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Remove Contact title in Contact Form in Joomla

Remove Contact title in Contact Form in Joomla

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Lately, I was working on eBook Stak and one of the issues I encountered was having weird Contact title in contact form as following.

If you are experiencing the same issue then let me tell you, you are not the only one.


There are multiple ways to fix this but I will talk about the easiest way to fix which I did.

  • Login into Joomla Admin
  • Click on Extension >> Language Manager
  • Click on Overrides
  • Click on New
  • Enter following in Language Constant
  • Delete Contact from Text field
  • Click on Save and close


Let me know if this worked for you.

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  1. Hi ! Thanks it works weel, but I have a small margin at the top of the page. The title “Contact form” start a little bit below it should be. I can’t belive there is no way to this trough the admin.

    • Hello Laurent,

      Great, it helped you. Removing margin may need little code hacks. You can either check with template provider or share the URL so i can check for you.

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