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In HR Management Last updated: November 17, 2022
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Nothing is better than high-quality product photography when it comes to convincing people to buy your products.

Product photography is a crucial part of your business. You need to take it seriously to drive more sales for your brand.

As online shopping is booming, it’s necessary to understand the importance of product photos. If you are not uploading high-quality images of your products, you are definitely missing out on plenty of sales conversions.

Whoever visits your website will be drawn towards images. When you showcase high-quality images of your products, you are making the visitors stick to your site. This will eventually boost your sales.

Currently, visuals are considered to be the most important part of marketing. Customers and visitors get a better idea because of visuals.

Brands often hire product photographers to grab the audience’s attention towards their million-dollar idea. Good product photography can skyrocket your business. If you do it wrong, you can even destroy your entire business. So, it’s necessary to hire the right product photographer.

Before we move towards the importance of product photography for your business, let us understand a little more about it.

What is Product Photography?

Product Photography is the art of capturing a photo of the product or service in the best lighting. This is a crucial step in marketing any business. It is not only about portraying your product but also about building trust among potential customers.

Earlier, only large companies took part in this type of marketing. Currently, no company can sustain itself on social media without product photos. It is the best way to market their products or services.

Product Photography

This is where the product is showcased in the best way possible through:

  • Best quality lighting
  • Appropriate camera angles
  • Proper background
  • Use of different elements to portray the product in the best manner

It is often seen that people purchase products just by seeing their photos. If you wish to entice visitors with your products, you need to focus more on product photography.

Product photography is a fundamental method of advertising for brands and businesses. The stronger you can frame the aesthetics, the stronger the impact on the potential customers.

Now that you have an idea about product photography, let’s understand its nuances.

How to do Product Photography?

Product Photography is not the same for every category. Like you see various products in the stores, product photos also come in multiple styles.

Product shots will depend on your product and brand. Some of the most common product shots are:

Individual Shots

These types of product photos contain only a single product in the frame. You will find such images used in product catalogs and banner images for showcasing the product.

Individual Shots

Group Shots

This type of product shot is used for showcasing a product kit or an entire collection of products. It is widely used for social media posts and advertisements.

Group Shots

Lifestyle Shots

This is where you portray your products in action. For instance, a model shows how you can use the company’s product. These are perfect for visual channels, ads, social media, and more.

Lifestyle Shots

Scale Shots

It isn’t easy to know the dimensions of a product in reality. Scale shots are where you keep your product with something used in everyday life so that customers can get an idea of the comparison.

Scale Shots

Detailed Shots

If you are taking a photo of products with small intricacies like jewelry, then you need to go for detailed shots. This will help you point out all the small details and features to the viewers.

Detailed Shots

Packaging Shots

Customers care for a good shopping experience. When you share a packaging shot, they get a perfect idea of how they will receive the product.

Packaging Shots

How to get the perfect shot?

These are the different types of shots you can take in product photography. There’s more to taking a perfect photo of any product.

Setting up the background

Setting up the right background will help you keep the product in focus and simplify the process of editing for you. The best you can do is use a white background for dark objects as products.

A white surface and a white background can help you give a perfect touch to your product photos. You can arrange this setup at your home too.

Setting up the product

To bring your product into the spotlight, you have to arrange it properly. Make sure that the product is centered and placed on a flat surface.

If you portray any small product like jewelry, you can even use tapes and glue dots. You can use mannequins or arrange a model for lifestyle shots for clothing.

Adjusting the lighting

Whenever it comes to photography, the most critical aspect is lighting. Creating a perfect lighting environment for your product photography can significantly impact the shots. You can adjust with the available natural lighting or set up appropriate artificial lighting.

Photography Lighting

You need to adjust the right amount of brightness for capturing the product in the best way possible.

Using the right accessories

Capturing the minute details is only possible with slow shutter speed, and it is nearly impossible to hold the camera still for long enough. So, it is always better to use a tripod never to get a blurry shot.

It might seem the most basic thing, but you need to focus more while selecting the camera. If you are thinking about entering the world of photography as a professional, you should be very selective while purchasing the camera.

Photography Equipment

If you have an iPhone, then also you are good to go. You need to adjust your iPhone’s settings as per the requirements to get an excellent shot.

