Are you annoyed with (item) in your URL?

I was too and thought to share with  my learning on how to remove an item from K2 URL in Joomla 3. I have tested on Joomla 3 with K2 v2.6.5 and works great!

  1. Login into Joomla! 3 Administration Console
  2. Click on Components>>K2
  3. Click on Parameters
  4. Click on Advanced tab
  5. Enable advanced SEF for K2 URLs and make your settings as below

Enjoy! Now you can see “item” is removed from URL!

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  1. It worked! Brilliant, thanks! I couldn’t work out why now and again my K2 URLs would show the dreaded “item” and number… it was really random and I think related to updates resetting the options… anyway, now fixed, hopefully for good.

  2. Hi Chandan,

    It is a good solution but did you see the tooltip on Enable from the K2 developers? It reports that using this will cause extra overheads on the database and they recommend not enabling.

    It’s always stopped me doing it!


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