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In Digital Marketing Last updated: September 22, 2023
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After launching a product, software, or startup company, the biggest challenge you face is to market it the right way.

Letting your target audience know about the startup or product is the next best thing on your to-do list. While it is possible to advertise them, it will cost you a significant amount of money.

Finding the proper advertisement channels can also be challenging and time-taking.

But, you can seamlessly and fruitfully publicize your product or company by entering them into different globally popular listing platforms. Here is a handpicked list of the websites that you can use to launch or list your products or startups.

Product Hunt

Product Hunt is the best social media platform for startups where users get the latest news on new digital products. This website includes recently launched startups on its home page. If you own a technology, productivity, games, or fitness startup, you are eligible to get listed here.

Product Hunt website

This free platform aims to promote new products to its audience, and users can also upvote their favorite products here. This voting system can make your startup go viral and grab the attention of investors and potential customers. To enlist your startup on Product Hunt, provide a clear and informative description along with a video.


If you are an entrepreneur who owns a small business, BetaList is a website where you can showcase your startup for others to discover. The members of this community website include early adopters, bloggers, investors, and journalists. As a result, You can get reviews and feedback on your startup from a community of experts.

Beta List website

The platform comes with free and paid subscriptions from which you may choose any depending on your needs. To enlist your company here, make sure it is a technology startup based on hardware or software. You cannot include recently launched websites here that do not have any press coverage or marketing efforts.


AlternativeTo is a website that lists alternatives to various SaaS, desktop-based software, and mobile apps. You can easily register and suggest your product or website as an alternative to any popular tool. However, any suggestions you make will be visible to the public after reviewing.

Alternative To website

Like the conventional app directory websites, this platform does not sort the software based on category.

Instead, every app has its separate list of alternatives that helps the users with a customized listing approach. End-users can also find related apps using the software tags or filtering the result with the supported platform and license type.

Startup Stash

Startup Stash claims to be the largest app and resource directory for techies, startups, and entrepreneurs globally. It offers a curated catalog of more than 600 products in 50 categories, and you can list your startup here as well.

Some of the top categories listed here are Accounting, Agile Project Management, App development, Billing and Invoicing Software, Business Management, Digital Asset Management, Human Resources, Internal Communications, leadership, Marketing Analytics, Payment Processing, Productivity, Remote Work, Time and Expense, and Website Builder.

The platform has handpicked tools and resources, with dedicated pages for each containing detailed information on the software.

Hacker News

Hacker News is a social platform for startups with over 150k subscribers. Therefore, you can let the tech world know of your startup using this free platform. An excellent site for branding, Hacker News lets you promote your startup by submitting tech and startup-related news.

Hacker News website

Here, you can publish entrepreneurship stories and the latest updates of the computer world.

Keep in mind that it does not accept any self-promotion. The news you submit should have an educational context and add value to the readers’ knowledge. Also, you need to submit the original source of the news story.


AppSumo is a marketplace that lets you sell online services and digitally distributed goods. If you are a SaaS product owner, this is the right platform to sell your digital products at a discounted rate to reach millions of early-stage users.


AppSumo allows you to sell software, WP plugins, template library, Chrome extensions, eBooks, PDFs, design elements, low-code/no-code apps, and conference tickets. Here, businesses can sell applications for operations, content marketing, CRM, SEO, social media, audio/video, media management, visual design, accounting, cloud hosting, security web analytics, customer support, and survey.

2000+ SaaS brands use this platform to reach 1.25M+ global followers. It also helps you build and run special marketing campaigns targeting the global SMB audience. You can also list your products on similar websites such as DealFuel, SaaS Mantra, and Pitchground.


StartupBase is a platform for product developers and early adopters to discuss and share the latest products and ideas. Startup owners can utilize this platform to introduce their startup and themselves to this community.

StartupBase website

Here, you can also connect with other makers, entrepreneurs, and investors. Furthermore, the platform offers additional valuable resources to startup owners.

However, StartupBase only accepts submissions from technology startups that make SaaS, mobile apps, innovative software and hardware, IoT, Google Chrome extensions, and AI projects.


Launched! is a community where you can display your products to the beta users and get their feedback for a successful product launch. You can also enlist your startups and tools here to attract investors.

Launched website

This platform lets you interact with other community members and expand your network. You can also learn the latest news from the startup world to stay up-to-date. Websites that belong to a startup or product can be listed here. However, go through the checklist to see if your startup is eligible for enlisting.

Indie Hackers

Indie Hackers is a platform where you can list your profitable businesses and side projects for the community members. Here, you can also share your knowledge and experience.

Indie Hackers website

Individual developers can also use this website for idea discussion, finding a partner, or getting customers for your product.

Launching Next

Launching Next is the platform where you will find out about tech startups from all over the world. Here, you can list your recently launched startups and startup ideas. Moreover, it lets you plan, develop, launch, and modify your small business.

Launching Next website

Here, startups can get listed by submitting a short description of their products. After the description submission, it contacts you for publishing your website on it free of cost. Launching Next also interviews startup founders individually to know about their experience. It also offers a direct link to your startup website so the users can visit it to learn more.


SaaSworthy is the website that links the buyers with the tools they are looking for by recommending them the right tech product. Once you apply for product listing, the expert team of SaaSworthy performs all the necessary research about the product and then lists it on their platform for free.

The website also offers community recommendations, detailed product information, and unbiased reviews to increase your sales by generating high-quality leads.

SaaSworthy website

SaaSworthy offers product listing in around 300 categories, including CRM, E-Commerce, Collaboration & Productivity, Content Management, Financial/Accounting Tools, Development tools, Digital Advertising, Marketing, Vertical Industry Software, Marketing Services, IT Management, Supply Chain & Logistics, Project Management, and HR.


SideProjects is an online marketplace for selling & buying side projects. If you are a full-time professional but want to sell your side business as well, this should be your go-to platform. The community of this platform will also turn out to be helpful for you by providing you with feedback and growing your side project.

SideProjects website

If you wish to sell a side project, post it here so that anyone else can buy it. This free platform does not take any commission after you sell a project. You can also submit your side projects and get feedback and validation through discussion.


Are you looking for an independent marketplace where the end-users visit to find the best software and product alternatives? If yes, then SaaSHub is the platform. Besides promoting your tools and apps, you can also improve the online presence of your product and brand through this website.

SaaSHub verifies each product to ensure that users get only the authentic and updated information about product price, logo, description, and so on. It is not involved in any affiliate program, and hence, more users rely on this for an objective list.

SaaSHub website

The top categories of this site are eCommerce, Monitoring Tools, Project Management, Marketing Platform, Productivity, CRM, Email Marketing, ERP, Design Tools, Communication, Note Taking, and Education.

If you are a product make and want to make new friends while you learn and grow, is the right platform for you. It is the site where you can show the world your creations and share your progress during the product development journey. What’s more, you don’t have to pay for any of these. website

Instead of promoting companies, this site lets individual professionals flaunt their achievements and creativity. You can get feedback on your work from the other users, which will help you do better. Also, you may take inspiration from the work others have done.

Conclusion 👇

Building brand awareness and making the product familiar are the top priorities of startup entrepreneurs and product developers. Keeping them in your marketing strategy means you are on the right track to get the desired attention of your users.

Apart from the platforms mentioned in this article, there are various other websites for amplifying the news of product launches. No matter which site you choose, make sure to use digital marketing tools to get more exposure to your audience.

Next, check out the best startup communities for entrepreneurs.

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