Taking multiple shots

It’s always recommended to take multiple shots while doing photography. The first few ones might be a bit rusty. Try taking pictures from different angles and positions to see which one looks the best.

Once you have taken a good amount of images, you can upload them on your laptop to see how you did. Even if some might not look good, there are high chances you will find the right one when you have clicked multiple shots.

Now, you have a perfect idea about how to do product photography. Still, it is best to hire a professional product photographer for better results.

Currently, there is too much importance of product photography in the market for every brand.

Let us know about it in brief.

Importance of Product Photography for Businesses

Good product photography is the highlighting factor for both traditional and e-commerce businesses. People rely more on the photos because they can’t check the products for themselves before purchasing.

It is often seen that products with high-quality images are purchased more than those with no or low-quality photos. On top of that, visual content is also shared more on different social media platforms. So, you are making it easy for people to share your products online.

To make it easy for you to understand, here are some benefits of product photography.

Encourages Sales

The main reason for product photography is to drive more sales and attract visitors. When you highlight the product’s features with high-quality photos, you make the products look better than that of the competitors.

Boosts Sales

Boosts Social Media Presence

People are spending plenty of their time online on different social media platforms. Currently, visual content is grabbing more attention as compared to text-based content.

You can reach a wider audience through social media with excellent product photography. You will see people sharing your product shots on social media, eventually boosting your sales.

Improves SEO

Product photos will improve your website’s SEO. As your website ranks higher, you will get more visitors. The search engine will put up your online store at the top when you put up high-quality, relevant, and detailed photographs.

Influences Consumer Behavior

No matter what product you are selling, you can create a perfect vibe for the customers with the right product photography. For instance, if you are into selling organic products, you can set up your product photography with a farm in the background. This will provide an eco-friendly vibe to the customers.

Illustrates Brand Persona

Your site’s product photography will reflect your brand’s persona and quality. Stock images are a good option, but if you wish to build the credibility of your brand, then you need to go with authentic photos of your products and services.

Genuine photos will enhance the trustworthiness of any customer towards your brand. So, it is always better to go with product shots rather than only stock images.

These factors will help you understand the importance of product photography for your business. It is a great choice to invest in product photography as it will bring in excellent returns down the line.

As you know, it is always better to leave specific work to professionals. The same is with product photography. If you are thinking about hiring a professional product photographer, you can get the right fit from various platforms. There is no need to search for a product photographer near me on Google because certain platforms can directly connect you with them.

There are plenty of places to hire freelancers. But it is better to go with trusted websites for better hires. Let us look through some of these platforms.


Fiverr is the first platform that comes to everyone’s mind whenever it comes to hiring freelancers. No matter what type of service you need, you can find the right freelancer here.

Fiverr makes it easy to go through the entire portfolio of any freelancer before you even contact them. So, you can only contact someone whose work impresses you. On top of that, you can get a custom quote within a few minutes because of Fiverr’s messaging system.

YouTube video

There is no need to go with the complicated hiring process. You simply need to find a freelancer with the skills you need, contact them, agree on the working and pricing conditions, and you have a deal. This simple process makes Fiverr the first choice for people to hire freelancers.


Upwork follows a bit of a different approach as compared to Fiverr. If you are looking forward to hiring a long-term product photographer or freelancer, Upwork will make your work easier. The process of invoicing is simplified on Upwork as it is easy to track hours worked.


Freelancers can create a highly detailed profile to showcase their skills and expertise on the platform. No matter your budget for product photography, you can find the right person to get the job done over here.

Upwork is the best platform for easy tracking and invoicing freelance product photographers.


Snappr is like a one-stop solution for visual content creation. Whether you are looking for a freelancer to handle a single product photoshoot or you have a requirement of millions of photos, you can rely on Snappr to handle everything for you.

You can get in touch with professional photographers from around the around. The best thing here is that you can hire any talented photographer even with as little as two hours’ notice. You can book a single on-demand product shoot in less than 60 seconds as per your need.

YouTube video

On top of that, Snappr also provides powerful software to automate all the processes of visual content creation for your business. If your business requires 50 or more visual content pieces every month, this is the right choice.


