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A professional bio is indispensable for personal branding. Use these effortless professional bio generators to produce it right.

Whether you are an individual professional, running a small agency, or have a portfolio of businesses, a professional bio is a must. The first statement a visitor will read on your website is a bio or “About Me”.

But with so many things on your plate, you can feel burdened to create bios. Here come professional bio generator tools at your rescue.      

Continue reading to find some of the best tools experts use to amaze their audience. 

Why Your Professional Bio Must Stand Out

The “About Me” section gives a clear and concise idea about your credibility, skills, service offerings, and so on to the audience. 

However, you can do a lot to make this section of your professional profile more attractive to stand out from the crowd. For example: 

Impress the Readership or Visitor

Just impress the people who view your profile or website. It will help you get some word-of-mouth promotion for free. 

Grab and Hook the Visitor to Your Profile

With so much digital content available for free, you have only a few seconds to impress a reader or employer. Also, today’s visitors have fragile attention. 

Hence, an impressive professional bio will catch the attention of the reader and hook them to your story. As they keep reading, they must desire more and finally reach your career portfolio or website for further conversation.  

Showcase Highlights of Achievements

It enables you to flaunt your career or business achievements to impress the employer or customer. 

Opportunity to Redirect the Reader to Your Blog

Strategically (with hyperlinks) placed author bio statements on third-party websites, social media profiles, etc., will help you send more traffic to your portfolio or website. 

SEO Opportunities

Viral and high-value keywords on your bio will push your profile to the top Google or LinkedIn results and thus increase your profile views. 

Works as a Conversation Starter 

Professional bio works as an icebreaker. The readers, visitors, or employees may visit your website or portfolio if they like the “About Me” part. If they do, these are leads since they have grown some interest in you.  

Creates Room for Applicability

You could be a software developer and, at the same time, a travel blogger, chef, gamer, NFT artist, and more. 

You can customize the bio. For example, put stress on a day job like software development on the LinkedIn profile. But when blogging on WordPress, be casual and talk more about travel, cooking, and so on. 

Communicate Your Way

Resumes, cover letters, press releases, etc., have academic formats. You need to follow the established rules to write these documents. 

But professional bio has no rule of thumb. It needs to be authentic, catchy, engaging and filled with facts about your career, business, or gig. 

Easy to Update

Most online professional or social profile platforms make it super easy to update your “About Me” section whenever you want. Completed a trending course on graphic design or app development? Update it in your bio instantly. Spreading this update through a resume will be a tedious job but not with an author bio. 

What to Include in Professional Bio

First Name and Last Name

Write down your complete name. If you are using pseudonyms, do it the right way. You can also add hyperlinks to blogs, portfolios, etc. 


For professional portals, mention the employment designation to create a context for future conversations. 

Employer’s Name

Similarly, you must mention the name of the current employer. If you are a freelancer, mention those clients who are famous or available via an online search. 

Routine Duties

Do not forget to mention some routine tasks that you are good at or regularly perform at the workplace. 


Mentioning relevant job experiences is a thumb rule for professional bio. 

Challenges Overcame

If you have overcome any notable challenge at the workplace, do mention that. 


Write the names of certifications, awards, nominations, recommendations, etc., you have received in your career. 


You can talk about the highest educational qualifications, like graduate, post-graduate, etc. 


You can not go wrong by mentioning a few hobbies in your professional bio. It helps to make an emotional connection with the reader. 

Fun Facts

Do mention sober fun facts in your “About Me” section. Fun facts could be hidden talents, favorite childhood memories, the bravest thing you have done, etc.  

CSR Activities

If the professional bio is for business requirements, mention CSR activities that you might have participated in. 

What Not to Include in Professional Bio

Too Much Padding

Do not make the bio longer by using padding content. Keep it concise and crisp but do include facts. 

Too Much Personal Information

You can spare too much personal data like parents’ names, occupations, Social Security Number (SSN), childhood nicknames, etc. 

Fabricated Information

Be careful enough not to include falsified information in your author bio. People can easily trace false information in the digital age.  

Negative Metrics and Information

Keep negative information like a poor score in an academic subject or temporary suspension from work due to lack of performance away from the bio.  


A professional bio is to write your story, not others. So, keep quotes out of it. 

Too Much Humor

You can use humor, have fun, and be creative, but too much of that in a professional bio could fall flat. 

Price Quotes

If you offer products or services for sale, do not mention the price on your profile bio. 

Illicit Content

Refrain from adding illicit content that is barred by social customs, local laws, or government regulations.

Now, find below some reliable and easy-to-use professional bio generators that you can use for personal or business use: 


CopyAI helps you to produce a social media bio in minutes. You can shred the stress of trial and error with this AI-powered professional bio tool. It is a highly trained text-to-content artificial intelligence that only requires a few inputs to craft engaging, fun, and professional bios.

Its three-step process of the author bio tool asks you to input the following: 

  • The type of bio you want
  • Name
  • Skills, achievements, services, etc., in bullet points
  • Intent
  • The tone of the bio

Once you are done feeding info to the AI, it will show you a few examples of professional bios. You can choose from the initial list or expand the pattern for more similar suggestions.

