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Regular Expression (Regex) is a sophisticated method for string searching. It includes a sequence of different characters specifying a particular search pattern. It is mainly used for string-searching algorithms.

Using Regex, you can search for some characters you might need to access and process. You can do it by creating a matching pattern against the data you want to extract. It is implemented in many programming languages, such as Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and more.

So, have you ever found trouble while extracting data from a character string? It can be hard as there are millions and trillions of data out there.

This is where you can use Regex cheat sheets to find that string of characters you have been searching for. And to help you save your time and effort, here are some of the best Regex cheat sheets for you to look at while web scraping or coding.

Here you go!

Cheatography: This website is one of the best for finding cheat sheets. You can find a quick guide that Dave Child has curated for Regular Expressions (Regex). It includes symbols, assertions, ranges, and sample patterns that can help you get started quickly. It covers anchors, quantifiers, escape sequences, character classes, common metacharacters, pattern modifiers, special characters, and more. You can download this cheat sheet or bookmark it on your browser. This cheat sheet contains commonly used regular expressions in different languages, including Python. It encompasses characters, logic, quantifiers, white-space, character classes, boundaries and anchors, inline modifiers, POSIX classes, class operations, look-arounds, and syntax. All the tables are easy to read, and you can also find a link to learn 1001 ways to leverage Regex.

Dev. No matter what level of skills you have as a developer, this cheat sheet will be helpful for you. The curator of this Regex list is Emma Bostian, and she gives a clean syntax for every topic. The topics she has covered include how to test a Regex, testing multiple patterns, ignoring cases, matching variables, extracting matches in arrays, matching characters, alphabets, and numbers; lazy matching, matching starting and ending string patterns, and many more matches.

MDN Web Docs: This is another venue to find an excellent Regex cheat sheet. It walks you through a complete Regex guide with syntax and includes explanations and examples that both advanced and beginners can understand. Its contents include expressions for character classes, quantifiers, assertions, Unicode property escapes, and ranges and groups. If you wish to get more information related to a particular topic, click on the link associated with the corresponding heading.

KeyCDN: Hop on to this site to understand Regex with examples, tools, and explanations. You can find the expressions and their corresponding description to understand the concept more. It begins with some basics of Regex and then a quick overview of Regex tokens and how they work within expressions. Next, it includes expressions for quantifiers, character classes, special characters, groups, string replacements, and assertions. You will also find Regex examples such as matching email addresses and phone numbers, along with tools (Regexr, Regex101, and RegexPal) to test your Regex syntax.

DebuggexBeta: If you are a fan of a single-page cheat sheet, this website is for you. Just save it on your browser and refer to it whenever you need it. This Regex cheat sheet covers Regex basics, character classes, flags, assertions, quantifiers, special characters, replacements, and groups. You can also filter expressions by entering a keyword in the box placed at the top of the web page.

Factory Mind: Whether you are a beginner, advanced developer, or intermediate-level developer, this Regex cheat sheet by Jonny Fox is going to help you while you are stuck. You can use it in different programming languages, including Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, C++, C#, JavaScript, and more. It starts with basic topics such as anchors, quantifiers, OR operators, character classes, and flags. You will then find intermediate-level topics such as capturing and grouping, bracket expressions, and Lazy and Greedy matches. Ultimately, you can find expressions for advanced topics such as boundaries, back-references, look-behinds, and look-arounds. This cool website for the Regex cheat sheet covers all the essential topics and examples. You can find different colors soothing to your eye as background for each topic written in white. It covers anchors, quantifiers, characters, POSIX, groups, modifiers, string, and assertions.

Towards Data Science: This Regex sheet is handy and reminds you of all the concepts and expressions you need being a developer. It is written by Radian Krisno and starts with a basic introduction to Regex and then examples to solve some problems. It covers raw string, special sequences, metacharacters, function, capturing group, and more. Every topic is well explained with good examples and outputs.

DataQuest: This Regex cheat sheet is helpful, especially if you are a Python developer. It has a proper explanation for each topic, expression, and character. You will find expressions for special characters, character classes, sets, groups, module functions, and valuable resources for Python. Also, you can download its PDF for free.


This is all we have if you are searching for a good RegEx cheat sheet. Use these helpful resources to search for a string of characters and accelerate your web scraping or other use cases. You might also want to explore these handy RegEx handy tools.

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