Responster is a must-use when you are looking for an easy-to-use survey tool. Responster is known for its intuitive UI which makes survey creation quite easy.

The interesting feature of Responster is that you could merge the responses to generate an aggregate response.

Few such features which makes it stand out include:

  • Simplistic setup process
  • Painless data collection with a beautiful UI
  • Pre-built survey templates to help you create beautiful engaging surveys
  • Actionable insight with graphs and charts as needed

Responster provides a free to start account which has limited features. The paid plan costs $19 per user per month.

Alternatives to Responster


One of the best ways to collect this data is via surveys.

SmartSurvey is a great tool which can be used to create engaging surveys. It is easy to use and very user-friendly.

Collect the data and put it through analysis to learn how you can improve your product.


  • 20+ question types
  • Customizable to match the brand
  • Advanced logic and actions
  • Multiple languages
  • Send surveys via SMS
  • Embed surveys to website
  • Real-time results
  • Share data with team members


Reach your customers anywhere, anytime with custom-made surveys using Survey Sparrow.

Survey Sparrow will provide with the tools to create engaging surveys with an easy interface. Start a conversation with your customers, analyse their response and learn from them.

Create and share surveys with ease and the following features.

  • Create personal and engaging surveys
  • Share surveys across multiple channels
  • Monitor surveys and gain rich insights
  • Conversational interface to keep the audience engaged
  • Send surveys at regular intervals
  • Segment audience
  • Embed surveys to your website for data-driven insights

You can start using the premium plan for a 14-day free trial period. Later you can opt for the Starter plan at $19 per month subscription.

4 Screens

EngageNow by 4 Screens is a responsive mobile-ready survey and poll tool. EngageNow is a tool that allows you to create custom surveys and allow the user to invite others to participate.

Some interesting features of EngageNow include:

  • Live survey feature to allow real-time voting
  • Fits multiple industries – TV, Radio, Conference and events
  • Free trial
  • Crowdsourcing platform for sourcing questions

EngageNow by 4 Screens comes with a free trial with a limit of up to 10 participants. Its basic plan starts at $125 per month.


MySurveyLab is a tool dedicated to creation of surveys and questionnaires. MySurveyLab could be used to gather employee insights, customer experience and market research analysis.

MySurveyLab allows you to create a mobile responsive survey which can be easily integrated into popular CRM tools.

Some of its features include:

  • Integration & On-demand development for the surveys
  • Mobile surveys
  • Dedicated support on the paid package
  • Multi-lingual surveys can be created with ease
  • Real-time traffic reports
  • Real-time response graphs

Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey is a tool created by Zoho, who are known for their marketing and sales tools. Zoho Survey is going to provide you with the support you need, to know your customers better. Using Zoho Survey you can reach your customers on multiple devices.

The information you gather is in real-time and can be viewed graphically.

Some features:

  • Multiple features to help you in research and feedback gathering
  • Create question type and drag-and-drop type surveys
  • Use 200+ templates
  • Multi-lingual surveys
  • Custom variables
  • Personalize surveys to reflect your brand
  • Integrate with apps
  • Send surveys in multiple forms


In order to delve deeper into the needs of the customer, we must ask them directly.

Typeform helps you with this task by creating beautiful, efficient and eye-catching surveys, also accumulating the result and providing it to you in an amicable manner.

The key idea of Typeform is to keep the surveys easy and technicality at a minimum.

Following are some of its features:

  • Well created contact forms
  • Creating fun and engaging quizzes
  • Building an instantaneous and easy Online shop
  • Creating engaging employee surveys
  • Versatility in style
  • Easy user interface


In their own words, SurveyMonkey is a survey and quiz tool is built for novices to provide pro-level service.

A survey tool for all, SurveyMonkey has made it easy for people to get feedback on a product, directly from its consumers.


  • Predicting the performance of a survey
  • Sending surveys to customers via email and social media
  • Customizing themes and logos for better branding
  • Managing surveys using handheld devices
  • Filtering through data
  • Sharing the data with collaborators
  • Create multiple types of quiz


Surveypal is a tool used to improve the product you plan on selling, by producing mindful, uncomplicated and engaging surveys for the customers can fill out.

  • Create personalized surveys and questions to improve survey response rate and accurate results
  • The customers can be engaged with surveys via emails, widgets, website, mobiles and text messages
  • The software is for all department types and can be used by a beginner or pro alike

Customer experience could be monitored using management platforms like Zendesk and Salesforce

Google Surveys

Google is the solution to most of our problems, be it creating maps or search results.

Google Survey is probably the best tool you could look into for your business as it already has its webcast over a majority of existing websites.

Thus, the survey you create will have a larger customer reach and bring back a good pool of results.

The Google Survey tool can carry out the following tasks:

  • Analytics
  • Tag Manager
  • Optimization
  • Attribution
  • Surveys

These tools are free to use and at the disposal of the users to create a useful product for its customers.

Power Your Business

Choosing the right product and service is essential to run an online business. Here are some of the tools and services to help your business grow.
  • Netsparker

    Netsparker uses the Proof-Based Scanning™ to automatically verify the identified vulnerabilities with proof of exploit, thus making it possible to scan thousands of web applications and generate actionable results within just hours.
  • Semrush

    Semrush is an all-in-one digital marketing solution with more than 50 tools in SEO, social media, competitor research, content marketing, PPC, and market research to grow the audience and business. Try Semrush to see how it helps your business.
  • Kinsta

    Kinsta is a managed premium WordPress hosting platform for anyone serious about site load time. They leverage Google Cloud infrastructure to host your WP sites for better performance and security. Whether you are small or enterprise, you will find a suitable plan for your traffic needs.
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