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In Collaboration Last updated: March 21, 2023
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No matter how experienced a creative team is, working on a project to deliver the best possible result can sometimes become exhausting.

The constant tracking of information contained in lots of emails/messages combined with the feedback and approval processes is time-consuming. That’s where online proofing tools can be a savior.

Such tools make the review process effortless and help you focus on the creative process more. As of now, there are numerous online proofing tools out there. In this article, we have compiled some of the best proofing tools for quick approvals and feedback.

What Is Proofing Software?


Proofing software, also known as review and approval software, is a tool that allows hassle-free sharing of digital assets and collecting feedback.

This method has got recognition as an easier, more efficient way of dealing with review and approval processes over typical methods like mail, printouts, etc.

It is because a proofing tool utilizes centralized feedback on projects, resulting in more accurate and effective collaborations.

Advantages of Using Proofing Tools

There are multiple benefits of using online proofing software. Here are some of them:

  • It empowers team members to view, compare, or annotate proofs from anywhere, at any time.
  • An online proofing tool helps bring all feedback and approvals to a central location, eliminating the need to search through a jam-packed mailbox.
  • By sending automatic reminder alerts, it helps creatives stay on deadline.
  • It boosts the overall project quality as online proofing’s transparent feedback system drastically reduces the chances of errors.
  • A proofing tool cuts project costs and time by ensuring an effective approval workflow.

How Does a Proofing Tool Work?

A proofing tool functions systematically. First, users upload their content – be it a PDF, web page, or whatever – to a secure server. Then, they share it with collaborators and assign them specific roles, including those of reviewers.

After the reviewers are set and the proof generated, each team member receives an alert and can access the proof. From that point onwards, reviewers can start collaborating by commenting, replying, and marking up particular portions of the content providing clear-cut feedback.

The proofing software notifies all team members of each new comment and any decisions made on the proof. Creatives can create new versions and compare them with earlier versions so that team members can confirm whether all the necessary alterations were made or not.

Features to Look For While Choosing a Proofing Software

There are lots of online proofing tools available in the market today, with each claiming they are the most efficient. But before opting for a specific proofing tool, you should check out if it has the following features:

  • Supports every existing file type
  • Has customizable email templates
  • Offers live website review
  • It lets users compare new versions of proofs with their older versions
  • Allows unlimited users
  • Provides options for lots of third-party integrations
  • It comes at a budget-friendly pricing

As we mentioned earlier, proofing tools make the review process way easier and helps conserve your creative juices. Here are some of the best online proofing tools to go for.


Pastel is a robust online proofing tool that enables marketing teams to review and approve marketing collateral faster. Pastel’s shareable links bring everyone on the same page and allow stakeholders to review and comment on digital marketing assets.

Whether it is a live website, PDF, or image asset – the tool makes way for effective collaboration on all marketing collateral.

Pastel’s main features are unlimited guests, real-time comments, visual feedback, image attachment, feedback labels, one-click copy changes, and so on.

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Pastel has a free forever plan for individual users with limited features. Paid plans start from $24/month onwards.


Filestage is an online proofing software that empowers marketing teams to better manage their digital projects and gather feedback. It lets users share, discuss, and approve their files all within the tool.

The tool automates the creative proofing process and lends marketing teams more time to get projects done within deadlines.

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Some of the key features of Filestage include unlimited versions, unlimited files, due date reminders, timestamps, annotations, comments, to-do lists, numerous integrations, etc.

Besides, Filestage helps users compare two project versions side-by-side, increasing the convenience of checking the comments and witnessing the changes.

Filestage has yearly and monthly plans starting at $19/seat/month and $24/seat/month, respectively.


PageProof is an online proofing tool that eliminates the hassle of reviewing and approving a project. It streamlines all your feedback. So you don’t have to deal with the long trails of emails anymore.

This tool is known for its robust security, as it uses triple-layer encryption for its online proofing and approval processes. Major features of the software are simple markup tools, smart compare proofs, briefing, seamless integrations, and so on.

Currently, PageProof is free for reviewers, while team plans start from $199/month.


GoProof by Oppolis is a cloud-based proofing software that helps teams manage clients, jobs, projects, etc., all in one place.

This proofing solution allows admins to easily assign a particular job role to each collaborator. It also allows fast proof sharing with clients, enhancing the workflow across an agency.

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GoProof comes equipped with a plethora of handy features, including data import/export, mentions, alerts, traffic encryption, custom templates, integrations, unlimited collaborators, separate team creation for segregated reviewing, and more.

