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Not able to play games smoothly on your PS5 Console? Are you unable to download the new ones & play? Check the storage issue out & go for External Drives that would boost your console’s performance.

PS5 Storage Capacity

The PS5 has an internal solid-state drive (SSD) as its primary storage means. The PS5’s base model offers 825 gigabytes (GB) of storage. This SSD’s quick access to game data and loading times result in a faster gaming experience.

Even though the integrated SSD has an 825GB capacity, the PS5 only has 667.2GB of storage available. This is because things like the operating system, firmware, and upgrades occupy some space. Thus, the 158GB actually represents a portion of the PS5 console’s inaccessible storage.

Selecting Settings > Storage > Console Storage lets you see the usable PS5 storage. Select Games and Apps to check how much space each game is consuming.

Although 667GB is a moderate amount of storage, next-generation games with increasing install sizes can quickly fill it. As you may also already be aware, certain games need dozens or even hundreds of GBs.

PS Storage, CPU, GPU, Memory details

Storage CapacityUpto 825 GB SSD500GB/1TB12GB/500 GB8MB1MB/5MB8MB/64MB
CPUAMD Zen 2, 8 cores @ 3.5 GHzAMD Jaguar, 8 cores @ 1.6 GHzCell Broadband Engine @ 3.2 GHzMIPS R5900 (64-bit) – 294 MHzRISC MIPS R3000A (32-bit) – 33 MHz20-333 MHz MIPS R4000
GPUAMD RDNA 2, 10.3 TFLOPSAMD Radeon, 1.84 TFLOPSNvidia/SCEI RSX – 550 MHzGraphics Synthesizer – 147 MHzR800A (32-bit) – 33 MHzCustom Rendering Engine + GPU
Expandable StorageNVMe SSD SlotNoNoNoNoMemory Stick Duo Slot
External StorageUSB HDD SupportUSB HDD SupportUSB HDD SupportNoNoNo
Optical Drive4K UHD Blu-Ray DriveBlu-Ray/DVDBlu-ray/DVD/CDDVD, CDCD-ROMUMD
Video OutHDMI 2.1, with support of 4k.HDMIHDMI, AV Multi OutAV Multi outS-Video, SCART (RGB)AV
AudioTempest 3D Audio TechDolby Digital 5.1Dolby Digital 5.15.1, Surround Sound16-bit, 24-channel ADPCMStereo Speakers

Need of Sufficient Storage on PS5

Having enough storage on your PS5 is essential for gaming. But why is it so?

Let’s say you enjoy playing video games and have a great library. The storage capacity on your console is occupied to a different extent by each game you own.

Since the PS5 is a contemporary gaming powerhouse, it provides top-notch graphics and immersive experiences, but it also means that the games are more significant.

If your PS5 has enough storage, you can simultaneously store several games. The benefit of this is that you can switch between games without having to remove and reinstall them each time you wish to play a different game.

It’s like having a bag full of clothes. You can pick whichever clothes you want to wear & can change as many times as you deem necessary. Having additional storage will never make you miss out on your favorite games.

Additionally, some games offer new levels or features, updates, and additional content. You need additional storage for these updates to take place. Moreover, without enough storage, you can have trouble downloading these updates and miss out on the most recent fixes and enhancements.

You can take advantage of the ease of having a collection of games at your fingertips by having enough storage on your PS5.

Furthermore, you can also avoid missing out on any thrilling adventures, it saves you time, and it keeps your game experience current. Therefore, keeping your PS5 storage up-to-date & free from any unnecessary items is essential.

Importance of keeping your PS5 Storage Healthy

To ensure lag-free and satisfying gaming experiences, it’s essential to maintain the storage on your PS5. It improves the console’s overall performance and also lengthens its lifespan when your storage is in good shape.