It has a free plan with a limited content generation option. But you can expand the features and get content in up to 25 languages by getting a CopyAI Pro subscription.       


Rytr is an all-in-one professional bio generator for most online profile platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more. You can get access to tons of creative and engaging professional bios affordably by signing up for a free or paid subscription to Rytr.

Its “About Me” content generation is super easy and requires you to take only the following steps: 

  • Select the language of the content from 30+ languages
  • Choose a tone of the bio from 20+ tones
  • Select use cases like Profile Bio, Cover Letter, etc.
  • Type in some keywords or skills

That is it! The app will generate three different versions of bios. You can, however, change the creativity level before starting the process to set the bar between the level of factual and less-factual content.     


INK AI writer comes with three different types of professional bio-writing tools. These are: 

  • Creative bio using the Personal Bio Generator
  • Clubhouse Bio Tool for Clubhouse profile bios
  • Company Bio Generator for brands and businesses

Once you select the appropriate bio-generating tool from INK’s collection of AI tools, final content generation is super easy. You need to type in some details that you want to add to your bio. It is not mandatory to write in complete sentences. You can type names, keywords, skills, etc. 

You can get started with the Free plan, and if you like the content examples, you can go for its most popular subscription plan INK Professional.  


WriteMe assists you in standing out from the crowd by writing outstanding profile bios that attract many eyeballs. Its web app is simply an extremely intelligent artificial intelligence powered by text-to-content machine learning (ML) algorithms.

The entire profile bio generation process includes only four steps: choosing a language, selecting a tone, choosing Profile Bio as content type, and finally, feeding key skills and keywords.

This AI professional bio generator tool is available for Free (limited words/mo). But you can increase the word count by getting a paid plan.    

Resume Worded

If you are building a professional network or looking for a job on LinkedIn, then Resume Worded is a must-try. Its AI writing algorithm creates an elaborate LinkedIn summary for your LinkedIn profile in a flash. The tool formats the content in a way that most professionals use for LinkedIn summary writing. 

The tool only asks you to choose a category from multiple options like Student, Freelance, Marketer, MBA Student, and more. Then, it drafts a LinkedIn bio for you. Since the content does not come with your personal information, you need to include those in the content.   


Nichesss LinkedIn bio and summary generators are truly helpful in converting industry information and a short bio into an engaging, fun, and professional bio that boosts views and connections. 

It is essentially a collection of AI writing tools, including the following bio-generating apps: 

  • Author Bio
  • Company Bio
  • LinkedIn Bio
  • Resume-Bio
  • Social Media Bio 

At the time of writing, it offers an actionable profile bio only if you have subscribed to Rookie, Intermediate, and Pro subscriptions.   

Golden Layouts

Golden Layouts AI profile bio-writing tool helps to save time and minimize stress when drafting LinkedIn or any other bio. The tool, specifically, optimizes the profile bio for LinkedIn profiles.

However, the overall content is impressive, creative, and fun which fetches better results than novice profile biographies.  

The tool will collect various data in short phrase format through an online form. Then, it shows a moderately good profile bio. However, it collects a lot of personal data too. You need to feed this tool data carefully if you are a privacy-concerned person. 

Now that you know which tools you must use for writing bios, find below some tips and tricks for the best “About Me” section ideas.

Examples of Professional Yet Funny Bio Examples

#1. Bill Gates

Bill Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft, the tech giant that owns the Windows operating system. He has countless awards and accolades in his portfolio. 

#2. Marc Cuban

According to Marc Cuban’s bio, he is a natural businessman who started selling garbage bags by door-to-door canvassing. Now, he is worth approximately $4.8 billion and owns the Dallas Mavericks.  

#3. Tom Hanks

Six times nominated and two times in a row wins for the Best Actor Academic Award, Tom Hanks is one of the popular cultural icons of America.

#4. Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah is a highly successful South African political commentator, satirist, comedian, and more. He is the host of The Daily Show, a globally popular satirical television program covering American politics.

#5. Mark Levy

A globally acclaimed differentiation expert, Mark Levy, helps brands to come up with their unique idea. He is a kind of marketing and branding expert.

#6. Michelle Tam

A famous American blogger, bestselling cookbook author, food photographer, and food writer, Michelle Tam, focuses on the Paleolithic lifestyle and diet on her blog Nom Nom Paleo.     

#7. Van Jones

Van Jones is a popular face in American news media when it comes to social, political, and environmental issues.

If you find accommodating multiple skills and talents in one professional bio challenging, get inspiration from his Twitter bio. For a complete professional touch, also check out his website’s “About Me” section.         

Final Words

Professional bios are everywhere. They appear on job boards, personal blog sites, business websites, social media, personal messaging apps, online networking platforms, and so on.

These few lines of text have the responsibility to hook the visitor to your profile or website and push them to read more. 

The professional bio generators outlined above should help you get started with some amazing bios that people would love to read.

You may also explore some best letterhead makers for branding your business.

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