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In Hosting and WordPress Last updated: November 11, 2022
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Pressable’s WordPress hosting can be the best partner for your growing business with its power-packed performance, feature list, and offerings.

Even though WordPress is an excellent platform for content websites and businesses, many startups and businesses have no idea how useful it can be. 

WordPress is a free, open-source Content Management System (CMS) that is used to build, maintain, and modify websites. It is written in PHP and runs on MariaDB or MySQL database. 

Whether you are looking for a blog, portfolio, or business website, WordPress is a versatile platform for each kind of business as the possibilities are endless. 

And if you want to explore the true power of WordPress, a robust web hosting service like Pressable web is needed.

In this article, I’ll discuss some issues involved in starting a WordPress website and how Pressable solves these problems.

Here we go!

Common Problems with a WordPress Website


It is very clear that WordPress has a lot of advantages. It supports major websites thanks to its affordability and flexibility.

But many new growing websites might face some downsides of WordPress. such as frequent updates, downtime, server crashes, misconfigurations, and more.

Let’s know about some of these issues.

Platform and Plugin Updates


To overcome some of the security issues, WordPress has come up with a lot of updates. Although these updates are helpful and essential to keep your information safe, they can sometimes give you headaches. 

Frequent updates let certain updates become incompatible with the website even if they are not malicious. It can also happen in the case of themes. Since the upgrades are frequent, they are a common frustration among many businesses. 

Accidental Power Off

Data centers have Emergency Power Off (EPO) switches. In the case of emergencies, these EPO switches help to contain the fire and mitigate damage. But, if someone accidentally invokes the EPO switch during business hours, your website may have to bear the consequences. 

This can bring your site down in a matter of time, otherwise known as downtimes. This problem is frequent for those who forgot to back up their websites in the cloud. 

Accidentally Deleting Critical Resources

If you delete something accidentally such as a plugin, updated files, user profiles, photos, logos, blog posts, articles, theme files, and more from your WordPress sites, the result could be immediate and disastrous. 

In the event of routine server cleanup, you can accidentally delete many items from your website. It will take time to access that item again and configure the whole site accordingly. 

Slow Performance


New site owners often face slow loading times, which is very frustrating. But loading time on both mobile and desktop is a common Google ranking factor. This means, faster websites are likely to have a higher rank on Google while slower websites are pushed down in Google search results. 

The usual culprits are inefficient hosting, the excessive number of installed plugins, poorly coded plugins, a database bloated with unnecessary files, etc. All these factors are responsible for poor website performance. 

Blank Page

Blank page loading is a common problem for WordPress users. Sometimes it is the issue from the hosting server or the plugin script. Some conflicting plugins and misconfigurations may lead to the slow loading of your website. 

Connection Timed-out

Many times you may have noticed ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT in WordPress. It means your site is trying to show more information but fails to manage it all at once. Some of the main causes of this issue are problems with the theme functions, PHP memory exhaustion, resource-hungry plugins, and more. 

Internal Server Error


The internal server error is the most common case and is confusing too. This message typically shows up when the server doesn’t know the problem. Since the server can’t come to your rescue here, you need to help yourself.

In this case, the .htaccess file is corrupted which needs fixing. Startups and small companies find this task difficult and when they don’t resolve it, they may face consequences in the form of server errors. It can negatively impact your website and kill your time. 

Apart from the mentioned ones, there is a long list of issues that can give you a headache. These are:

  • WordPress sites are targeted by malware
  • SQL injection is a long problem across the ecosystem of WordPress
  • XSS leads to the rabbit hole
  • Weak authentication

And more. 

How Can Pressable Help?

Pressable offers powerful managed WordPress hosting for WordPress professionals with its industry-leading performance, 100% uptime guarantee, seamless integrations with Jetpack, WooCommerce, and 24/7 expert support. 


You will get enough tools to manage your WordPress websites and enhance your business. Its hosting dashboard is simple and intuitive making it one of the best WordPress Hosting platforms. With its 10/10 experts’ support, you can imagine the peace of mind. 

Think for a moment. If you have a reliable partner that does everything your site needs and keeps your customers happy, you can focus on other work. This means that investment in such a partner is obviously the right decision. 