Also, GoProof’s unique extension allows sharing proofs and gathering feedback without leaving Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

Presently, GoProof offers tiered multi-user licenses with prices depending on the number of required creative proof senders. However, reviewers can use the tool for free.


zipBoard is a perfect solution for getting multiple stakeholders to review websites, files, documents, and more in one place. As teams can communicate feedback from their stakeholders hassle-free, their workflow improves.

zipBoard allows creative teams to take screenshots, annotate, and collaborate better, providing a seamless visual bug-tracking experience.

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zipBoard offers many useful features to its users, including bug tracking, a submittal markup tool, annotation, an embeddable widget, unlimited comments/tasks, phases, notifications, integrations, an open roadmap, etc.

At present, zipBoard’s pricing starts at just $99/month.


Ziflow is an online proofing tool that allows creative teams to receive feedback and deliver projects within deadlines. Interestingly, this tool supports 1200+ creative asset types. By automating all of your creative workflow steps, Ziflow enhances a team’s output.

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While the tool’s comment feature is top-notch, it has more features up its sleeves. These include rich discussion threads, workflow templates, advanced markup tools, simplified version management, AutoCompare, integrations, etc.

Ziflow currently has a free forever plan for personal use. For agencies, their pricing starts at $40/seat/month.

Quick Reviewer

Quick Reviewer makes it hassle-free for creatives to receive feedback and approvals for their projects. This cloud-based tool utilizes color coding for easy distinction of reviewers.

By streamlining creative workflow, Quick Reviewer helps teams easily understand what the stakeholders want from the creatives. This eliminates any unnecessary confusion and ensures the quality of the project.

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Quick Reviewer’s most useful features are alerts, multiple revisions uploading, a split screen for comparing previous versions, integrations, custom email notifications, custom statuses for workflows, and so on.

As of now, Quick Reviewer has a free forever plan with limited features. For more features, users can opt for one of their premium plans starting at just $29/month.


GoVisually simplifies the review and approval processes of projects so that marketing teams can complete them faster.

It is one single, focused workspace for all projects and feedback. So you don’t need to deal manually with those lengthy, annoying email trails. By utilizing shareable links, GoVisually eases the review process for clients too.

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Besides, this tool offers several features that make GoVisually a great option to go for. These are sharing with unlimited reviewers, annotations, team-only private comments, integrations, custom web and email branding, full version control, and many more.

Presently, GoVisually offers annual and monthly plans starting at just $20/month and $25/month, respectively.


ReviewStudio assists creative teams in getting crystal-clear feedback and smooth approvals for all their projects with ease.

By providing scope for effective communication, ReviewStudio ensures that everyone involved with a project is on the same page. It simplifies creative collaboration by streamlining workflows.

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Key features of ReviewStudio include task management, compare mode, comment threads, precise markup tools, flexible review settings, unlimited versioning, user-specific visibility, automated reminders, custom integrations, etc.

ReviewStudio’s pricing starts at $20/month and $24/month for yearly and monthly plans, respectively.

Approval Studio

Approval Studio seeks to make your review workflow faster and more efficient. The tool comes equipped with four comparison modes. Plus, there is a difference finder, enabling creatives to track alternations in every new version and deliver error-free projects to clients.

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Also, each team member can choose their preferred language from the seven available languages so that the language barrier never hampers the creative process.

Third-party integrations, external review, a barcode scanner, an on-screen ruler, task assignments, project history, etc., are some of the key features of Approval Studio.

At this moment, Approval Studio’s pricing starts from just $9/user/month.


WebProof is an online proofing software designed to make collaboration between agencies and project reviewing easier. It ensures smooth communication between collaborating bodies.

As this tool helps marketing teams eliminate any complications from their workflow, the project costs and time naturally decrease. Utilizing WebProof, teams can share their projects with the clients directly so they can instantly approve them or give on-page feedback if needed.

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Major features of WebProof include commenting tool, draw box tool, revision history, file attachment, online page-flip, instant notification, translation, eagle eye project view, numerous integrations, etc.

This proofing software has three packages, namely Pageflip, Enterprise, and Platinum, at varying prices. Moreover, users can book a demo before deciding whether to purchase it or not.

Final Words

Now that you know about these best proofing tools for quick approvals and feedback, what’s stopping you? Identify your specific needs and refer to our article to pick the tool that works best for you.

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