure.  
  • Company Spotlight – Boost your brand’s visibility by publishing an interview-style blog on the ACCESSWIRE website. In addition to an article on the ACCESSWIRE website, the Company Spotlight is also shared on ACCESSWIRE’s social media channels. 

Online newsrooms – Its powerful Newsroom suite makes it easier for your audience to find what they need and easier for you to give them what they want.    

Media databases – Gain access to a list of thousands of media contacts to personalize your pitches and better your chances of earning media mentions that build brand awareness and optimize your online presence.


With PRCaster, you are in control: you create and publish; they distribute and provide you reporting 48 hours after the release.

A group of people with the words pr distribution service.

They cover:

  • 12 hours turnaround time
  • Guaranteed distribution to generalist media (AP, Google News, CNN, USA Today, HuffPost, BBC news) and to media specialized in your industry (PRO package)
  • Photo/Video inclusion
  • Distribution report 
  • SEO-optimized permalink with anchor text 
  • Industry-curated journalist personalized reach out (PREMIUM).

Unlike some other services, PRcaster doesn’t publish your PR in obscure/unknown/ nameless fake journals or sites that depreciate your message.

No mistake can be made, you’ll preview your PR exactly as it will be distributed.

Pricing starts at $19.95, up to $299.95 for the PREMIUM package.

24-7 Press Release

Distribute your news to traditional and digital media outlets with 24-7 Press Release – a user-friendly cloud-based platform for PR distribution services. To date, it has distributed half a million press releases to the database, including more than 50,000 members. 


24-7 Press Release is suitable for businesses of all sizes, such as airlines, hotel chains, technology companies, and more. You will get outstanding tracking ability with the services. Whether you choose the Visibility Boost package or the Mass Media Visibility package, you will receive a complete report about the campaign results, such as user interaction, number of shares, and traffic.

Their pricing starts from $49 per release.

Cision PRWeb

Improve your digital word-of-mouth with Cision PRWeb’s innovative tools. Since online channels influence customers, it helps your business get significant visibility in your industry. 


PRWeb aims to boost a brand’s online presence, reach new customers, and drive website traffic. It provides an affordable and proven way to impact your business’s bottom line positively. You can also create a free account quickly and start witnessing an instant improvement in your site traffic. 

With the top search engine placement offered by PRWeb, you can be found quickly and easily by your target prospects. Its top-tier media coverage helps your business create a buzz and stay in the minds of your customers and prospects. PRWeb’s news feed consists of over 250,000 RSS subscribers, and it can distribute your news on:

  • New sites like Factiva, CNN, Fox News Network, etc. 
  • Industry-specific sites like Amazon, JustGoodCars, and Capterra
  • National outlets, such as Associated Press and its affiliates like the NY Times, USA Today, and more

Create your FREE account today and start attracting more customers. distributes the right news to the right audience so that you can take advantage of powerful media to attract more customers. It is a targeted, cost-effective, and simple platform that offers an effective press distribution service with proven results.

You can send your press releases to major media, targeting the audience and making an impact at the right time. It can quickly and easily connect with the key media for powerful coverage. In addition, it selects the perfect journalists, helps you engage in valuable conversations, and builds better media relationships. 


Furthermore, your stories are monitored to receive critical mentions that help track important news, measure audience sentiment, and improve performance ROI. You will also get rich data to power your decision-making ability. allows your business to showcase your company stories and news through a secure CMS that can captivate your content, share multimedia assets, and engage with industry audiences. It supports your success by letting you gain expert insights and leverage industry experience to improve customer satisfaction. 

Join today by choosing a package starting from $349.

Business Wire

Reach your targets with effective press releases and get more views using the multimedia platform – Business Wire. It can help you track results, refine your messages, and produce the news everyone discusses. 


Business Wire is in 200+ countries so it supports 20 different languages and more than 100 media outlets. It is the trusted source for financial news and disclosure and allows you to measure the impact easily with social media analytics. 

Set up your business account today and enhance your site traffic with valuable customers. You will get the industry’s only proprietary and patented new content distribution technology.

Distribute your news everywhere with and reach millions via digital and traditional media. is an industry-leading content distribution platform that helps you boost your business, gain exposure to the target market, and improve brand recognition.


Distribute press releases to thousands of journalists, websites, influencers, media outlets, social media outlets, and newsrooms. You will get benefits like enhanced online visibility, attracting more customers, increasing sales and leads, bolstering existing relationships, and expanding your audience.