Thus, downtime is not an issue anymore if you use Pressable’s WordPress hosting. Pressable understands the painful headaches that businesses take to solve common problems. It knows:

  • Time is money: Pressable’s support teams respond to your issue in just two minutes saving you important hours. 
  • Even 1% matters: Pressable guarantees 100% uptime since it knows 99% is not enough.
  • Grow your way: All the Pressable plans are flexible and scalable according to your demands to meet your site, traffic, and disk requirements.
  • Outperform the competition: Whether your content goes viral or you are running a sale, Pressable keeps your site fast as always no matter the traffic. 

However, there is a negative chance of slow page loading and server issues. Pressable is a partner that your business deserves. It promises to give you expert support, a single dashboard solution for all your sites, security, and speed. 

Moreover, it supports store owners, agencies, and site owners who struggled to find scalability, support, speed, and security by giving the right performance, pricing, and partnership. It further helps you in completing each goal of your business. 

Features of Pressable


You can enjoy unparallel speed, support, and security along with exclusive and powerful features, which you won’t find everywhere. Thus, grow your business on the most powerful WordPress hosting platform. 

Let’s discuss its features in detail and see how it can be beneficial for your business. 

Automatic Failover

You can relax knowing that if your server encounters any issue in the future, Pressable’s monitoring systems will switch to an alternate server automatically. This premium feature comes for free so there is no need to subscribe to this service separately or spend time on it. 

100% Uptime

Pressable guarantees in writing that its data center network offers 100% uptime. This guarantee excludes scheduled maintenance, as it is necessary for every server to go through the right maintenance. The best part is you will get 5% of the monthly fee you choose for every 30 minutes of downtime. 

Content Delivery Network


Pressable’s global content delivery network (CDN) lets your websites load faster so that you can enjoy better SEO rankings. This is possible due to the closest location of the server. Since your audience is very near to the location, they can enjoy lightning-fast speed and high-traffic websites. 

NVMe Server Infrastructure

Pressable’s network uses NVMe servers for improved security, enhanced queuing, and improved response times. Its NVMe servers not only make your websites faster but also let your website rank better on search engines. 

Optimized Hosting

The data network of the Pressable WordPress hosting platform was designed by the same minds behind WooCommerce and WordPress. Pressable only focuses on the WordPress CMS for every website and guarantees peak performance, reliability, and security. 

Free Managed Migrations

Don’t worry about migrating your websites from another platform to Pressable. It will take care of all the processes involved in migrating, giving you peace of mind. Just let the customer support team know about your requirements and they will take care of everything at zero charges. 

Performance Monitoring and Optimization


Certified experts of Pressable monitor your site for memory usage and performance. You will get immediate notifications about the issue along with some helpful tips for preventing that issue. This way, you can improve your site performance at zero risk. 

Customizable and Scalable WordPress Hosting

Whether you are a startup, a growing business, or an enterprise, Pressable offers flexible and customizable plans for every kind of business with powerful features. They work with you in developing a customized plan tailored according to your exact specifications. 

Daily Backups

Protect your website’s data with Pressable’s nightly WordPress backups that are powered by Jetpack Security. Monitor website changes, restore your site, and schedule backups with Jetpack’s easy-to-use interface. Jetpack security boosts your website security and performance. It offers social media tools, CRM, SEO, themes, and more. 

Easy-to-Use Dashboard


Manage your single or multiple websites with Pressable’s intuitive dashboard. Modify settings, clone existing sites, create new websites, grant collaborator access to some websites, and more with just a few clicks. 

Staging Environments

Pressable’s ease-to-use staging environments allow you to develop new features as well as user experience and test it. You can later push the same site to the production stage with no extra effort. For every website you have, you get an option of a staging environment that comes with WordPress or WooCommerce installation. 

Titan Professional Email

The professional email of Pressable is a dedicated service offered and powered by Titan that runs simultaneously with your hosting plan. Titan email allows you to work more efficiently and smarter with a custom email address as well as feature-rich mobile and web applications. 

Free SSL Certificates


You will give confidence in using your website securely as your users’ personal information is protected with Pressable’s SSL certificates powered by Let’s Encrypt. SSL not only keeps your customers safe but also enhances your site’s SEO. 

Managed WordPress Updates

WordPress is constantly improving and evolving. You do not need to update it manually when you find a new version. Pressable takes care of all the updates to keep your website as secure and optimized as possible. 

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

All websites that are hosted on Pressable are secured by a web application firewall. This WAF protects your website from the most common attacks by identifying and blacklisting malicious activities while letting you get good traffic. 

Website Malware Scanning and Threat Monitoring


Pressable’s security team takes care of scanning your websites for cyber threats and malware. This will free you up from taking extra work so that you can focus on other IT activities that help you grow. 

