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In Business Operations Last updated: August 2, 2023
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Your company’s formal purchasing program requires a proficient and visually appealing purchase order template that accurately represents your organization’s image. 

While it may be helpful to reuse existing forms and make some adjustments, a well-designed purchase order template is essential for streamlining the process and ensuring the inclusion of critical company information. 

Recreating a new template each time can be time-consuming, so adopting a standardized purchase order template is the ideal solution. 

But before we delve into the template designs, let’s revisit the importance of purchase orders within your company.

What Are Purchase Orders and Their Significance in Business Transactions?

A purchase order is a formal document facilitating a buyer’s and vendor’s communication and agreement. Upon the vendor’s acceptance of the purchase order, a contractual relationship is formed, with one party agreeing to deliver the specified goods or services and the other agreeing to make the payment.

The significance of Purchase Orders in business transactions is the following:

  • It functions as a request for a specific good or service and includes essential details such as item type, quantity, and agreed-upon price. 
  • The purchase order incorporates the buyer’s name, logo, contact information, and the vendor’s details. 
  • It establishes guidelines, including the delivery date, location, frequency, and other pertinent transaction-related information. Each purchase order is assigned a unique identification number, ensuring easy retrieval and reference, especially in disputes.
  • Moreover, they facilitate efficient record-keeping practices, ensuring the retrieval of vital transactional data.

Overall, Purchase orders offer mutual benefits for buyers and suppliers by stimulating clear communication and streamlining the purchase process. 

How to Choose the Best Purchase Orders Template?

Here are some more aspects to help you select the most suitable purchase order template for your business needs: 

  • Relevant Data: It must contain only the relevant information pertinent to the order, such as the order number, shipping details, billing information, item descriptions, quantities, and total prices.
  • User Friendly: The most effective purchase orders are marked by simplicity and clarity. An easy-to-understand purchase order will help the suppliers process your orders more efficiently.
  • Customizing Option: Look for a template in which you can readily customize your company logo, call to action and any unique details required by your purchasing process.

In this article, we will dig into various downloadable purchase order templates. 

Here are some options that are known for providing quality purchase order templates:


Integrating Vertex42’s purchase order template helps automate the process of including Item numbers and Unit Prices when generating new orders, eliminating the need for manual data entry each time.

A blue purchase order form.


  • An affordable business solution that fits within your budget.
  • Downloadable templates for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets.
  • Saves a backup copy for each significant vendor.

When developing a new purchase order, you just have to locate the master PO template file and duplicate it, giving the copied file a meaningful name according to your preferred format.


TemplateLab’s purchase order templates enable firms to maintain accurate records of their purchases, minimizing errors that could result in financial losses. Businesses can avoid confusion for vendors using the purchase order form template, prevent overbilling, and ensure correct quantities are ordered.

A purchase order template with an orange and black background.


  • The unique identification number is assigned with each purchase order for easy tracking.
  • A special section is provided for outlining the terms and conditions.
  • Space to include tax, as well as any discounts or promotions.

It is essential to fill out the purchase order form with predefined values for each field to provide clarity and prevent any potential issues. It is essential to fill out the purchase order form with predefined values for each field to provide clarity and prevent any potential issues.


Nitro offers an ideal purchase order template for companies involved in large-scale procurement of parts for product creation or goods for resale.

A purchase order template with a blue background.


  • Provide comprehensive company details for efficient shipping.
  • Specify the items and quantities being ordered to avoid any mistakes.
  • It gives the option to mention any unique requirements, such as shipping insurance or special handling instructions.

This template allows businesses to quickly generate multiple purchase orders for different suppliers while maintaining a consistent basic format. This eliminates creating a new template for each order, ensuring an easy and timely purchasing process.

Invoice Home

Invoice Home offers a diverse collection of over 100 purchase order templates, leaving a lasting impression of professionalism and class on your customers. With their user-friendly basic templates, you can effortlessly create a purchase order and send it via email within seconds. 

Two receipts with the word purchase order on them.


  • Over 100 attractive templates and various logos to choose from.
  • No “Invoice Home” logo is added to created purchase orders.
  • Unlimited character space for flexible PO content.
  • Automatic saving of all information for quick PO creation.

For those who require more comprehensive information on their invoices, Invoice Home also provides a detailed advanced purchase order template tailored to suit various business requirements.

Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory is a highly efficient tool for storing transaction information. Users can easily download the integrated spreadsheet, input relevant details, and conveniently print it offline using its purchase order template. 

A purchase order template with an orange background.


  • Creates a comprehensive paper trail of purchase activities.
  • Save purchase records to devices for future access.
  • Analyze data for significant insights, such as frequent ordering intervals.

Additionally, the platform maintains a comprehensive database of all purchase orders, allowing users to conduct in-depth analyses for future purposes.

Excel Made Easy

The purchase order template by Excel Made Easy allows you, as a buyer, to specify precisely what items or services you wish to procure from the sellers’ company.