Create your business profile today and gain massive exposure in’s unique business directory and search engines, covering all industries. Easily post products and services that you offer with complete descriptions, specifications, and images in’s service directories. 


Get the best press release distribution services for your small businesses with eReleases that deliver highly scalable services for your growing business. You will find custom US national press releases or newswire services and major media outlets. 


Additionally, you will get an exclusive database of subscribing journalists. eReleases has a proven record of reaching reporters, radio, major news websites, television, bloggers, and journalists. It also helps in enhancing your SEO. 

Start building more customers at a starting price of $399 with guaranteed media syndication. 


Send2Press offers a personalized online press release distribution service, including Direct-to-Editors email delivery to the pro-media partners at newspapers, broadcast outlets like radio, TV, or news, and print magazines. 

Furthermore, it delivers news to major wire services, such as, and aggregators like Google News, LexisNexis, Bing News, and Apple News. Whatever news you want to distribute through the Send2Press delivery platform, each news item runs on 500 websites worldwide. 

Access it today from $99 for targeting only US states and $199 for international plans. 

Linking News

Get the top press release distribution services with Linking News‘ strongest PR networks. Publish your press releases on top media sites and top-tier news and get your business featured on NBC, FOX, CBS, BC, and more. 


Linking News offers white label services so that your press release would appear on the major news sites without any third-party distribution label attachment. It deals with more than 900,000 journalists, 90 million social media influencers, and 330,000 publications. 

Its use is quite simple. Choose a package of your choice, create our press release, and submit it, and finally, watch your press release spread like fire. Linking News has the most robust network, guaranteed placement, and more. It will help you enhance your brand awareness and improve your SEO rankings. 

Choose a basic plan at a starting price of $159.


Presswire is a state-of-the-art SaaS platform that can send and track press releases using the industry-leading global Media Contacts Database. This means your consumer release will reach audiences and journalists and your business release will get business desks worldwide or in targeted territories. 


You will get tailor-built media lists for every individual release encompassing National and Regional Newspapers, Consumer Magazines, Online, Television, Radio, and Trade Magazines. Presswire offers various services like a media contact database, online syndication, translation, media monitoring, and more. 

Moreover, Presswire distributes press releases to consumer journalists in specific B2C or B2B industries across Europe, North America, and Asia. It claims over 850,000 media contacts across the globe and can track which journalists open and read the email with the help of a tracking tool. 


Get your business noticed by various customers by publishing your press release on different media sites with SBWire’s distribution services. It helps you craft press releases hassle-free and saves you time. 


SBWire has many valuable features, such as analytic tools, keyword suggestion tools, link analysis, URL and HTML customization, content testing, and more, to build your releases for the right customer at the right time. 

For resellers and businesses such as web design firms, marketing firms, and public relations agencies, SBWire is a great choice. Start your subscription today at $59/month for 3 press releases. 


Get an online press release distribution service with PRUnderground that supports newswire distribution through the branded newsroom. Companies can use this newsroom to create and publish their press release to relevant media outlets and social media platforms within its network, such as Google News, NBC, CBS, PR Newswire, and FOX. 

PRUnderground delivers exceptional quality and results with its transparency. It provides cost-effective, fast, and easy Google News inclusion. With the keyword analysis feature, you can see your releases on Google News after minutes of distribution. 

Sign up today with a starter pack at $49.99 per release and publish your releases on 80 websites and news. Get the option of pay-per-release or choose a basic plan for your business per month. 


GlobeNewswire is the world’s largest newswire or press release distribution network that specializes in delivering press releases, multimedia content, and financial disclosures to investors, consumers, and media worldwide. 


Share your news with investors, consumers, and media by using targeted distribution options to build awareness, get more media coverage, and boost online visibility. Reach worldwide audiences and boost your online presence along with engagement with multimedia. 

Furthermore, get full support for editorial needs and translation services. With GlobeNewswire, you can analyze, understand, and measure the impact of the releases. With a single login, you can get social listening, a media contact database, online newsrooms, measurements, media monitoring, etc. 

Get in touch with GlobeNewswire’s team and discuss pricing according to your requirements. 


Newswire or press release distribution services are crucial for businesses to boost their brand awareness. They have the right databases of contact lists, expertise, and connections to make all this possible. The services mainly include improving SEO and distributing product and service details in print media, social media, blogs, curated websites, and news channels.

Thus, choose the best press release distribution service suitable for your requirements if you want to take your brand to a new height. 

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