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In Digital Marketing Last updated: August 7, 2023
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Find out the popular product description generators that let you write attractive product description copies that boost eCommerce sales of products and services. 

The eCommerce ecosystem is a highly competitive space. Here, you must ensure that your products or services are appropriately visible. Otherwise, you will lose sales, and your competitors will fill the vacuum. 

One of the best ways to display your products on any eCommerce platform is by using detailed, SEO-optimized, and no-frills product descriptions.

It must attract the eyeballs of the visitors so that they click the product link and engage more with the product features or even add to the cart.

But creating such high-performance product descriptions is not an easy task. Digital businesses pay thousands of dollars to expert copywriters.

Today, I introduce you to some extra-smart product description generators that can write better descriptions than most human copywriters. Also, these apps do not break the bank.  

Why Is Product Description Important in eCommerce?

First off, product description generator tools let you create a good quality product or service copies when you have got a lot to list on your eCommerce shop or Amazon, Etsy, etc.

You can automate the process for consumer goods that sell quickly and save your in-house copywriters for highly personable products like travel packages, engagement rings, wedding packages, or electric vehicles.

Secondly, such tools help you to add a lot of social media and eCommerce tags in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is perform regular market research to find the best-selling tags and add those to a database. Then, simply link the description generator tool to use the tags for appropriate products or services.

Thirdly, these tools help optimize eCommerce products or services according to the latest Google Search Engine SEO policies. SEO brings organic traffic to your product sites hosted on Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and more.

Finally, most of these tools have built-in algorithms that automatically format the product copy text according to eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, etc.      

What Is a Product Description Generator?

A product description generator is an AI-based marketing copy-generating tool. It creates almost-perfect visual descriptions of products and services. The tool can automatically include the benefits, features, and necessary content the best product description needs.

You can program such tools to completely automate the product description writing process using APIs or IFTTT programs, or workflow automation tools.

Most of these tools come with built-in programs and specifications to craft publish-ready product descriptions for major eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Magento, Shopify, Wix, Etsy, eBay, and many more.      

Benefits of Product Description Generator Over Manual Writing

Find below some benefits that you can enjoy by using a product description generator app: 

  • Create product and service descriptions in bulk for products or services that sell quickly.
  • Run an eCommerce help agency and produce product descriptions for many clients in an organized way.
  • Minimize the copywriting load on in-house copywriters. You can use them for editing and personalizing machine-generated texts. 
  • Optimize descriptions with product or service features, benefits, SEO, and social media tags.
  • Easily create product descriptions according to the eCommerce websites’ policies.  

Now, find below some of the best product descriptions generators that popular eCommerce businesses use: 


YouTube video

If you want to focus on product marketing online and leave the product description generation task to an expert, you can give Anyword a shot before choosing any alternative sources. 

Because its built-in AI learns from billions of marketing copies, including eCommerce product descriptions, then, it creates unique content for your product or services by asking for basic information from you and enhancing the supplied data. 

If you see some of your competitors’ products getting better engagement, then you can use those copies and the AI tool to optimize, paraphrase, and create authentic texts for your products.  


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CopyMonkey helps you to create an automated product and service copywriting workflow at an affordable cost. It lets you create thousands of copies of eCommerce product descriptions from scratch by importing CSV or Excel spreadsheet files. 

The AI-copy writing tool generates multiple texts for one product on which your copywriting team can work and enhance the final output. The tool also offers built-in editing features like text formatting, paraphrasing, plagiarism checking, and HTML markdown. 

Furthermore, it can automatically read product data from many eCommerce sites like PrestaShop, Wix, Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, and more.  


NeuralText Product Description Generator

NeuralText uses natural language and text processing AI to generate authentic product or service descriptions. Its AI editing and content creation tools are available as AI templates within its web app.

You need to create a project from the NeuralText Dashboard. The wizard will ask you to choose a specific AI Template, like a product description. The free edition lets you create one product copy per input. There is no automation feature in this plan. For the best features and experiences, you must get one of its paid plans.

Smart Copy

YouTube video

Smart Copy is an advanced AI copywriter from Unbounce. If you are into digital business or running a digital marketing agency, then you must give Smart Copy a try for AI content generation, mainly for marketing purposes.

Smart Copy offers you a product description generator along with some other important tools for eCommerce trade like Google Das copywriter, Landing Page text creator, Facebook Ads creator, Sales Email writer, etc.   

The tool only asks for a few initial data like brand type, industry, brand name, brand keywords, short description, etc. Then, the ‘Write For Me’ module creates an initial copy which you can personalize further using its ‘Fine Tune’ module. 

Etsy Description Generator

The InsightFactory Etsy Description Generator is the dedicated product description generator for the Etsy eCommerce marketplace. The AI tool is pretty simple to use. The free plan gives you 15 free credits that you can use on a few text copy creations. 

However, with one of the paid plans, you can create 100 product copies per day and use the Etsy keyword generation tool. Furthermore, you can check out which are the current trending products and analyze how they are trending.    

