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Customer feedback management plays a critical role in the development and up-gradation of any product. It allows you to understand your customer needs and identify areas requiring specific changes to make the product more convenient and appealing.

According to research, companies that collect timely feedback and make amendments have a better acquisition and retention rate than their competitors. These customer-centric companies focus on providing better customer service, which plays a critical role in a company’s overall success.

Some of the most common ways of feedback collection are surveys and reviews by the customers. Product owners then collect this information with the help of feedback collection tools and get a holistic picture of how their customers perceive their Brand.

It helps companies and individuals in the following ways:

  • A feedback management system helps in improving products and services.
  • It helps in measuring customer satisfaction levels.
  • Customers feel more valued after the feedback process.
  • Feedback Management systems enhance the customer experience.
  • Keeping customers becomes easier with feedback management.
  • Customer reviews can become a reliable source of information for other potential customers.
  • The feedback from customers plays a critical role in the decision-making process.

Lately, there has been a substantial increase in the level of competition that exists in the technological industry. Tech start-ups and companies that offer software-as-a-service (SaaS) always need to innovate and adapt to survive.

Additionally, they need to explore new avenues and maintain a high customer satisfaction rate to gain new customers and keep the existing ones.

Customer feedback helps these businesses through:

Feedback Management systems and website content optimization

Website content plays a critical role in defining the success rate of any business. They must maintain clear and effective communication to attract new customers. This is known as good copywriting.

A business should communicate its value proposition to gain new customers. Collecting customer feedback will allow the company to understand if they’re doing it the right way or if they need to make some necessary changes in their communication.

Improving business operations through Feedback Management

Each customer has a different potential for acquiring information. When you’re on-boarding a customer, some customers can easily navigate through instructions, whereas some may find it difficult and get lost in translation.

In such situations, gaining activity-based feedback is an excellent way of identifying the areas that a company has to redefine to make the customer journey as smooth as possible.

Product Development and Feedback Management System

SaaS and start-up companies always revolve in a loop of trial and error. These companies need to remain market competitive to survive.

Short feedback cycles enable them to make necessary changes and enhance their product to offer the best services at all times.

Increasing customer loyalty through Feedback Management

For SaaS and start-ups, gaining new customers is a hard task. Hence, they need to be extra careful with the customers that already exist.

Incorporating feedback mechanisms can allow these companies to make their customers feel more valued. However, it is essential that the company takes action and closes the cycle by resolving customer queries. Otherwise, customers will feel de-valued.

The good news is there are many affordable customer feedback management solutions available in the market.

What is a Customer feedback tool?

A customer feedback tool assists businesse­s in efficiently collecting, me­asuring, and analyzing valuable input from their customers.

By utilizing a customer fe­edback tool, businesses are­ empowered to make­ well-informed decisions drive­n by factual data obtained from valuable customer input.

Customer fe­edback tools serve as valuable­ assets for businesses of all size­s. By actively collecting and meticulously analyzing custome­r feedback, companies can e­nhance their products and service­s, elevate custome­r satisfaction levels, and ultimately bolste­r their financial performance.

Customer fe­edback tools have multiple ave­nues for gathering input from customers, including e­mails, web analytics, social media channels, and custome­r satisfaction surveys.

What is the importance of customer feedback tools?

A customer feedback tool is essential for businesses of all kinds. It allows you to gain insights into your customers’ needs, challenges, and expectations, enabling you to enhance your products and services accordingly. This ensures that your company remains on the right path.

A successful business needs its customer’s input; not only does this provide insights into their wants and needs, but it also helps build trust, loyalty, and satisfaction, which can help increase repeat customers.

By listening carefully to your clients, you’ll be able to develop more effective products/services and create targeted campaigns that will bring greater results for your organization.

One of the most effective ways to show your customers that their opinions matter is by gathering feedback from them. Inviting them to share their input not only initiates a dialogue but also gives them the opportunity to actively contribute to shaping your business.

By incorporating the suggestions provided by customers, you can build strong relationships with clients, leading to contract extensions and the potential for additional business.

Businesses can gather and analyze this data to gain insights into customers’ challenges. By doing so, businesses can promptly address these issues and make necessary improvements to their products or services to stay ahead in a competitive market.

Let’s now look at some of the best customer feedback tools.


Hotjar Feedback tool assists web owners and admins in collecting real-time feedback and insights from their website users.

Hotjar’s live feedback tool is most popular and used by over 6 million people across 180 countries. Some big names include Microsoft, T-mobile, Adobe, Nintendo, HubspotUnbounce, Panasonic, etc.

The tool is GDPR and CCPA-compliant, so you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure.

Hotjar provides four other free tools to use in conjunction with this live feedback tool – Heatmap to visualize the user behavior, complete user behavior recordings, create and send surveys in real-time, and one-to-one connect.


  • Observe user session recordings to analyze interactions and detect problems.
  • Receive feedback scores on each page to identify areas for improvement.
  • Use recorded sessions to troubleshoot and fix user-reported bugs.
  • Capture feedback early to prevent support ticket escalation and proactively identify potential issues.

Its basic version is free, and its paid plans offer unlimited feedback widgets that help web admins integrate them on all web pages to collect feedback in 40-plus languages without any storage limit to access past feedback data.

User Voice

UserVoice is a one-stop solution capable of collecting and organizing feedback from multiple sources. It then translates that feedback into measurable and actionable insight for the user.

It allows you to listen to conversations that surround your brand. No matter the size of the business or customer base, you can integrate everything under a single dashboard.