A purchase order template with a green background.


  • Customizable colors and fonts are available.
  • Free Excel purchase order template, exportable to Word also.
  • Compatible with various office programs, including Google Sheets.

You can conveniently track your purchase history by correctly filling out this template. This will save you time and potentially reduce expenses by enabling you or your tax accountant to complete the tax return form efficiently.


Smartsheet’s purchase order template offers a comprehensive solution for efficient order tracking. It includes fields for essential information such as customer and purchase order numbers, vendor details, and shipping information. 

A purchase order template with a white background and invoice design.


  • Automatically calculates the total cost, incorporating tax and shipping charges.
  • You have the choice to include comments or instructions for specific tasks.
  • It helps you make distinct price lists for various providers.

Additionally, you can enter the identification number, quantity, and cost for each item you wish to order. This makes creating purchase orders seamless and ensures accurate financial calculations.


Create a professional purchase order effortlessly by using Skynova’s customizable template. Input all the essential details, such as the purchase order number and sales taxes, and even incorporate your company logo if available.

An example of a purchase order form.


  • Send purchase orders directly to clients through the software.
  • Receive notifications when the recipient views the purchase order.
  • Offer online credit card payment options for clients.

Once you’re done, you can print it, download it as a PDF, or conveniently send it online. 


FormSwift has developed precise data entry fields that enable effortless information input directly into the PO template.

A purchase order form with a green background.


  • Automates most data entry tasks with efficiency.
  • Integrates with existing systems, such as invoicing and payroll, for enhanced integration.
  • Access real-time information on sales history, customer requests, and inventory data.

Additionally, you can conveniently monitor the order’s status. This approach significantly expedites the process compared to manual creation and minimizes the likelihood of errors.


Pick a purchase order template from Template.Net and generate PO forms for various transactions, including construction, fashion, retail businesses, etc. You can either fill in all the necessary details or use a blank fillable format. 

An example of purchase order templates.


  • High-quality forms are available, which will maintain all your data.
  • Documents the availability of goods or services, the term of the contract, etc.
  • Calculations involving unit price, quantity, and other relevant parameters can be conveniently achieved.

Once you’ve made the required edits, you can print the document or share it via email. Alternatively, you can download the template for free and begin using it immediately.


HubSpot offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor for quickly creating and publishing order forms. Moreover, it includes WordPress’ Gutenberg editor, allowing simple embedding of order forms into posts.

Purchase order template for pdf and excel.


  • Special fields are available for discounts, handling costs, taxes, and a signature.
  • Download options are available as PDF or Excel files.
  • Provide product codes, quantities, and unit prices, and the total will be calculated automatically.

For those who prefer using third-party tools to build purchase order forms, HubSpot enables integration with various form-building plugins. 


Try purchase order templates by Billdu and save time and effort searching through countless purchase order templates online.

Gardener invoice template that includes purchase order templates.


  • Additional “Note Section” to highlight any important information.
  • Personalized forms for particular projects.
  • Includes an optional “Pay Now” button to the template for faster payment online.

Billdu has a collection of customizable free forms that are easily editable and downloadable to your computer. Choose the format that suits your business best, and use the template immediately.


Effortlessly place orders and receive timely updates on your purchases with Formstack. Celebrate the streamlined workflows that guide orders from submission to fulfillment and shipping.

Form stack purchase order template.


  • Intuitive drag-and-drop builder without coding knowledge.
  • Customize themes to match your branding.
  • Automated calculating fields in each order section for accurate calculations.

Adopt improved processes, save valuable time, cut costs, and optimize resource utilization by trying this purchase order template today!


For vendors, Jotform’s purchase order form templates offer a streamlined solution to enhance the efficiency of customer purchase order submissions.

A screen shot of the purchase order form template.


  • Filled-in forms are securely stored in their system.
  • Provides a centralized and organized repository for all purchase orders.
  • Organize your documents quickly and get rid of the clutter.

Jotform’s easy-to-use Form Builder allows you to customize a template to align with your business needs, quickly incorporating products, prices, and your company logo. 


Access free customizable purchase order templates and effortlessly generate purchase orders for your business with Invoice2go.

Three purchase order templates on a black background.


  • Downloads the template in your preferred file format.
  • Saves the finished template to your computer or the cloud.
  • Easily print a hard copy for mailing purposes.

Just choose a template and personalize it by adding relevant information. Save time and simplify your purchasing process with this user-friendly template.

Final Words

Adopting the best purchase order templates can improve organization, cost efficiency, and accuracy. Investing in such templates will enable your business to unlock its full potential, increasing profitability and success.

Using an appropriate template makes creating purchase orders easy, even without a dedicated vendor relationship manager on your team. This ensures efficient transactions and minimizes the chances of misconceptions during the procurement process. 

Next, check out the best invoice generators to accept client payments.

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