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In Sales & Marketing Last updated: June 7, 2023
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Business Proposals are one of the most crucial documents of your company, and ironically, several businesses fail to create one which could urge the clients to take the deal forward.

An appealing business proposal is well crafted, unambiguous, well structured, and tailored to the client’s needs in every way possible. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that writing a good proposal is an art that not everyone can master.

Here is when the proposal creation software comes into the scene to offer an efficient way for the marketing teams to build appealing proposals which can improve client turnover rate.

Several business proposal software boasts modernizing your organization’s proposal creation process but picking the reliable one can be tricky.


To make the process easier, measure the software over the following key points.

  • User Friendly: Software having a simplified user interface is much easier to learn and helps design efficient proposals within minutes.
  • Features: All the software for creating proposals have its features, and some of them might be absent in the software we opt for. Hence, you should carefully evaluate the feature set before making up your mind.
  • Business Requirements: Just like the feature, you also need to evaluate the requirements of your business. Determining the essential features and attributes you can compromise will help clear the picture.
  • Affordability: It is essential to map the features with the cost of service and decide if the software is affordable or not. It would be best if you chose software that offers a perfect balance of functionalities without exceeding your budget.

Let’s introduce you to software in this category preferred by small and medium-scale businesses and even freelancers.


PandaDoc is a reliable solution capable of automating the business proposal creation process for companies, along with sending proposals, client contracts, quotes, and similar documents.

Thanks to the collaboration tools and CRM integration, PandaDoc simplifies the proposal customization and analytics process after it is sent to the clients. You get a notification whenever the client opens the proposal, the time spent on reading it, the links he clicked, or whether they downloaded it or not.

The vast template library offers pre-designed templates for different use cases minimizing error. PandaDoc’s drag-and-drop interface, along with an intuitive content library, helps even the new marketing teams with the creation process and tackles all the client’s concerns.

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Proposify is a popular proposal designing software that often attracts creative marketing agencies. It features a drag-and-drop interface for you to build small sections of the proposal and includes an InDesign-like editor that enables you to add texts, images, and videos to enhance the look and feel.

This robust software has an analytics module for offering valuable insights, such as top viewed sections, number of views, reading duration, and so on, to the business teams.

Like Pandadoc, you will get a full-fledged template library, which can be customized to align with your company’s brand image. Proposify seamlessly integrates with CRMs like SalesForce and HubSpot, facilitating the quick sourcing of the data required to create personalized proposals.

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Better Proposals

Better Proposals is a widely preferred proposal management software owing to the simplicity it brings to the table. The library offers a decent number of templates flaunting a modern design and layout that are easily editable, just like an email.

You are free to design your proposal structure and save these templates for later use. Better Proposals is equipped with automation tools useful for customizing proposals and adding personalized elements like the company logo, font, colors, and more.

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You can track the proposal performance using the robust analytics module, which gives valuable insights required by the team to determine clients’ inclinations. It has an interesting feature named Proposal AI that delivers an automated review of your proposal before you send it to the prospect.


Proposable is an easy-to-use proposal management software with an automated drag-and-drop editor that streamlines the proposal creation and sending process.

It also sends notifications via email and SMS whenever the client views your documents and gives in-depth insights into the key stats of the proposal.

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Apart from creating proposals, the well-designed framework also enables you to receive payments and eSignatures from the client.

Proposable offers an extensive template library like any other proposal software, but the platform is much more coherent, offering super convenience to the users. Proposable can be easily integrated with popular CRM software, including Salesforce, Pipedrive, HubSpot, and many others.


Bonsai is a powerful task management tool specially built for freelancers who wish to deliver a seamless client experience, thereby improving the acceptance rate of their proposals.

Apart from managing clients and tracking projects, it enables you to send proposals and contracts without hassle. Like other proposal software on the list, it is possible to track online proposals and receive approvals electronically.

The library offers high-quality, customizable templates which you can use to quote your offerings or build your template from scratch and save it for later use.

You receive instant notifications when the proposals are viewed or approved and receive payment through several payment options. Bonsai supports 180 currencies making it a perfect choice for freelancers worldwide.

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Revv is an elegant proposal software builder for Professionals, Agencies, and Consultants wanting to design stunning proposals for clients, defining new boundaries for document automation and workflows.

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Revv offers the following features making it a one-stop shop for managing all business-related documents, including proposals:

  • Drag & Drop Proposal Builder tool to facilitate the creation of professional proposals without having to code.
  • Hundreds of readymade proposal templates are available in the template library to create proposals in minutes.
  • Share and collaborate on the proposals instantly using magic links without downloading them.
  • Use secure eSignature to get approvals on your proposals.
  • Features like Comments, Notes, and Attachments allow you to converse on the proposal and attach all the relevant references.

Revv has a very minimal learning curve and competitive pricing plans to suit all types of businesses.


Ignition is another proposal management software you can opt for, making a lasting impression on your clients. Ignition strives to eliminate confusion and ensures that you and your clients stay on the same page.

It delivers branded proposals digitally in a few minutes and makes it possible to get them signed and collect payment from within the software itself.


The software allows a large degree of customization where you can add videos, company brochures, and engagement terms, if any.

Clients can add up to ten signatures within a single proposal to ensure the integrity of the contract. Using Ignite, it is possible to automate the invoice creation process once the proposal is accepted.


Wanting to win over new clients but are unfamiliar with the proposal creation method? Indy will be the right choice for you to create professional proposals to make a lasting impression.

Indy offers a decent set of features that empower you to craft a compelling proposal and kick-start a new project. It gives access to plenty of templates where you need to enter the details to get the proposal ready within minutes.

Indy automatically converts the estimate into an invoice after the proposal gets finalized. You are free to create a project space, send the contract, or create a to-do list to get the project rolling.



Well-documented proposals are necessary for acquiring new clients and boosting your company’s sales.

A sophisticated proposal software helps you tailor a professional-looking business proposal to guide prospective clients through the pipeline. So, choosing the right business proposal creation software is crucial, and our guide above will help you pick the right one for your brand.

Next, check out our best sales software to manage your sales pipeline.

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