LongShot AI

YouTube video

LongShot AI offers a product review writer along with one of the best product description writer AIs. In the same copy generator interface, by using the same input data, you can create both a review and a description. Thus, your eCommerce product marketing content flows well. 

Moreover, its AI copywriting steps are pretty simple. You just need to type a few pieces of information like the product name and key features, benefits, discounts, etc. Currently, there are no free trials for this AI web app. You need to sign up using one of the paid plans to try it out. 

Quicktools by Picsart

Quicktools by Picsart

Many small digital businesses and eCommerce websites have been using the product description generator Quicktools by Picsart for many years to create appealing, informative, and accurate product descriptions.

It uses a proprietary AI program to create authentic, engaging, and SEO-optimized product copies that perform well for bulk products that sell quickly and needs less focus. 

However, you can also use the tool for advanced copies of more emotive products like jewelry, electric vehicles, smart gadgets, home appliances, and more. 

Quicktools is a freeware web app. Furthermore, the tool offers product copywriting in multiple languages like English, German, Italian, French, etc. Moreover, you can choose a content tone from a long list like luxury, friendly, witty, bold, etc. 

Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI is a product or service description writer and manager. Hence, you can use the tool to create, store, and distribute bulk product smart gadgets as an agency or eCommerce owner.

Its AI writer also uses product images to learn from the product and inject personalization and appropriate tone in machine-created copies.

Furthermore, you can optimize over competitors’ copy by supplying the content from a rival’s product and then creating plagiarism-free content using Hypotenuse AI’s built-in paraphrasing feature.  



The popular AI copywriter Simplified offers and assures flawless marketing copies from an advanced natural language processing AI writer or product description generator. Moreover, the web app lets you integrate the app with your existing Grammarly subscription. 

Thus you can easily check spelling, basic grammar, advanced grammar, and punctuation as you draft product descriptions with Simplified. It ensures that you get original product description text with its plagiarism checking module every time. 

Also, should you need, you can properly give credit to several sources if you syndicate online text content from another publisher. Alternatively, you can just paraphrase the content using its AI Text Generator.


YouTube video

If you deal with a global customer base with your eCommerce presence, you can check out Writecream for all your product description needs. At the time of writing, the tool supported up to 75 languages, including English, Finnish, Estonian, Dutch, French, Canadian French, Swedish, Spanish, and more.

Also, you can choose from three different machine-writing services, and these are professional product description writing, AI-based content creation, and marketing copywriting.

Moreover, an out-of-the-box plagiarism checker ensures you are not submitting any copied content as product descriptions to Amazon or Shopify.    


YouTube video

Scalenut’s out-of-the-box AI content generator helps you create SEO-optimized product descriptions that increase organic ranking probabilities on Google SERP

Apart from SEO optimization, it also guides you to create product marketing copies in line with the guidance from Amazon, Shopify, and more. 

Thus, you do not need to worry about eCommerce market admins rejecting your product explainer content. Scalenut’s free plan offers limited functionalities, so you must get any of the paid plans to use the tool conveniently.  


YouTube video

Before Copysmith, digital marketing agencies and eCommerce businesses would invest weeks in creating marketing copies, looking for trending keywords, and optimizing the copy with those keywords. 

Then comes the task of further optimizing the content for product name, brand name, specifications, benefits, features, and more. 

But, with the Copysmith product description generator, your company can do all the above in one click, saving time, money, and time to market significantly.  


YouTube video

AISEO is for the effortless automation of product and service descriptions for eCommerce platforms. It creates the text in paragraph format rather than bulleted lists. 

If certain eCommerce product listing guidelines say that they would only accept paragraphs, you should try AISEO now.

Additionally, paragraphs usually perform well from the SEO point of view. Furthermore, you can add its add-on to Google Chrome and create product copies directly on the Chrome browser.  


YouTube video

Want to increase customer conversation and engagement around your eCommerce and online products affordably and quickly? You might want to try out the AI copywriter app Rytr.

At the time of writing, the Rytr app offered a free plan that includes 10,000 AI-generated characters per month along with other digital goodies like more than 40 AI writing use cases, 20+ marketing copywriting tones, built-in plagiarism checker, more than 30 foreign languages, and so on.    

Author’s Note

Automation in anything and everything in a digital business is a smart approach to make your business operations effortless. In eCommerce businesses, you can use a lot of automation tools, including the product description generators mentioned above. 

Though all the above tools deliver superior performance, if it feels overwhelming, I’ll help. You can get started with tools like Quicktools by Picsart, Etsy Description Generator, CopyMonkey, Rytr, Smart Copy, etc.

Also, a word of advice, do not just rely on the tools. The tools will be as good as the input text. So you need to oversee the content input as well. So, you can use your copywriting experience to proofread the product description texts before posting them online. 

So far, you have gone through the ultimate list of the best product description generators that you can get to boost product exhibitions on eCommerce platforms and get boosted sales.

You can try any of the above tools by assessing their features for some real products or services that you want to post on eCommerce sites like Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, and so on. 

Next, check out online meta-description generators for marketers.

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