Since it allows you to collect customer feedback every step of the way, you can incorporate that feedback into your product roadmap and make necessary changes in time. With the help of this software, every customer enjoys being heard; you can let your customers feel cared for at all times.


  • It allows you to survey various products by comparing ideas to see which features they want to see more of this, getting instant and orderly results.
  • Create a two-way channel of communication between the company and customers, so they do not feel neglected.
  • Categories and tags can be created to tag comments by product, team, etc.
  • SmartVote surveys can get users to take part and discover what features or ideas users want the most.
  • The NPS (Net Promoter Score) functions track both positive and negative responses, asking users how likely they recommend the company to their friends. Based on a score of 1-10, we see different users: detractors, liabilities, or promoters.


Canny allows you to listen to different conversations that surround your business. It can gather feedback and generate automated reports to identify any areas that require reconsideration.

One of the best parts about the Canny is that it offers a clean, easy-to-navigate, and understandable interface. You can integrate it to collect feedback from your customers or internal team members and create a product roadmap based on your feedback.

Additionally, you can use the same platform to push an email to all the concerned parties to update them on the changes taken against their feedback.


  • Link reviews automatically to your current user accounts
  • Filter reviews on user groups you care for, e.g., loyal customers
  • Select various privacy tools to restrict access to boards.
  • Manually track input by adding a client to a post.
  • Discuss ideas with your team internally while keeping it in scope.
  • Add a better organization level to your posts.
  • Incorporate your logo, colors of the brand, and prompts
  • Set expectations better by predicting when a specific function will be available
  • Coordinate notifications with other marketing efforts
  • Easily format entries for better readability with rich text and inline images.


Roadmunk is a road-mapping tool that automates the customer journey and allows a company to identify areas of improvement for their product. Many multinational companies already use this service.

You can collect feedback and generate comprehensive reports at the touch of a click. It is best for highlighting risks, opportunities, and acquisition value.

The reliable team behind the interface that offers you their support at all times makes the product stand out from others.

Roadmunk allows you to create a customized dashboard based on the reports you require. You can choose and input the variables and work how it is convenient for you.


  • Build beautiful, collaborative road maps in minutes.
  • Get started quickly by importing data from JIRA or Excel (.csv) or get inspired by 35+ job plan templates that you can make yourself.
  • Visualize strategy for your entire product portfolio with comprehensive sharing capabilities, master roadmaps, and bi-directional data integration with JIRA.
  • Present your plan safely and seamlessly by exporting boardroom-worthy roadmaps to URL, PNG, PowerPoint, or paper.


Usersnap is a feedback platform and a bug tracking solution, which can be a wonderful SaaS business choice. It can screen unique sets of data and collects user feedback with ease.

It is one of the few software that allows you to accumulate feedback using a single window. Be it your internal team or your customers. They can use the tool to capture screenshots and provide their feedback with on-screen visuals.

The tool offers multi-language support and an unlimited reporting proposition at the same cost.


  • Usersnap collects visual feedback and tracks errors from users.
  • Customers or users can send feedback with a screenshot, annotations, and comments.
  • Metadata like browser version, URL, screen size, etc., can be added automatically.


Optimize your product by collecting instance feedback with the help of Upvoty.

It allows you to collect user feedback through a widget on your website or host it on a custom domain. Choose to collect feedback publicly or privately. And integrate with your application’s user through SSO.

So go ahead and build an amazing product by creating a product roadmap, changelog.


Do you like to build something on your own?

Get Fider! An open-source solution to host product feedback software on your server. You can get a cloud VM and install Docker and then set up Finder by their following easy-to-understand guide.

It will be a good cost-effective choice if you build an internal product and look to collect feedback from internal users.


Upvote is one of the simplest platforms that enables you to collect feedback from customers and within and outside the organization. All the features are completely automated, and you will not have to do any manual work.

It offers a different suggestion board that allows users to vote and determine the action plan for product development or management. It also allows you to integrate different platforms, such as Jira, to make it easier for you to complete your tasks using a single platform.


  • Centralize your feedback into one dashboard
  • Collect reviews from the outset in one location
  • Upvote helps you build in your organization a collaborative and open culture that promotes ideas.
  • Concept board to improve the feedback process.


Typeform is a result-oriented tool specifically designed to assist companies in swiftly and effortlessly collecting valuable customer feedback.

Its primary goal is to aid businesses in identifying opportunities, evaluating the efficacy of their products/services, and addressing areas for improvement. By crafting engaging surveys, Typeform facilitates meaningful conversations with customers.

It enables businesses to create surveys for meaningful customer interactions. By gathering valuable feedback, businesses gain insights into their customer’s needs and preferences, ultimately enhancing their products, services, and overall customer satisfaction.


  • Create custom surveys or use pre-designed survey templates to get specific customer feedback.
  • Craft surveys that adapt based on previous answers for a personalized experience.
  • Add media to your survey for better content and engagement.
  • Share surveys via email, social media, or embed them on your website. Surveys are optimized for desktop and mobile.

If you are looking for a comprehensive tool to collect customer feedback, then Typeform would suffice your need. Its in-depth metrics like reporting, analytics dashboards, integration with Slack or Google Sheets, automation, etc, make it the best tool. Companies can get started for free before opting for one of Typeform’s premium editions.


Collecting ideas and feedback is crucial for product growth. In the end,  you are building a product for your users, and listening to them will help you win the game. So go ahead and deploy the above tool to start collecting your product feedback today.

Next, find out how you can turn Gmail and GSuite into a powerful helpdesk solution.

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