WordPress Hack Recovery Assistance

Pressable’s team of experts takes care of everything at the time of website compromisation. They first investigate the root cause, get rid of intrusive software, and clean the mess. You will also get detailed guidance on this so that this type of failure will never happen again. 

How to Setup Pressable?

Setting up Pressable is quite straightforward. You only need to follow simple procedures to start a new website or migrate the existing one to Pressable. 

  • First, choose the best plan for your business. You can also work with Pressabel to come up with a suitable plan according to your business requirements. 
  • Whether you want to create a new website or migrate the existing one, you can have a quick chat with the customer support team.
  • If you want to create a new website, start installing WordPress and add plugins to it. Choose the best template for your website and you are ready to start text and images into it. 
  • Everything is on the table so enjoy risk-free hosting with available solutions. 

Pressable: Advantages & Limitations



  • It transfers monthly data across the board without any limit. 
  • In every plan, you will find free CDN and SSL. 
  • Every night there will be an automatic backup of your website. 
  • It regularly scans for malicious activities.
  • It offers a useful staging environment feature. 
  • You will get personalized onboarding.
  • Experience the excellent Jetpack security tool.
  • You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • It offers free migration and backups.
  • It promises to clean up hacks.


  • It doesn’t sell domains.
  • You will not find Jetpack Professional subscription.
  • It is a limited in-house backup.
  • There is no access to the premium WordPress themes



Pressable comes with various pricing options, such as:

  • Entry plan: It includes one WordPress install, 5000 visits/month, 10 GB storage/month, a WP cloud platform, etc. starting at $15.83/month if billed annually. 
  • Personal plan: It includes one WP install, 30,000 visits/month, 20 GB/month, Jetpack Security daily, etc. starting at $20.83/month if billed annually. 
  • Starter plan: It includes three WP installs, 50,000 visits/month, 30 GB/month, Jetpack security daily, etc. starting at $37.50/month if billed annually. 
  • Pro plan: It includes 10 WP installs, 150,000 visits/month, 30GB storage, etc. starting at $75/month if billed annually.
  • Premium plan: It includes 20 installs, 400,000 visits/month, 80 GB/month, etc. at $129.17 if billed annually.
  • Business plan: It includes 50 installs, 1,000,000 visits/month, 200 GB/month, etc. at $291.67 if billed annually. 

Alternatives to Pressable

Despite offering a good set of features, performance, pricing, and other offerings, not everyone will find Pressable ideal for their website. No matter what the reason is for you not liking Pressable, you can always have other options.

So, if you are looking for a Pressable alternative, here are some of the best ones.

#1. Kinsta

Optimize your resources, budget, and admin tasks with Kinsta’s enterprise-level tools. You will get premium features in every plan at no extra cost. It offers the highest-end CPUs and network availability thanks to Google’s C2 machines. 


Kinsta has built-in performance monitoring tools and global CDN. Choose the nearest location from 35 data centers across the world to store the content.

It offers faster and more secure websites for your business. You can easily manage your site with Kinsta’s simple dashboard, time-saving tools, troubleshooting with analytics, and more.

You will get scalable pricing plans for your site at a starting price of $35/month that includes one WordPress install, 25,000 visits, and 10 GB disk space.

#2. Nexcess

Build your business online with Nexcess WordPress hosting and experience high security, speed, and scalability. You will get the maximum speed with excellent image compression, intelligent plugin update tools, free migrations, traffic limits, metered pageviews, server monitoring, and more.


Start your WordPress today with flexible pricing options starting from $13.30/month for one site, 14 GB storage, 2TB bandwidth, 10 PHP workers, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

#3. A2 Hosting

Get powerful managed WordPress hosting built for speed for your growing business with A2 Hosting. It will help you build a website with rock-solid security, premium features, plugins, and more. It is optimized for speed and quick and easy setup.


Get features like lightening fast performance, free website migration, industry-leading security, daily automated backups, A2 optimized WordPress, expert support, and more.

Choose the right plan for you at a starting price of $11.99/month for one website, 50 GB NVMe storage, 4GB memory, daily backup, and more. 


Getting a performing, feature-rich, and powerful WordPress hosting like Pressable can be a great help to grow your business. It will not only help you counter the common WordPress site issues such as downtime and speed but also can take your site to great heights. As a result, you can witness better site speed, availability, reach, SEO rankings, and conversion rates.

So, get Pressable today for your WordPress site and feel the difference.

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