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PST migration tools are used to transfer data efficiently and securely.

What are PST Files, and What are they Used For?

Have you ever encountered a circumstance when you could not access your emails? That is most likely a result of your inability to connect to the Exchange Server.

PST (Personal Storage Table), a proprietary Microsoft file format, can be used to get around such situations.

Microsoft Outlook stores emails, contacts, calendar entries, and other data locally on your computer using PST files, a file format.

When a user is not connected to an Exchange server, local storage formats called PST files are used to store data. Locally stored PSTs are valid when Exchange or network is unavailable to access data on their device as and when necessary.

PST files must be manually created when users set up an Outlook account. Users create PST file structures based on specifications or outlook inbox structures. Microsoft Outlook also has a feature that allows you to set up an automatic rule to move emails in the inbox to PST.

Additionally, because the PST file’s contents are not kept on the server, it is simple to back it up, move it to another computer, or move it across email programs or accounts.

Other applications, including Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird, that support the PST file format can also access and use PST files.

This post will explore several PST migration solutions that securely transfer emails, contacts, and other data.

Why Is there a Need for PST Migration?

Data migration from PST files is increasingly necessary for today’s organizations because PST files, which rely on human processes to manage and maintain track of emails, contacts, and other relevant data, can quickly get disorganized.

Due to the ever-evolving technological landscape, it is necessary to stay current with new software and hardware. Users of Microsoft Outlook should move their PST (Personal Storage Table) files to handle data effectively.

Options for PST migration are becoming more and more popular as Outlook’s user base grows. All emails, calendar events, contacts, tasks, and other data stored in Outlook are in the folders that make up a PST file.

Additionally, PST files are frequently challenging to transfer because of their storage mechanism. Organizations often attempt to migrate PST file data to the cloud to maintain data organization and make it accessible to all users.

PST files also need to be migrated because of their size and the sensitivity of their data. PST files tend to be quite significant; if a computer can’t handle them, they could slow down or even corrupt data.

Due to security concerns, sensitive data must be transferred from PST to another system, including contracts, tenders, and other business emails.

Organizations that don’t move PST files risk losing data, damaging their systems, and possibly violating their privacy.

PST migration is also crucial because most businesses are switching to cloud-based services like Microsoft Office 365, which demands data transfer from PST files.

On top of all the clarifications, Microsoft also states that PST shouldn’t be utilized for long-term communication archiving, especially in an enterprise environment.

Is a Third-Party Tool Necessary, or Can This Be Done Manually?

All emails, calendar events, contact information, and other personal information are stored in PST files, which are crucial for the efficient operation of Outlook and business operations. Users might need to migrate their data due to the limited storage capacity of PST files, inconsistency, or corruption issues.

PST migration is a tedious operation that takes time, effort, and expertise. Some IT professionals themselves may handle this PST migration.

To improve manageability, consolidate backup, and facilitate easy import or migration, third-party tool plays a significant role. You might also have old email accounts or mailbox backups as PST files that you can move or merge to produce a single PST file through a third-party tool.

Users can benefit from automated PST migration solutions that can move files from one storage location to another to simplify this process. The section below discusses the tools used for PST migration.

What are Some of the Features These PST Migration Tools Should Have?

There are numerous ways to transfer PST files to Office 365, but choosing the best one is crucial for a smooth transition with minor interruption.

  • Able to carry out migration directly from the end-user workstation
  • Incremental migration
  • Automatic detection of PST files location
  • Able to migrate large and multiple PST files
  • Migration in a staged format
  • Disaster recovery in case of migration failure

Most sizable firms are considering removing PST data from their current environment. PSTs have been around for a while, but they have always had a loss, corruption, and theft issues.

Now, let’s check out some of the top PST migration tools.

Stellar Migrator

Stellar Migrator is a multifunctional, all-inclusive migration tool made to assist businesses and people in smoothly transferring their Outlook emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, and other stuff from one platform to another.

Because of its ‘Easy-To-Use’ interface and ability to migrate data between versions of Outlook, users can migrate their data with little effort and no data loss.

It offers a secure and efficient data migration method enabling customers to move their crucial data swiftly from Outlook to various platforms.

Using the safe Microsoft Modern Authentication technique, the PST to Office 365 migration application uploads PST files to Office 365. Keeping up with local, national, and international legislation is made more accessible by doing this.

Top Features

  • Finds default PST files automatically.
  • PST files are simple to upload to Office 365.
  • Large PST files are imported entirely accurately.
  • Password-protected PST files can be imported.
  • Enhanced preview for accurate mail item import.
  • Advanced filters to import relevant mail item

Stellar Migrator is a great application that helps users save time and work and simplifies the PST migrating procedure. Additionally, it offers a thorough log record of the entire migration process. Its pricing is based on mailbox count and starts at a minimum of ten mailboxes.


