Fixing Canonical tag appearing twice on an AMP page

RankMath is gaining popularity for WordPress SEO plugins. Looks like direct competition to Yoast.

I thought to give a try, and all went well except the issue which I noticed when Google indexed my new post.

Do you see the message – Your page has AMP implementation errors. ?

I was curious to find what it is and how to fix so went to Google AMP inspect tool and enter the URL manually and got the issue details.

As you can see, the issue is with a canonical tag appearing twice.

Are you in the same situation as I was? No worries, you can fix it as I did.

Before that, I am using AMP for WP plugin. Not sure if this issue is with another plugin too, but this instruction is for AMP for WP with RankMath.

  • Go to AMP >> Settings >> SEO
  • Select SEO plugin like Rank Math SEO
  • Ensure Canonical from Rank Math is selected (green)

  • Save changes

That’s all!

Let’s verify, go to the Google AMP inspection tool and enter the URL to test the URL. And, as you can see – it’s fixed!

I hope it helps you to keep the AMP pages error-free.