A great developer-friendly cloud hosting platform that is innovative and intuitive.

You can launch your website or application with DigitalOcean with ease and scale up as you grow. Though it’s available for everybody who wants to use it, you’re going to have a little edge over others if you’re a developer. It has tools, a control panel, and API that is designed for developers.

You can create, automate, and manage a robust cloud server infrastructure and enjoy features such as SSD hard drives, team accounts, shared private networking, floating IP addresses, daily backups, and tier-1 bandwidth.

It maintains an excellent level of security and makes sure your data is protected end-to-end, helping you prevent information loss. You’re also essentially guarded against DDoS and other various threats.

Other than that, DigitalOcean records a lighting fast page load time and ensures 99.99% uptime on average. It’s one of the fastest ever cloud hosting platforms out there, so if speed has always been your primary concern, then you’ll love this host.

DO has 13 different data centers around the world, including India, the UK, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands. You can expect great support from their staff and as well as from their community area in which you can clear your queries in a jiffy without asking anybody.

The pricing plans are quite flexible and straightforward, and you can choose to pay as you go.

Alternatives to DigitalOcean


You get flexible and abundant cloud resources with this reliable platform.

Kamatera provides enterprise-level cloud infrastructure products to businesses of all types. It lets you create servers in less than a minute and get up and running quickly. Once you get into it, it’s easy to scale up and above as your requirements increase, without much wait time.

Using the management panel is also a breeze. You get everything you need to control in a single, well-organized area. In fact, all your servers can be deployed and looked at under one roof.

Talking about the elephant in the room, Kamatera has high-performance servers with a great level of speed and reliability. They’re continuously bringing up better and bigger hardware and cloud infrastructure to provide the best experience to their customers, and that tells a lot about their commitment.

The servers run on advanced technologies that have SSD hard drives and the mighty Intel Platinum 8270 Processors, along with 600GB bandwidth.

They have 13 purpose-built global data centers with 99.95% uptime guaranteed. Not to forget, you get premium human support all day, every day.

Overall, this is a fast and reliable platform that can be put into action without wasting any time. Get started in seconds and potentially watch your growth shoot up.

Microsoft Azure

Azure by Microsoft is one of the popular cloud platforms offering hundreds of IaaS and PaaS services to ease your business.

Microsoft Azure data centers are available in ~140 countries. Having wide coverage means you can host your applications near to your targeted audience.

Some of the popular Azure products are:

  • Compute
  • Containers
  • DevOps
  • Networking
  • AI + Machine learning
  • Databases
  • Analytics

You can get it started in FREE with $200 worth credits.


OVHcloud offers a value-driven solution for both business and private uses.

There are main four products offered.

  • Dedicated servers
  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Network and security services

OVHcloud got 28 data centers in 8 countries.

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud delivers you a complete and integrated cloud platform service, that can be your perfect companion to innovate, modernize and compete in the digital marketing world.

From managing your data, developing applications, analyzing your business and a lot more, Oracle does everything for you.

You can get it started in FREE to experience the platform.

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud needs no introduction. It is a suite of cloud computing service from IBM that offers PaaS and IaaS services for your business.

You can choose to host your application and infrastructure in ~60 countries worldwide.

Some of the product offerings are:

  • Compute – VM, Bare metal servers, Containers
  • Storage – Object, Block, File,
  • Database – DB2, MongoDB, MySQL,
  • AI – Watson
  • Networking – Load balancing, DNS, CDN


Experience the best user experience with Brightbox, a flexible and user-friendly cloud hosting team that offers  100% uptime. Users have loved its services and their passion for delivering high availability, performance, and consistency.

Product offerings:

  • Servers
  • Storage
  • SQL
  • Load balancing

Alibaba Cloud

Power and grow your business with the comprehensive suite of global cloud computing services from the Alibaba Cloud hosting service.

Alibaba Cloud ranks as the third largest public cloud services provider globally and is the leading cloud provider in the China market. You can get your Alibaba cloud VM in less than $5 which include 1 CPU, 1GB RAM and 40GB SSD storage.

Cloud is getting cheaper continuously.

With a greater presence of data centers in China and internationally – Alibaba becomes the first choice of hosting applications to serve locally.


Triton offers Iaas and Paas services to various enterprises big and small across the globe.

Along with traditional cloud platform products, Triton offers multi-cloud kubernetes to deploy and manage production environment across a public and private cloud.


This versatile cloud hosting platform is great for beginners and as well as for developers

With high-performance SSD cloud servers and a global footprint, Vultr is a reliable option that’s tough to not acknowledge. It features the latest generation Intel CPUs and an intuitive control panel, along with 100% KVM virtualization.

It is one of the largest worldwide networks with 17 different locations, helping you reduce latency by choosing servers that are the closest to your target audience.

Besides that, you get:

  • Brilliant speed and uptime score
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Sturdy cloud infrastructure
  • Flexible plans and pricing suitable for every business

Vultr has a bunch of amazing security features, such as DDoS protection. You’re also covered with 24/7 professional and technical support in case of any troubles.

It follows a “pay as you go” pricing method, and your usage is billed and reported hourly. However, there is a 28 days/month cap, which means you won’t have to pay more than 672 hours in any month.

Vultr is well received among customers and reviewers around the internet, so it should definitely be on your radar.

Google Cloud

This IaaS cloud hosting from the tech giant will easily solve your hosting requirements.

Fairly affordable and with a tight grip on security, Google Cloud can be an amazing upgrade from your traditional hosting if your requirement has increased. Their cloud computing services with brilliant usage spike handling can take care of your rising traffic and overall data.

If you know Google well enough, then you’re no stranger to how big their network is. It’s the biggest in the world, and they’ve made it even better by introducing Private Global Fiber and Tiered Networks.

You also get live migration of virtual machines, which is a feature not offered by many leading cloud hosting providers out there. It helps the engineers at Google to address and fix issues, such as patching, updating software, repairing, and other areas without you having to do anything about it.

The performance and security are phenomenal as well. Your data is encrypted between you and Google data centers under 256-bit AES, and even each encryption key is encrypted with master keys that get regularly changed.

Google Cloud’s hosting has always been expanding over the years, so you can only expect it to get better and better with time. It possesses a bunch of features that are hard to find on other providers, and that’s what makes this a great choice.

GCP is not a managed platform which means you need to take care of necessary software installation and optimization for speed and security.

If you are familiar with system administration tasks then give a try, you will love it. However, if you are not and looking for managed Google Cloud hosting for WordPress then try Kinsta or WP Engine.

Power Your Business

Choosing the right product and service is essential to run an online business. Here are some of the tools and services to help your business grow.
  • Netsparker

    Netsparker uses the Proof-Based Scanning™ to automatically verify the identified vulnerabilities with proof of exploit, thus making it possible to scan thousands of web applications and generate actionable results within just hours.
  • Semrush

    Semrush is an all-in-one digital marketing solution with more than 50 tools in SEO, social media, competitor research, content marketing, PPC, and market research to grow the audience and business. Try Semrush to see how it helps your business.
  • Kinsta

    Kinsta is a managed premium WordPress hosting platform for anyone serious about site load time. They leverage Google Cloud infrastructure to host your WP sites for better performance and security. Whether you are small or enterprise, you will find a suitable plan for your traffic needs.
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