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In Mobile Last updated: September 12, 2023
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Persuading your kids to open up books and study is the most tedious task these days. With increasing distractions, kids are becoming increasingly distant from the world of books. It is challenging to keep them engaged in a book. 

Their natural tendency is to avoid these books and divert their minds towards something more interesting. But, developing the habit of reading is an essential part of growing up. So, what should you do when your kid runs away from books and never sits down at a place to read?

This article will solve the problem by providing you with a list of apps that will engage your kid with the learning process and make learning more accessible and interactive. 

Technology has taken over everything, so a need was felt to replace the already existing story books with something more interesting. People have come up with different ideas to fulfill their purpose.

As we all know that mobile phones have been the biggest distraction for everyone, today, we aim to highlight the apps that may contribute to the learning and growth of your child so that they may learn while spending time on the device.

A list of all such amazing apps is mentioned below. 

Read Along by Google

If you want to make the process of learning friendly and easy for your kids, you should use Read Along by Google to assist you. The app entitles your child to learn as the app speaks, which increases their grasping capacity and inspires them to learn and improve.

The interactive user interface is another point of attraction specially designed to attract young minds. Read Along not only enhances the speaking skills of your ward but also motivates them to learn better and improve more. 

YouTube video


  • Interactive speak and learn sessions to aid your child in learning more quickly.
  • Awards in the form of stars and badges so that your child always feels motivated.
  • Interesting word games and stories.
  • The app supports 100 different languages.

The app also has exciting rewards, such as stars and badges, so your kid never feels demotivated to learn and study. The app is easy to use, and you can download it directly from the Play Store

  • It works on:
  • Android

Starfall Learn to Read

Colors, illustrations, and styles always attract a child’s mind. Keeping this in mind, developers came up with the idea of a Starfall app that introduces your child to interactive learning. They may learn to master speaking with the inbuilt phonetics and engaging activities.

The app also comes with a fantastic collection of all the good movies and stories that may calm the kids’ minds and push them towards learning new things. The app is available on both the Play Store and App Store and hence comes in handy to all device owners. 



  • Interactive learning and gaming options
  • Attractive rewards so that your child finds the motivation to learn and read. 
  • Automatic option for storytelling, so your child doesn’t have to worry about not understanding. 

The Starfall app keeps the needs of the kids in mind and hence comes forward with interesting movies, games, stories, and illustrations to attract your kid’s attention and teach them alphabets, vowels, sounds, words, and sentences. 

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


The HOMER app is carefully designed to suit kids of different ages. Your kid will move towards an interactive way of learning with many activities inbuilt for different subjects.

The app focuses on building the confidence and base of your child’s vocabulary and communication by exposing them to lessons and activities that will contribute to their growth and teaching. 


It also offers building blocks for math so that your child never has to struggle with numbers and find themselves stuck. The app has tools that help you control your child’s social skills and emotions through the app interface. Multiple brain games will contribute to the overall IQ development of your child.


  • Exciting games to build a strong mind.
  • Games that help in the development of your child’s Intelligence Quotient (IQ).
  • Easy way to learn mathematics and gain confidence
  • A place where your child can run wild in their imagination and learn something new every single time. 

The HOMER app has all the features you have always wanted. You must pay a certain amount to purchase additional features and give your child a world-class experience. You can download it directly from the App Store.

  • It works on:
  • iOS

Bob Books Reading Magic

Use the Bob Books Reading Magic app to help your child explore the alphabet, get knowledge about new words, and practice the phonics that will come in handy in all walks of life.

Sometimes pushing your child to learn becomes hectic and tedious. They may refuse to learn, and hence teaching becomes difficult. These are the situations when these easy-to-use and child-friendly apps come into play. 


The Bob Books Reading Magic app has been successfully functioning and has been able to teach the importance of friendly and phonetic teaching to the kids. The app solves all your worries and directs your child toward the right path. You can download this app from the Google Play Store or the App Store and give your child the experience they deserve. 


  • Teach your child to use the alphabet, vowels, and phonetics properly. 
  • Learn to combine letters and the sound of the alphabet.
  • Read and learn to speak simple words and sentences. 

The app is filled with authentic & engaging stories, self-made illustrations, and everything you have been looking forward to. The app doesn’t come free of cost. Hence, you will have to pay a certain amount to take advantage of all the app’s features. 

