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In HealthTech Last updated: October 29, 2022
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Registered Behavior Technician or RBT certification enables you to help children and adults by utilizing applied behavior analysis (ABA).  

If you want to upgrade your career to a professional role where you can help society and earn a handsome living, you can try out the behavioral technician role in the USA. A simple high school diploma is a sufficient educational qualification to enter the spectrum of ABA. 

While in the training process, you will learn all the technical knowledge about behavioral technicians and get certified if you pass a centralized certification test run by Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB).

Autism and other intellect-linked behavioral disorder is a growing concern in the states of America. You can deliver your part by signing up for this lucrative job opportunity. Read on to get complete know-how on RBT accreditation.     

What Is RBT Certification?

What Is RBT Certification

An RBT is an applied behavior therapist who has the RBT coursework successfully. Also, the candidate should have successfully passed the BCBA’s certification process. A certified RBT consults ABA clients using applied behavior analysis teaching principles.

If you are in the behavior modification teaching, coaching, ABA, or want to become an ABA supervisor, the first step is getting an RBT accreditation from BCBA. 

The RBT exam covers a comprehensive range of skills required in applied behavior analysis. When you study RBT Task List and master the ABA skills, you can apply the skills in the following scenarios: 

  • Children with special needs for communication
  • Training autistic kids, children, and adults
  • Children and adults with behavioral problems
  • Helping children who can not complete self-help skills
  • Students who face difficulties in academic life

Since RBT is a paraprofessional certification, if you pass the exam, you will work under the supervision of an RBT Requirements Coordinator or an RBT Supervisor. 

What Does the RBT Certify?

RBTs are just like highly-trained nurses who help a doctor deliver crucial health services. Just like a doctor may fail without a highly-skilled nurse, the Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) might not be able to deliver the best consultation and training to their ABA clients.

Access to a BCBA is minimal and costly. Hence, to help the growing number of children and adults with behavioral disabilities, a nonprofit corporation appeared in 1998 to oversee the certification of BCaBAs, BCBAs, and RBTs. 

RBTs are entry-level health care professionals who focus on the RBT Task List and help alleviate the superficial problems that autistic children and adults experience. The RBT accreditation exam endorses that an RBT practitioner has successfully learned and practiced all the items in the RBT Task List under an RBT supervisor.

Other ABA Courses Than RBT Certification

RBT certification is the first step toward the career of certified ABA. There are other two levels of certifications, and these are: 


Other ABA Courses

The Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst, popularly known as BCaBA, is an undergraduate level certification in the ABA spectrum. If you become a BCaBA, you will provide behavioral analysis services to ABA clients under the supervision of a BCBA. The test will take place at any Pearson VUE test site.

BCaBAs need to supervise the training and ethical practices of an RBT professional. To become a BCaBA, the followings are the requirements:

  • A relevant bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.
  • Complete behavior-analytic coursework as part of the university degree.
  • Follow the Verified Course Sequence (VSC) course curriculum.
  • Complete BCBA supervised practice to help ABA clients.
  • Pass the BCaBA certification examination.


ABA Courses

BCBAs supervise both RBTs and BCaBAs and practice independently in the field of ABA. When you become a BCBA, you get a graduate-level certification or diploma. Being a BCBA, your job responsibilities will be: 

  • Help the disabled ABA client to meet behavior-related goals.
  • Implement treatment plans for adults, children, and adolescents.
  • Work in hospitals, schools, colleges, assisted living facilities, and group homes.

To become an independent BCBA, you must secure a graduate degree in applied behavioral analysis or ABA. Once you meet the minimum eligibility requirements, you must appear for the BCBA certification exam conducted at Pearson VUE test sites. The certification fee is $245, and the exam fee is $125.    

The RBT Exam: An Overview

The Prerequisites

  • You must be at least 18 years or older if you want to start the RBT 40-Hour Training and apply for the RBT certification.
  • Be a high school graduate or a diploma holder.
  • General Educational Development Test (GED) is also acceptable.
  • You may opt for psychology courses for a high school diploma.
  • Pass the criminal background check conducted by BACB.
  • Sign up for the RBT 40-Hour Training Packet and complete it.

Duration of the Exam

The exam will be a computer-based test at any Pearson VUE test center. You will get 90 minutes to answer all the multiple choice questions that gauge your competencies outlined in the RBT Task List.  

RBT Exam An Overview

Question Paper

The following is the question distribution for the RBT certification test:

  • Measurement and recording techniques: 12 questions
  • Diagnostic and assessment processes: 6 questions
  • Skill acquisition and practical instructions: 24 questions
  • Problem behavior reduction: 12 questions
  • Communication, documentation, and reporting: 10 questions
  • Ethics, the scope of practices, and professional conduct: 11 questions 

Besides these 75 graded questions, there will also be ten non-graded questions. 

Passing Score

BACB never discloses the passing mark publicly. Also, it will not communicate your grades even if you pass or fail the exam. It uses a proprietary scoring system. Hence, there is no standard pass mark, but you can aim for 80% or 68 correct questions when appearing for the test. 

Test Centers

For the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, you can appear for the online or in-person RBT certification. In certain countries like Sudan, China, Japan, etc., you can only apply if you are okay with in-person testing. All the examination procedures will be under close supervision of Pearson VUE. 

Exam Fees

RBT Exam An Overview Fees
  • RBT certification fee of $50 paid to BACB
  • Exam appointment fee of $45 collected by Pearson VUE 

The RBT Task List

As an RBT, you will work closely with clients from different age groups diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Primarily, you need to train your ABA clients with behavioral skills that help them reduce the complications they face in regular life due to Autism.

