joomla 1 - Remove generator content Joomla Open Source Content Management

Remove generator content Joomla Open Source Content Management

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When you view the source code of Joomla website, you will notice following meta generator.

This comes default with Joomla!

<meta name="generator" content="Joomla! - Open Source Content Management" />

Did you ever wonder how to remove them?

Well, there are many ways to do that. I will show you the easiest one. You can do this without hacking code.

I came across Joomla Plugin – Bye Bye Generator, which will do your job.

Bye Bye Generator

Very tiny plugin to do precisely – remove Meta generate. You also have the option to rename custom generator. This is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x

  • Download and Install Bye Bye Generator Plugin
  • Open the plugin from Plugin Manager
  • Click Remove next to generator and publish it.
  • Refresh your Joomla website and verify with page source code

I tested and worked as expected!

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