With the flexible PST migration tool by ManageEngine you may quickly and effectively move PST files from one location to another. It is an effective tool that can reduce the time and effort required to manually transfer email data and lower the chance of data loss or corruption.

It is a free tool and allows users to move PST files between different versions of Outlook and MS Exchange, Office 365, and Google Apps.

Users can filter their data with the ManageEngine PST migration tool and transmit only the required information. The application additionally offers a thorough report on the migrating process.

Furthermore, it lets users change their Office version while keeping their Outlook preferences, emails, and contacts. It contains various adjustable features and settings to give consumers an experience tailored to their requirements.

Additionally, it offers the option to tailor the migration depending on the particular requirements of your business, including automated, scheduled, incremental, and manual PST file selection.

The operation is accomplished promptly with little interference to the Microsoft office thanks to the tool’s secure and dependable design.

PST Mover

PST Mover is a utility that makes it simple and secure to transfer PST files between computers. It’s intended to speed up, streamline, and secure data movement between various systems.

Users may quickly transfer Outlook data from one computer to another, including emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and more.

The tool offers a quick and secure way to move Outlook PST files between computers while automatically backing up your data.

It eases the process that helps enterprises and home users anticipate whether you are transferring data between two computers or combining many accounts into one account.

It is the perfect option for anyone who wishes to guarantee that their Outlook data is protected and backed up. With its features, users may organize their Outlook data into folders for quick access to commonly used documents and store their Outlook data in the cloud for remote access.

Top Features

  • Transfers numerous email clients from any version of Microsoft Exchange Server (2003, 2007, 2010, or other) to Office 365.
  • PST files can be transferred and imported from one Outlook account to another.
  • Email, contacts, and calendar items may be exported and imported to Microsoft Office 365.
  • Import old, archived Outlook data automatically into your Office 365 account.

Your confidential information is kept safe and secure via PST Mover’s secure, encrypted connection for data transfer.

The Microsoft Gold Certified Partner group is responsible for developing this tool. The premium edition is fully customizable and appropriate for Enterprise business, while the free version has a limited feature set.


Import PST to Office 365 is a tool by Office365Import created to assist businesses with swift and secure data migration from their current systems to Office 365. It enables companies to streamline their data migration procedure and concentrate on other crucial activities.

The platform contains the capabilities required to make the transfer straightforward and secure, and only a few easy actions are needed to get started.

Additionally, it offers thorough explanations for each step of the migration procedure so that customers may better understand how the data is transferred to the cloud.

The software is endorsed by MVP because it integrates many cutting-edge capabilities and gets beyond the restrictions of manual processes.

Top Features

  • Ability to pause and resume to prevent data loss and preserve data integrity.
  • Generates a thorough migration report.
  • Without any file size restrictions, import PST data into Office365.
  • Selective data migration based on data or category is very doable.
  • PST folder orientation can be held.

This utility lets users import their emails, contacts, and calendar events from their old PST account onto their new Office 365 account. This tool is the go-to option for anyone wishing to smoothly transfer their emails and contacts from one system to another.


Users may easily and securely migrate PST files from various versions of Outlook to Office 365 with the MailsDaddy PST to Office 365 Migration Tool. It is the safest and fastest approach to move PST files to Office 365 without losing any data or running the risk of data loss or corruption.

This utility makes it simple for users to move many PST files at once to Office 365 user mailboxes. Additionally, it offers the ability to transfer all PST file-related attachments, calendars, contacts, journals, notes, tasks, and other stuff.

Advanced algorithms in developing this tool ensure that all data integrity, information, and folder hierarchy are preserved throughout the migration process.

Top Features

  • Supports incremental migration by excluding the Office 365-existing components.
  • While migrating the PST, maintains the read and unread status of PST emails.
  • The data is uploaded to an Office 365 mailbox by preserving the email’s Meta attributes.
  • Auto-mapping of PST files

With the help of this tool, users can effortlessly export PST emails, contacts, calendar items, and other mailbox items to Office 365 in their appropriate formats. Its pricing is determined by the number of systems, ranging from 20 to an endless number.

Final Words

PST files are valuable resources for keeping track of emails, contacts, and other related information. A third-party solution would ensure a seamless and trouble-free operation when migrating this data, especially for major corporations or small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

The tools mentioned above will make it easy for you to execute the PST migration.

Next, you can check out the best computer data migration software for Windows.

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