Toptal is another useful platform if you are looking forward to hiring freelancers for the long term without considering a full-time employee. The freelancers on Toptal are handpicked because of their skills and expertise.


When hiring a product photographer, it is necessary to choose a talented one. Toptal will help you find a skilled photographer on a freelance basis to suit your needs.

If you are looking for skilled and highly-trained professionals, you should definitely check out Toptal. On top of that, there is no risk before hiring over here. You get a 2-week trial so that you don’t end up hiring the wrong person.


Freelancer is used by plenty of large enterprises for hiring skilled freelancers. The process here is pretty simple. You only need to sign up on the platform and post your job requirements. Once you are done with it, you have to wait for freelancers to bid on your project.


The best thing about Freelancer is that its payment terms are pretty flexible. You can hire a freelance product photographer and either pay them by the hour or for the entire project. There’s even a milestone payment system so that you only have to pay when the project reaches the specified milestone.

Freelancer app makes it easy to track your project even when you are not in front of your laptop or desktop.

As there are plenty of photographers on the platform, you will find it pretty easy to choose the right product photographer for your business needs.

These were some of the best platforms to find talented product photographers.

When it comes to brand photography, spending a bit more on quality is recommended.

Now, let us look through some specialized organizations for product photography.

Product Photography Specialized Organizations

If you don’t wish to go with freelancers, you can even go with product photography specialized organizations. These organizations have a team of professionals to carry out every task.


Squareshot is a professional product photography specialized organization. You can fill their shot builder list to get a specific quote based on your chosen images and angles. Now, you only have to ship your products with a prepaid shipping label to their studio.


You will receive instant email notifications for every step. You will be notified when your products are shipped to the studio, delivered, and even when the photoshoot starts.

As the images are ready, you will receive a link with all the shots. You can request edits if something isn’t as per your requirements. Once everything is done, Squareshot will ship your products back, and you will also have high-quality product shots.

Pro Photo Studios

If you want stunning product photography, you should check out Pro Photo Studios. Their team uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology to capture amazing product photos. You can get product shots as per your needs with high-end detailing.

Pro Photo Studios

No matter what platform you need photos for, you will get the perfect set of product shots. As the name suggests, they are completely professional in what they do.

Product Photo

The entire process for getting product shots is pretty simple with Product Photo. You simply have to place an online order with no requirements for upfront payments. The next step is to ship your products to the asked location, and then their expert team will start working on your shots.

Product Photo

Professional photography will take place by the expert team in the studio. As they are done with product photography, you can review the photos. If you are satisfied with the pictures, you can directly make the payment. If not, you can ask the team to make all the necessary changes in angles, backgrounds, or anything.

Thrive Product Studio

Click product images that boost your sales with Thrive Product Studio. Whether you wish to get product shots on white or order lifestyle photography, you can get excellent quality services over here.

Thrive Product Studio

You can expect high-quality photos in white for portraying your products on e-commerce platforms. Even if you want to capture your product in real-time scenarios, you can check out their lifestyle photography services.

You can ask for as many changes as you need to get that perfect shot for your product.

So, these are some professional organizations that can help you out with product photography.

Product photos often motivate any visitor to buy the product. If your product photo cannot grab the viewer’s attention, you are missing out on plenty of sales opportunities. You need to hire a professional product photographer to improve sales.

A Few Useful Designing Tools

Even if you are a small business, you can try out several design tools that can help you design your product image.

Here are 2 of the best tools to rely on.


When designing anything digital like a banner, product image, presentation, or anything, you can rely on Canva.


Canva provides tons of features to help you design the perfect product image that captures every visitor’s attention. You can even check out readymade templates on Canva so that you don’t have to start from scratch.

Adobe Creative Cloud

No product image is ready without re-touching, editing, and proper highlighting. Once you are done with the clicks, you need to use the right tool for editing your product photo.
Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Creative Cloud combines Lightroom and Photoshop to transform your product image into a sales-driving machine. If you can imagine anything, you can create it with Adobe Creative Cloud.


So, here you have plenty of resources and tips to skyrocket your brand with product photography. Choosing the right product photographer is extremely important because product photography can make or break your business.

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