  • Your PS5’s storage system must function correctly for games and programs to operate quickly. You can further also shorten loading times, minimize latency, and avoid crashes while playing by maintaining an organized and optimized storage system. Imagine how annoying it would be if a battle or a race in your favorite game suddenly froze in the middle of it! You may also prevent unpleasant interruptions and enjoy uninterrupted game sessions by keeping healthy storage.
  • Games might amass extra files and fragmented data in the storage when you install and delete them. Your console may also become slower, and its parts may become overworked. You can further keep your PS5 operating without any potential hardware problems or performance deterioration over time by routinely clearing out your storage.
  • Regular system upgrades are necessary to enhance efficiency and security, and the most recent games frequently have big file sizes. Decisions about which games to keep and which to discard may be challenging if your storage is packed and nearly complete. By routinely managing your storage, you can also make room for upgrades and new releases without giving up your favorite titles.
  • A functional storage system offers convenience and a sense of cleanliness. Thanks to this, you can quickly find and access your games, simplifying switching between games. Additionally, it also aids in maintaining an overview of your game collection to prevent accidental deletion of any recorded progress or essential information.

Even after maintaining your console correctly, you may still run out of storage space. You need not worry about that, because here is the solution. In these kinds of situations, you can always look up to some of the best external drives listed here. Read on.

Fantom Drives VENOM8  

Do you want to increase the storage on your PS5? The Fantom Drives VENOM8 2TB SSD NVMe Gen 4 M.2 2280 is a game-changer! By expanding the storage on your PS5, you can benefit from speedier load times and fluid gameplay experiences. Imagine having access to all your favorite media and games without worrying about running out of storage space.

Super-fast NVMe Gen 4 technology, which translates to lightning-fast data transfer speeds, is a feature of the Fantom Drives VENOM8.

Additionally, the 2TB storage offers enough space for all of your downloads, games, and even those extensive game updates. This SSD is also easy to install. You only need to insert it into your PS5’s M.2 2280 slot to get started.

DDR4 DRAM Cache and 3D NAND TLC technologies are both present in VENOM8. Therefore, the Fantom Drives VENOM8 2TB SSD NVMe Gen 4 M.2 2280 is the ideal companion if you’re ready to advance your PS5 gameplay. Prepare yourself for quicker load times, more storage, and limitless gaming fun.


Now that PS5 consoles have official licensing for storage expansion, the WD_BLACK 1TB SN850P NVMe M.2 SSD is available. By increasing the storage capacity of your PS5, you’ll have extra space to save your preferred games, DLCs, and media files.

You can add adequate PS5 storage to your console with options ranging from 1TB to 4TB to store more of your favorite games.

This SSD not only performs exceptionally well, but it is also built to optimize your gaming experience. The WD BLACK SN850P is designed to sustain prolonged gaming sessions, so you won’t have to worry about overheating or performance problems. 

You won’t need to relocate or uninstall games from your console by playing directly from the drive. So, this SSD is essential if you want to upgrade your PS5 and quickly increase your storage space.

Seagate Game Drive SSD

This internal solid-state drive, the Seagate Game Drive M.2 SSD, has a massive 2TB of storage space and provides lightning-fast performance along with plenty of room for all of your favorite games, downloadable content, and more. Its quick interface further ensures a console’s easy integration and seamless compatibility.

It is absolutely optimized for PS5 and makes your gaming experience smooth. It is made to meet your gaming needs, providing dependable performance and safeguarding your sensitive data. Additionally, its fast interface ensures a seamless connection and simple integration with your console.

With the Seagate Game Drive M.2 SSD for PS5, improve your gaming experience. It also offers plenty of storage, super-fast speeds, and a seamless gaming experience, making it the perfect companion for any devoted gamer.


This sleek piece of hardware, WD_BLACK 2TB SN850X NVMe Internal Gaming SSD, has a whopping storage capacity of 2TB. Even better is the fact that the SSD has a built-in heatsink. As a result, your drive will function at its best and last the longest, even during lengthy gaming sessions. 

The WD BLACK SN850X’s seamless integration with your PlayStation 5 makes installation even more accessible. Therefore, this SSD is the way to go if you want to upgrade the capacity and speed of your PlayStation 5 games.


The PS5’s storage must be kept in reasonable condition to ensure optimal performance and enjoyable gameplay. Regularly removing unused files, managing game installations, and moving data to external storage devices will assist in preserving efficiency and freeing up space.

Furthermore, increasing storage capacity and providing flexibility for storing more extensive game libraries can be accomplished by using external devices such as SSDs. When selecting an external storage choice, it’s crucial to consider the compatibility and performance needs. A flawless gaming experience on the PS5 can be attained by adhering to these guidelines and being cautious of storage management.

Check out the best m.2 NVMe SSDs and external SSDs.

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