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Hooked on Phonics Learn and Read

Motivating your kid to read, learn, and write can become a challenging task. Hooked on phonics is here to resolve the trouble for you. The app is designed in such a way that it ensures that your child learns all the alphabet as well as phonetics while enjoying it. 

If you change your device and wish to keep your child’s progress intact, you can log in to your other device using the same ID. 


Your child earns rewards at each step as a perk to perform well, which motivates your child to learn more and perform better every single time. 


  • Your child wins by earning rewards after completing videos. 
  • A child can practice their skills by playing interactive games. 
  • Read and gather knowledge about stories and illustrations.

Install the app and introduce your child to a world of easy learning, interactive stories, fun games, and exciting rewards. 

  • It works on:
  • Android

Reading Eggs

Motivation works wonders. If your kid feels motivated to perform a particular task, they may be able to give their best to something and return happy. Keeping this in mind, the Reading Eggs app has carefully created a diverse collection of stories, songs, and rewards in a single place to motivate your kid to learn and grow.

Children earn golden eggs and other rewards as a source of motivation to perform better and learn more.

YouTube video

The app is available to download from both the Play Store and App Store. This means that every single one of you can take complete advantage of this app and use it for the betterment of your kids. Keep your child engaged with interactive stories, numerous games, and poems, so your child learns as they enjoy the process. 


  • Interactive gaming and learning sessions
  • Earn rewards as your child unlocks an achievement
  • Fun learning with great colors and graphics.

When a fun reading app for kids offers so many features, this is your time to introduce your child to the world of interactive stories.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


If your kid is interested in listening to different stories, Farfaria is the app you have always sought. The app has a great collection of never-ending books that will take your child to a different world as the journey from one book to another.

The app keeps track of the total number of books your child reads within a week and a month. 


These days kids indulge themselves more in mobile and video games rather than focusing on stories and reading books. Gone are the days when kids sat with their grandparents, listening to stories they shared. This is why developers came up with the idea of creating Farfaria.


  • Engaging and interesting stories
  • Attractive images for the child’s mind
  • A diverse range of stories will always keep your child interested.
  • Suitable for kids between the age group 1-9 years. 

The app is available for usage on both App Store and Google Play Store. You can download it on your devices and give your kids exposure to world-class stories. 

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Read With Phonics

Read With phonics provides your child the freedom to read anytime, anywhere. Be it a long bus journey or a boring weekend, you can use the Read With Phonics app and give your child the valuable learning process they need.

The app is compatible with both iOS as well as Android devices. It is believed to work wonders for dragging your child’s attention towards reading. The app aims to turn lessons into phonic games so that your child grabs the phonics and learns them while enjoying them. 

YouTube video

Another interesting fact about Learn With Phonics is that your child begins at 0 and earns points for every correct answer. Your child becomes enthusiastic about learning and scores more as the points increase. 


  • Interactive way of learning as lessons turn into games.
  • The difficulty of each level keeps on increasing.
  • You unlock new sounds with every level that you complete.
  • Positive scoring attracts the kids and keeps them engaged. 

If you want to give your child the valuable gift of learning, you should opt for this app.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


Skybrary aims to make the learning process fun for every kid. They aim to instill a positive attitude and an eagerness toward learning in every kid. At Skybrary, you find an interactive digital library with hundreds of books. It is compatible with the web version and iOS devices. 


You will also find educator-created videos on the app so that you can make learning fun at your school for all toddlers. The exciting picture books ensure that every kid takes a keen interest in learning and does not run away from books.

Their only motto is that reading is fundamental; hence, no child should ever remain away from the magic and world of books. 

They aim to help kids with books, learning processes, and personality development. They know how to tame a child’s mind to direct it toward a brighter and better future. If you want to make learning and reading fun for your kids, do plan to go ahead with selecting Skybrary as the app.

  • It works on:
  • iOS


Sometimes your kids refuse to co-operate, and teaching them becomes a task. In such situations, reading apps for kids come in handy. Many options available may help your child learn phonetics, alphabets, speaking, and other basics.

Apart from this, some apps also contribute to better mental development through the built-in games they provide. You may go through the list of all the available apps and then finalize the one that best fits your purpose and is loved by your child.

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