The BACB’s Task List includes the essential tasks that the RBT must perform with some clients, not all. The RBT may not choose to perform any task outside this guideline. But, the BCBA supervisor may allow an RBT to perform tasks outside the task list depending on the competency of the RBT.

You must follow the RBT Task List diligently if you want to train yourself properly in the ABA spectrum and pass the RBT certification. It has the following primary content groups:

  • Measurement
  • Assessment
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Behavior Reduction
  • Documentation and Reporting
  • Professional Conduct and Scope of Practice  

When you acquire all the above competencies in the field of ABA, you can deliver such therapies to the ABA clients directly with supervision from BCaBAs and BCBAs. 

Though it is the core curriculum that every RBT needs to know, there may be additional therapeutic practice requirements that you need to master. Your BCBA or BCaBA supervisors will instruct you on those additional competencies.    

The RBT 40-Hour Training Packet

RBT 40-Hour Training Packet

Based on the RBT Task List, all the RBT certification candidates must complete a 40-hour training period under the supervision of BCaBA, BCBA, and BCBA-D certificate-holding ABA practitioners. It is one of the few RBT eligibility requirements toll-gate you must pass to get the RBT certificate.

The BACB office holders will extensively audit the 40-hour training certification. Hence, you must ensure that you cover all the competencies mentioned on the RBT Task List published by BACB.

After successful completion of the 40-hour training, you will get a filled and signed RBT 40-Hour Training Form from the supervisor. The supervising BCaBAs or BCBAs will also give you an RBT 40-Hour Training Affidavit in BACB’s prescribed format.

BACB suggests the following for the RBT 40-Hour Training Packet: 

  • Responsible and assistant trainers formulate the course according to the RBT Task List.
  • Trainers maintain detailed documentation for the whole training period.
  • RBT Ethics Code (2.0) must be covered for at least 2 hours.
  • The trainer should also go through 1-hour training on supervising other ABA practitioners.
  • The training should be completed within 180 days but not in less than five days.
  • The training delivery could be partially online, live lecture classes, role-playing, and in person.

Finally, you must upload the RBT 40-Hour Training Form on BACB’s portal when applying for the RBT license. Because BACB can ask for all the training-related documents for audit, the trainer and trainee must safely keep the training documentation for at least seven years.       

Learn ABA and RBT Task List: Udemy

Want to learn the best theories, tips, and tricks from a professional who has devoted a generous amount of time in the area of ABA as an RBT? Then, check out this course on Udemy. It is a 30 min on-demand video that will deliver the ultimate knowledge you need before appearing for the RBT certification exam.

Learn ABA and RBT Task List Udemy

It covers: 

  • Introduction to RBT, its foundation, psychology, etc.
  • Introduction, history, and concepts of ABA
  • RBT task list items
  • Extra resources on RBT accreditation
  • Bonus tips

You do not need to be a major in behavioral science or psychology to take up this course.    

Registered Behavior Technician Study Kit: Amazon

Want a severe study kit that will guide you to becoming a successful RBT and start practicing quickly? The Registered Behavior Technician Study Kit is here to help. It is on Amazon and is available in paperback or Kindle. 

Registered Behavior Technician Study Kit Amazon

The kit contains the following: 

  • BACB’s RBT Task List thoroughly explained in a 38-page guidebook
  • A collection of the essential items from the RBT Task List
  • Task List category-wise 7 quick guides
  • ABA techniques and terms are written on 78 study flashcards for faster memorization.
  • Frequent questions and answers on the RBT certification exam

Apart from RBT, you can also refer to this kit if you want to get the BCaBA and BCBA certifications from BCBA, USA.

Complete RBT Exam Workbook: Amazon

If you have bought and completed the above RBT Study Kit from Amazon, you will also need this Complete RBT Exam Workbook. 

Complete RBT Exam Workbook Study Aid Amazon

It is essentially a digital content of 98-pages of learning and review materials for the RBT exam. Apart from questions, it also consists of answer keys. You can print the digitally delivered content on paper for convenient reading.  

Behavior Technician Study Guide: Amazon

Behavior Technician Study Guide helps you to create a plan and organize your studying to pass the RBT exam. It enables you to become the master of RBT Task List 1.0 and 2.0, which are vital parts of the RBT certification process.

Behavior Technician Study Guide Amazon

First, it explains all the technical terminologies of ABA and RBT in simple language. Secondly, at the end of each section of theoretical studies, it offers practice questions to give you an overview of the test questions and build confidence. 

The RBT Book: Amazon

Passing the RBT accreditation is just the tip of the iceberg. You must also provide your ABA clients with efficient, ethical, and effective consultancy services. Not to worry, since The RBT Book is here to assist you in such a challenging profession.

RBT Book

The book covers all the competencies of the RBT Task List via concepts, visuals, and examples. So, study before the exam to pass the test and then refer to the book when practicing ABA.   

Free RBT Exam Practice Questions:

You must practice some mock questions with time constraints to become highly confident in answering ABA questions in a challenging situation. Practicing also helps you to minimize nervousness and maximize the thinking capacity of your brain. 

RBT Exam Review

Hence, try RBT Exam Review’s Free Practice Questions multiple times before appearing for the ultimate RBT certification. 

The Final Words

The scope of behavior analysts is constantly growing. You not only deal with children with unique abilities. You may also need to certify job candidates, administrative officers, police personnel, and many more whose actions seriously impact government or private businesses.

After reading this guide, you must be confident enough to make the ultimate decision of becoming a behavior analyst by passing the RBT certification.

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